More Lumia 720 and 520 images; This Time From The Back

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Evleaks have released a couple more pics of the Lumia 520 (above) and the 720 (below). This time we can see more of those interesting “three pins” on the back of the 720; which has got us all worked up (is it just me or do they look lit up?)- could they be an LED on the back of the phone for notifications? Sounds insane I know but a lot of people sleep with the phone’s screen down to not be disturbed by the screen lighting up for notifications etc. (everyone’s entitles to their crazy theories).

Also notice that both these phones have shed the camera plating around the lens, which Nokia finally got right in the 9/7/6-20 with the scratch proof coating. From this angle we can also see that the 720 is possibly a VERY thin device (the 3.5 mm blends into the back) with curved glass from the front.

As for the the 520 it looks as if it has a curved back (superio-inferiorly) with a speaker placement similar to the 620 in the bottom right corner.

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