More Lumia 720 and 520 images; This Time From The Back

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Evleaks have released a couple more pics of the Lumia 520 (above) and the 720 (below). This time we can see more of those interesting “three pins” on the back of the 720; which has got us all worked up (is it just me or do they look lit up?)- could they be an LED on the back of the phone for notifications? Sounds insane I know but a lot of people sleep with the phone’s screen down to not be disturbed by the screen lighting up for notifications etc. (everyone’s entitles to their crazy theories).

Also notice that both these phones have shed the camera plating around the lens, which Nokia finally got right in the 9/7/6-20 with the scratch proof coating. From this angle we can also see that the 720 is possibly a VERY thin device (the 3.5 mm blends into the back) with curved glass from the front.

As for the the 520 it looks as if it has a curved back (superio-inferiorly) with a speaker placement similar to the 620 in the bottom right corner.

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  1. ankur says:

    Damm both phones are missing flash :(.Atleast lumia 720 gotto have it.

  2. imcoolerthanjay says:

    Cool. But somebody leak the EOS already!! And how about the Verizon 920 variant?

  3. Janne says:

    I’m still betting on accessory charging pins for the 720 three dots.

    • Alvester says:

      Same here..

    • Pitinho says:

      The 3 pins are precisely to charge the battery. Consider it like a cheaper version of the Inductive Charger on the 920.

      • Janne says:

        I’m actually thinking those pins are there so that one can add a wireless charging case to the phone that acts as a protective cover at the same time… Nokia could make some nice extra bucks from accessory sales. Lumia 620 doesn’t have wireless charging, Lumia 820 has the swappable covers, it would make product segmentation/lineup sense to have Lumia 720 support wireless charging but with just extra outside covers.

        • Janne says:

          Maybe Nokia could even have an “extra battery” cover for those who want more battery power…

          • Izuan says:

            One pattern I am noticing:

            920: Non-removable casing (+wireless charging built-in)
            820: Removable casing (+wireless charging casing option)
            720: Non-removable casing (possible +wireless charging add-on)
            620: Removable casing
            520: Non-removable casing

  4. jjkj says:

    Really flash would be a missing feature in these phone. But I am waiting for the 41MP Lumia phones. Hope that it gets lauched on 25th Feb.

  5. jjkj says:


    Well, at least the 720 has flash.

  6. EE says:

    Do you guys have better information whether we are going to see Catwalk early next week or not? I recall there were some rumours Nokia releasing 4 devices and so far we have seen two so..

    • muerte says:

      I would say; no high end for Verizon, no Catwalk, no EOS.

      Verizon model has a small possibility.

    • Pdexter says:

      There has been rumors of anything between 1-10. They are just that, rumors. For Lumias i think you will see the ones pictured above.

      Don’t also forget that we are almost sure to see Asha phone and those almost always come in pair or more.

    • Viipottaja says:

      Small chance for Catwalk but that could be saved for a Verizon only event.

      personally don’t expect Ashas but who knows.

      • Tero Mustalahti says:

        The Asha 310 was announced recently, so perhaps there will be no knew Ashas at MWC. The 300 and 303 are due for replacement, but it remains to be seen if Nokia will still announce Touch & Type phones in that price range. It could be that the future of the 300 series is touch only. What we do know almost certainly is that the 311 still has a few months left as the feature phone flagship.

      • dss says:

        There will be ashas for sure… They need to show at least one significant product

  7. says:

    regarding the 3 pins, maybe the back cover of the 720 is not removable and the 3 pogo pins are for a wireless charging back cover to connect with.

    the wireless charging cover can be 1/3-1/2 the size of the phone, big enough for the wire coils only, and not adding too much bulk to the phone.

    • Janne says:

      This is my guess too, although I’m guessing the wireless charging cover will be a full-size protective cover.

    • muerte says:

      • Janne says:

        Well, I’d say that pretty much settles it. I’m really thinking those three dots are connection for wireless charging covers that snap onto the phone…

        • Janne says:

          Besides, it just makes sense. 920 has wireless built-in, 820 has the option to offer it built-in through interchangeable covers depending on market/operator or add it afterwards, 720 could offer it through external covers and 620 doesn’t get it at this point… it makes product-line sense at this time. Next generation again offer it to lower end models too.

          • krishna6233 says:

            wy 720 is not havin the same processor n RAM f 820 ??when 710 had the same f 800?? :(

            • Janne says:

              One reason might be that when 710 came out, there was no lowspec for WP7. Another is that the whole range had midrange specs then due to WP7 limitations, so it was not a comparable situation… Who knows, because even Symbian Nokia’s have relied on ancient processors so long there hasn’t been proper spec division,in that range either. I expect things to get more normal from now on…

              • krishna6233 says:

                i was expecting the 720 to have a
                4″ screen,
                1.5ghz dual core
                1GB RAM
                5mp camera
                vga front camera
                4″ is perfect ..its neither big nor small

                its ok 520 is getting 4″ screen but wy supersensitive screen.if they wanted to lure ppl to buy it then spec should ve been lik this
                4″ screen or may b 4.3″
                ghz dual core
                5mp rear camera n vga FFC

  8. sisqo88 says:

    Ohhh gosh this phones are nothing against the next 2 flagships in nokias labs.
    why you think there is no image leaked of these two high end flagships. Because Microsoft and Nokia don’t know if they present their EOS 41 MP phone next week or on September. They working on two different versions. All I can say is Pureview phase 3. Dsmobile said a lot but not details. They are not clear details now. All I know about the sexy designed camera phone is xenon and flash, 41MP, OIS, insane better low light pics than the 920, a lot of new camera settings, rich recording on board ,hardware 1,5 gh snapdragon the other one is on work with the new quad core snapdragon. Yes you hear right a quad core on the way with win mobile 8 but I’m so sure you will see this mega phone at the end of 2013 or 1q/2014. There’s a lot I want to say you lovely MNB readers but I’m sure you will see this the rest in 2 days or maybe Nokia won’t present it’s 41MP Eos phone and will rock the House with it’s quad core processor wich is able to play 4K videos ;)

    • says:

      if true, as an investor, i hope its released in september, but then again, the new flagship would be expensive and in limited supply, so possibly it would not greatly effect sales of the 920.

      as an old long time nokia user/fan, i hope its released today :)

      i’m just worried about the osborne effect, i was going to buy the 900 but decided not to after the 920 was launched.

      • sisqo88 says:

        I’m sure Nokia will release the next flagship phone with the new quad core windows phone 8 support by the end of 2012. But the new EOS will see the World next week or on August or September but this 41 MP sexy designed camera phone will be come surely out this year. I mean the Camera Shot more than very nice pics I think it’s ready for the market

    • Pdexter says:

      … what are you on about?
      And it’s Windows Phone, not Windows Mobile…

      • sisqo88 says:

        Yes sorry mate I’m a bit sleepless had alot to do. I want to say Nokia has 2 different EOS Lumias one is running dual cores the other one is running quad cores, it would be great if Nokia release the first eos next week I think it’s ready for the market and the other one the eos two is running on a demo version of win8 with quad core Support but it’s lagging. Nokia and MS use this for testing the new Camera and Video functions. In other words I can say Pure view phase 4. But I think the eos one will do his job great ;)

        • says:

          “” the other one the eos two is running on a demo version of win8 with quad core Support but it’s lagging.””

          is that device a phone or a phablet or a mini-tablet or a tablet ???

          • sisqo88 says:

            It’s a phone running on the new windows phone8 with quad core support. It’s the second Nokia Lumia Eos it’s on his first days it got no body at time so I can’t say nothing about the design but you will see it lately on 2014. I think

            • sisqo88 says:

              But you don’t know what the competition got in their labs. But I’m sure nobody can compare to nokias mobile phone camera’s

              • EE says:

                Do you what is the design of the EOS like? Especially interested if there’s as big bulge on the back as there were in 808. Also, any news on the use of graphene layers in next pureview cameras?

        • correct says:

          I sincerely hope you are honest and your info is accurate because that sounds amazing! EOS 1 and EOS 2 being worked on, and Pureview Phases 3 and 4 sound amazing.

          EOS 1 does sound like the phone Nokia said people would be climbing over each other to get it seems.

          • twig says:

            They said spring and this is spring in terms of release to market. We can only speculate and guess here. My guess is 7 new items as the tile on Facebook suggested.

            • correct says:

              Indeed. I saw that facebook tile, do you think that really is a clue, or just something coincidental?

              Rumour was that Nokia had 6 new Lumias debuting this year.

              So going by what we know so far:

              1.) Catwalk
              2.) EOS
              3.) 520
              4.) 720
              5.) Laser
              6.) ? EOS 2 possibly? Note competitor?

              If this EOS 2 exists, then it seems like it might not come until next year.

              That is also assuming the “6 Lumias this year” rumour is true.

              A lot of rumour and speculation here.

              If the 7 item tile is a clue, I’m thinking it could be:

              3-4 Lumias at MWC
              3 new Ashas/low end devices

              Of course this could all be off, just speculation at this point.

    • dss says:

      Able to play 4k or record ? It makes sense if does one .. To do the other

  9. sisqo88 says:

    It’s a flat phone with a large screen there is a small bump behind it as I know Nokia working on the small bump to hide it and I’m sure they are resolved this problem and it’s now a flat phone with a huge 41 MP sensor ;) a xenon flash and two led flash. And I see something with 64 GB and this will put a smile in your face a micro SD Slot :) this put a smile in my face too. Graphene Is far from now I think you will see earliest on 2015 a graphene layer

    • EE says:

      Thanks for the info if that’s all true :)

      • sisqo88 says:

        No Problem i hope Nokia will show the EOS next week this is one think I don’t know but you will see it lately on September this year. I will sell my Lumia 920 and will buy the EOS it’s a great phone with a professional camera. But one think I don’t know if it’s got NFC and wireless charging

        • Sonny says:

          And how do you exactly know all this stuff? no offence, I mean all of us could have stuff up like this.

          • sisqo88 says:

            I know ans see a lot of things about Nokia ;) I had the chance to play with the N9 and the N8 one year before it comes out and I can say sometimes they change nothing big in one year sometimes they make phones in 6 months

    • MNhut says:

      Do you know if Nokia is planning to release a photone with >4,5″ screen ? ?

    • v.s.i says:

      As said, I really really REALLY hope your info is true. :D ‘Cause not 1 but 2 EOSes would be f*cking amazing, speaking in terms of planification! (which as of today I had thought Nokia lost a bit)
      And of course, the quasi-mandatory 4 cores.

      BUT!!! Please don’t spill the beans on any confidential info :) Who knows who might be reading MNB, with all these new leaks around here.

      • Viipottaja says:

        Heh, he obviously already has

      • sisqo88 says:

        The Eos2 will maybe the New Nokia flagship I would say the ultimate fuc**** phone. Nokia working on the latest Qualcomm chipsets wich is able to play ultra HD you hear right ultra HD Videos with the improved eos camera inside 64 GB with micro SD 150 MB LTE Speed display Full HD Some pixels more but we need to wait 1 year for this killer phone first let’s focus on the EOS

        • Sonny says:

          And whats the specs of EOS1? will it be as thick as the 808? will it have OIS like the 920 or both Oversampling plus OIS? I honestly hope you are not a troll trying to make us Nokia boys excited for nothing!

        • v.s.i says:

          You better believe we’ll be right here waiting, like we have all these years since N95! (Lumia 920 has helped bring that feeling back a bit though :) and Eos looks to be better still)

  10. dss says:

    Let”s hope that they can at least show us something in a official capacity… At least a picture of the side or something…or the bottom left corner… Otherwise it sounds amazing, and end of 2013 early 14 sounds plausable

  11. massy says:

    They will be 2 nokia lumia 1000 released. 1st lumia 1000 pureview, 2nd lumia 1000…………1 will be chunky and the other slim

  12. monkster18 says:

    that dude lost credibility the moment he talked about a demo windows phone 8 on a quad core..NEWSFLASH windows phone 8 can support up to 64 cores..FAIL!

  13. Izuan says:

    Does anyone think that the Nokia EOS might be a phone that you can put removable lenses on? That would blow Nokia into SLR territory ! And my mind with it…..

  14. sisqo88 says:

    I read this Blog since years and now it’s time for me to give some information and I think this is the right place for information’s because 99% of speculation and rumors wich are poster here are get true. EOS2 will need one year to be finished the EOS is ready for the market but I don’t know what Nokia has plan. It can be that they don’t release the eos and show the eos2 as Eos in September but I think it would be better to show the eos on Monday. It’s a beautiful camera phone with a lot of features. Qualcomm CPU, 41MP Camera 808 and 920 in one with more settings and much improved and little extras. 32/64 GB with micro SD, battery I don’t know and if it gets NFC and wireless charging. Same screen in Lumia 920 and I can’t confirm super sensitive touch I hadn’t the chance to test this or go to options ;)let’s wait for MWC

  15. migo says:

    Nice to see Nokia realised HTC had the better design with the 8X. Too bad they didn’t go for the symmetry as well with the 720.

  16. sisqo88 says:

    It seems that Nokia will not show the eos tomorrow

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