Jolla Mobile Sailfish Team Spotted Roaming Nokia’s Booth #MWC13

| February 25, 2013 | 84 Replies


Here’s a random post to keep you Meego fans happy; although Jolla Mobiles keynote speech is scheduled for Thursday (unfortunately we’re leaving on Wednesday night) 🙁  . They have a team of Booth-babes roaming around spreading the word; and having people scan QR codes off the babe’s necks.


I must say the future of Jolla is looking very “Hot”.DSC02158


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  • Maybe

    Did you scan their necks?

    • Ronald thats geek it!

  • Viipottaja

    Lol.. not very classy but I guess might be effective.

    • arts

      ” Eric Zeman @phonescooper

      Jolla and Sailfish OS win for the Cheesiest-Neon-Clad-Booth-Babes-Because-We’re-Desperate-For-Attention Award. (and no, not sharing pix).”


  • Andy

    Really? Really Jolla? Is parading blonds in low cut tops still seen as good publicity in the tech world? Why have they turned up with boobs rather than their product? At least they have one token guy there. He seems to have got the only large sized tshirt.

    • Shaun

      They’ve shipped the Sailfish SDK if that counts as product.

      Download it from

    • javier
      • incognito

        LOL, I almost forgot about that disgrace…

      • Nokia RU, pretty much explains it all. Bunch of crazy Russians aren’t impressed by much, so better resort to the more primal features of mankind to gather at least some bit of attention.

    • Keith too

      That’s low cut? Must be different fashion trends where you live.

  • keke

    Jolla is nothing but a big joke. If you love Linux you should support Ubuntu instead of Jolla. I’m not a fanboy of anything and as a finn I would love to see Jolla succeed but that’s just not gonna happen.

    • Diogo

      Ubuntu phone isnt a real linux distro for mobile, its a crap Android hack.

      • DM

        Somebody clearly doesn’t know anything hahahah. Moron.

        • Daniel Patiya

          I agree. Rather Android is the Linux hack then in opposite way, but I suppose Diogo will not notice that even if that would be printed in every magazine s/he reads. 😉 Read and learn basics first, then only write anything.

    • RVM

      Both Jolla and Ubuntu are interesting products with modern UI approach. And both are my favourites (though i prefer Jolla), so let’s wish them luck!

      • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

        Modern UI approach?

        The UI from either of them is hardly known.

        I guess people will say it’s a modern UI just because of the Linux core. Some people will praise almost any product just if it has Linux core.

        That takes some serious faith!

        • Singularity

          This Linux religion and obsession is too much. Especially now, since Linus Torvalds is a sell out and a traitor, and combined the frankenstein Android with the main Linux code path.

          • Daniel Patiya

            If Linux is a religion then Windows is a cult, since it is all about selling only. (and use Linux code which is not commonly known, eg. communication module which was exactly Linux taken from a linux company bought by Microsoft)

            • shallow ocean shoal

              Oh cut it out. Windows users are historically known as being just a bunch of people who don’t give a sht, and need to get their work done.

              Compare to Apple who for the last 15 years has maintained a reputation of pretension.

            • correct

              Get a grip. As ocean shoal correctly said, Windows users historically didn’t give a damn about any of this nonsense.

              Linux used to be great, but now it’s a monstrosity because that traitor Torvalds sold out.

              • noki

                wtf? “that traitor Torvalds sold out.” wtf are you talking about?

        • RVM

          I can say when i innovative UI (N9, Ubuntu, Jolla, BB10, and even WP) or old fashioned UI (tizen, firefox OS among new ones, and even iOS to some degree).

          It has nothing to do with Linux. Actually im not (and was not) using Linux on any of my devices. I have some old Ubuntu distribution somewhere on DVD and also Knoppix DVD for emergency reasons.

          • RVM

            i can say when i see *

          • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

            We have seen very little of Jolla’s UI. And we have even less information about how well it works in the hands of a real user. The same applies to Mobile Ubuntu and Tizen. Very little is known about how those work in the real world.

            Even the N9’s UI is not very well known what it comes to the masses using it. However it can be talked about with a reasonable degree of certainty because Nokia has shipped at least hundreds of thousands of N9 phones. Very possibly even over a million of those when those N950 handsets are counted.

            Nothing to do with Linux? Really?

            Some people seem to be praising just about any OS if it has a Linux core. This seems to be more about faith than knowing about the real user experiences those devices have.

            Now, android seems to be the exception. It’s an OS with a Linux core but people don’t like it just because of that. Maybe that is because it’s one of the few widely successful products with a Linux core and with a graphical UI more complicated than one found from a set top box or a device like that.

            Are you trying to say that old can’t be innovative?

            • RVM

              Are you trying to say that old can’t be innovative ?

              Don’t know. But i’m pretty sure that old can be good. Like Symbian is.

              Oh, and yes. It have nothing to do with Linunx in my case.

              • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

                People don’t seem to understand the difference between an old and a new innovation. Both cam be good but it’s more likely that the old one is no longer good enough.

                Symbian was a good product for the market that existed 10 years ago. Today it’s an obsoleted product. Not because of Elop ending the development, but just because the competition was offering superior products.

                People don’t want to have OS capable of running 50 applications simultaneously if the alternative is a huge selection of apps or applications and a great user experience. In real world is actually very hard to get a device like N8 or 808 to run 50 applications if you still want to use it without closing those applications.

                • RVM

                  Symbian is still the best OS, with great battery performance, customisability, connectivity and great UI. People don’t need hundreds of thousands apps if they can’t use their phones comfortably because they are either too wide to use in one-handed portrait mode, or not able to be used properly in landscape mode, because it’s not supported by OS.

                  WP is good product for the market that existed 10 years ago. Today it’s an obsoleted product.

                  • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

                    Symbian the best OS? Why was it losing all that market share if it was so great?

                    It lags, it’s pretty unreliable, UI takes lots of processing power and it’s not very nice to use. It’s also lacking applications.

                    Not a very nice OS.

                    • RVM

                      It lags as much as Android does (it’s actually smoother on same hardware). It’s as reliable as Android is, and much more reliable than WP (talking about WP7.x, WP8 was released after last Symbian version).

                      I was using Lumia 800, and now im using Lumia 610 as my secondary phone. Now my experiences:

                      U’re playing angry birds, u receive a call, and your game restarts ? WTF ?

                      U’re using Sports tracker while hiking, u tap on app icon, expecting it to resume, and instead it restarts, quitting your last instance, deleting your recorded track without even warning u ?

                      U’re using Sports Tracker as only app, than u launch camera to make a quick snap, and Sports Tracker is quitted, and track deleted without even warning u ?

                    • RVM

                      And also, UI takes less processing power than on Android, and it’s nice to use. You don’t have to stupidly rotate your phone, when u want to use a dialer after u watched video, like in other systems. You don’t have to stretch your thumb to upper corner for back button like in iOS.

                    • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

                      Actually the UI Symbian has requires so much processing power that Symbian OS fails to be smooth. Even the lock screen in 808 sometimes lags.


                      Press the middle button on the 808. The screen activates. Swipe the screen like you were opening the locking but stop after 1/3 of the swipe has been done. Release your finger. The screen scrolls back and you may notice how much it lags.

                      Is this really a problem? In the lock screen it’s not really a problem but the lagging is unfortunately not limited to that. That’s just one example and the galling in the lock screen illustrates quite well how Symbian’s UI lags.

                      It may take less processing power, but that’s just because it lags.

                      Do you have those same multitasking issues with the WP8?

                      About the iPhone. You can also get iPhone 4S with a more comfortable screen size. It sells well and it’s a great phone even when compared to the phones released after it.

                    • RVM

                      I just tried it, and it doesn’t lag at all. Well, it’s not 60 fps smooth, but who cares ? I rather go for battery efficiency, than for overkill smoothness.

                      I have yet to try WP8, so i can’t comment on that. Anyway, WP8 was not available in Symbian times, so it’s more fair to compare it to WP7.x.

                      iPhone 4S might have comfortable screen, but u still have to rotate it while watching video and than switching to app launcher. Not to mention back button placed at upper corner…

                    • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

                      We may have a different view on lagging. On my 808 it may be even under 5 fps but usually more like 5-8 frames per second. In my opinion that is lagging. It’s definitely not smooth unfortunately that’s not the only place where 808 lags.

                      I wouldn’t brag about being battery friendly if it was achieved with making the device to work 5-8 fps in some occasions.

                      WP8 available now and it’s currently targeting also for that 139€ segment. With the same hardware, it’s very probable that Symbian would be still lagging. 808 is not that much more powerful than that 139€ Lumia.

                      It’s very nice to use that iPhone 4S. Unfortunately Nokia can’t get a license so they could use iOS.

                    • RVM

                      On my device it appears to be 15-20 fps, so u may have something wrong with yours.

                      WP is certainly OS with smooth UI, however it lacks proper multitasking functionality, so it’s unusable for me. At least 7.x, which i could try.

                      iOS might be good for u, my collegue however is using it on iPhone 4S and is writing down a list of issues he has with it. It’s pretty long by now, and guess what ? None of these issues is present on Symbian.

                    • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

                      There is nothing wrong with the 808 I have. Are you sure you measured the fps rate correctly? I counted it from a video clip so it should be pretty accurate.

                      No OS can be the best for everyone. I like iOS because of the apps, the smoothness and because it has been extremely reliable compared to Symbian. It has also that really nice true mobile multitasking that really suits my needs.

                      I don’t have a WP8 phone yet but it would be interesting to get one because it seems that Microsoft has been making great efforts in copying some features from iOS.

                      At least there is some hope of getting some great camera applications for WP8. No hope of that for Symbian.

  • GordonH

    Those babes are sexy.
    Nice touch Jolla.

    p.s. must be working since we have MS fanboys here feeling scared.

  • Weirdfisher

    jolla differs to much from harmattan in terms of ui and simplicity


    “….Booth-babes….. spreading ….babe’s necks.”

    i swear thats all i remember of that post 😉

  • stylinred

    wwwwoooooooot wwwooooooooooooo

  • zlutor

    Well, there is something to remember about Jolla. What about Nokia? 😉

    • Diogo

      Nokia is dead!

      • twig

        Your android comes preloaded with malware and has the highest cancellation of contracts rate among all OS’s.

        • noki

          yeah android is toast just see their market share plunging in to 60-70%??

          future his with roaring wp 2% market share in not time it might climb back to 3% or keep roaring in 2%

          • twig

            Yeah, I see one in five android users in the u.k.are switching to windows.

            ouchie android.

          • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

            Still better than Symbian.

            Symbian was destined to collapse. Elop didn’t make Symbian to collapse.

            Symbian lost most of the high end already in 2009 and 2010.

            • RVM

              lmao…. u again ? is anyone talking here about Symbian ? are u 5 years old or what ?

            • Jiipee

              you should really get to rehab 😉 no-one mentioned Symbian and you start ranting about it. When I get to the next post your mentor is most probably mentioned there 😉

              • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

                I see.

                I didn’t know the MNB rules say that you can’t mention Symbian if it was not already mentioned beforehand in any other reply or in the original post.

                I guess you are going to give the same notice to everyone else doing the same mistake haha?

                Look, now I even made a reference to Tomi Ahonen with that haha!

                Or then, maybe I was kind enough to give Noki a reference to some conversation we had on another thread. Actually that was what happened.

                • RVM

                  It’s not against the rules. It’s just that you make yourself look dumb.

                  • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

                    Are you suggesting that everyone mentioning something not directly related to the story, appears to be dumb?

                    Or does that apply just to the “wrong opinion” people should not have because some people think so?

                    • RVM

                      Im suggesting that people who are repeating same thing in every other post like a broken gramophone appears to be dumb.

                    • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

                      Why you didn’t say that in the first place.

                      It would be great to see you saying what you want to say instead of saying something else.

  • Sebastian

    They are unlike 😉

  • Banderpop

    Funny that they are wondering around in front of the PHOTOS IN THE DARK stand.

    Seriously though, unless we’re misinterpreting the scene and these women are genuinely long-term Jolla employees who just happen to all feel comfortable in tight jeans at a busniess event, this is clumsy PR. Even more so if there isn’t a product to show.

    Anyone remember when Nokia did this though?

    • Banderpop

      Wandering, not wondering! I guess my mind was doing some wandering too.

    • incognito

      Hah, Jolla still have a long way to go to beat the Nokia’s cheesines of the past

      Still don’t get why would they need booth babes anyway, but maybe they are employing the same marketing strategists as Nokia *sigh*

      • RVM

        What’s wrong with booth babes ? Did u guys just came from monastery or what ? This is part of the business for years, especially in game business.

        • jiipee

          I dont get what they are trying to communicate with this. It’s not Unlike for sure, though it could be unlike at MWC. I wish there is some logic behind this other than showing (good looking) Finnish babes.

        • Banderpop

          I wouldn’t mind if companies had women or men walking around naked if it had an obvious connection to their product. This may not even be that difficult to justify at MWC; if there’s a beautiful woman in a sexy outfit posing for pictures, maybe a mesh top or something, I’m going to wish I had an 808 on me and not a potato. But hired colour-co-ordinated models don’t tell anyone anything except that their employers have rather outdated and sexist views, and may be trying too hard to make up for shortcomings on their stand.

          • RVM

            Hiring sexy models has nothing with outdated or sexist views. It’s just your puritanism. Remember that MWC is also a show. And booth babes are always present on shows. Another thing is, that it’s still only first day of show, and we don’t know what they are up to.

            • Banderpop

              Hey, I’d probably be taking pictures of them too if I was there. But I still feel that it’s a potentially negative marketing move. As you say, booth babes are always at shows. But more so in the past than the present, hence my being concerned that it’s something of a dated idea.

              • RVM

                Well, let’s wait what they will bring to the table. Wasn’t some guy from Jolla supposed to have keynote speech on MWC ?

  • twig

    Ali, could you guys get a demo from a Nokia rep. on this new Nokia app I just downloaded called Burton? Its supposed to have some cool camera/video stuff even for those of us who don’t snowboard.

  • B. Jay

    I like that blonde with curly hair. 😀
    She’s curvy and has a pretty face. :D:D:D:D:D:D

  • Daniel Patiya

    I have read those girls are responsible for graphics and audio drivers, don’t know if this is true or not. So they are not only “beauty faces”, but also professionals perhaps.

    • Banderpop

      Still weird that they have QR codes on their skin just above their chests though.

      If Ali took the photos with an 808, it would be easy to read their name badges to see if they say anything other than the generic ‘exhibitor’.

      41MP sensors are pretty awesome like that. Never go to a event without one. And that goes double for Nokia when launching new phones.

      • Daniel Patiya

        This could be interesting. 😀

  • anon2

    lol… Only in Spain.

    Jolla would be crucified by amazonian feminazis if they tried to pull a stunt like this in the UK or USA, but the rest of the world seems fine with it. It’s a bit of innocent publicity FFS!

    • Andy

      Have you’ve seen CES?

      • Andy


  • Aaron

    None of those girls are even all that hot. You guys need to get out more :-p

    Just port Sailfish to my N9 already and I’ll be happy

  • AN9r

    I’m sorry, but Jolla does not attract much of phone users, it’s name is real absurd as lumia is to, it will die on short time, that’s why i see no future on jolla.
    Aborting Meego N9 right after birth, it was great mistake by nokia, like killing your own child after birth, there was nokia users who was hurt, right after meego users become happy instantly torned their hearts after expensive price we paid, millions and millions of us, they had to run away to droids to not come back ever to nokia again because Elop the dictator, now with jolla in neighborhood expecting old friends to come back is useless, as ubuntu will eat all it’s points in first bite.
    And the neme “jolla” it looks like antic Arab villagers screaming “jaaallaa-jaaallaaaa” it will freak people away just like me the one, after N9, i’m going for htc one, i guess.

    • RVM

      I see no problem with Jolla name. At least it’s distinguishable, unlike names of some tech companies nowadays.

      • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

        Back in the 90’s is was a trend to give Finnish companies English names. Back in those days Jolla could have been called something like “Skiff Mobile Network” or “SkiffMobile”. This new trend is actually quite nice but some Finnish words may appear to be really strange for people not familiar with the language.

        How would you like to see Jolla with one of these names?


        What would be the best if it was not Jolla?

        All of those are some kind of boats.

        • RVM

          Kippo would be ok. Maybe even Vene. But Jolla is probably the best among those.

        • AN9r

          If Nokia pays me, i’m idealist with reasons, and i like to be paid for my ideas, and i would give great advices to nokia about software and the phones, i have try to contact nokia, but they don’t talk to us that we seek paid for ideas, because nokia is used to have lot of developers in their own to build software and share thoughts on forums, so nokia watching this stats and ups here is the phone, ups here is the software and is nokia who made all that…who cares about individuals!
          Non of the names you mention is good for new OS, and the name is important to attract people, i have and i need be paid to tell it, and there is about software issue on all OS’s that need my idea is missing where people are struggling and disappointed with their phones and software and they don’t even know what’s missing and what’s wrong, but instead seeing as phone is not capable of doing certain things…but the phones can do, it’s just not coded and implemented as complete OS!

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