Video: Nokia Lumia 520 vs. 620 vs. 720 Comparison

| February 25, 2013 | 55 Replies


Here’s a quick rundown comparison between the Lumia 720, 620 and 520- in terms of internals they’re all identical except for the cameras and screen material (not resolution).

For the record the 720’s screen is just ridiculously gorgeous!!!!

*Sorry for the lack of context in these posts guys; just trying to get these off and run off to get more content :/


DSC02129 DSC02131


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  • flava

    L720 is a very good looking device! :9

  • Maybe

    I heard that 520 doesn’t have nfc support…

    • Pdexter

      Lumia 520 does not have NFC. No surprise in that price point.
      I don’t believe Lumia 620 neither has NFC?

      NFC is great to have but when you go lower end i’m ok with NFC going away.

      • Alvester

        Lumia 620 has NFC

        • Maybe

          So the different of 520 and 620 are the front camera, nfc, screen quality and size. Last the last…

          • Maybe

            Last is the flash…

          • Viipottaja

            Also, 520 does not have the compass, afaik. Battery sizes/lives may differ too, have not checked.

  • Shashank

    It’s ok Ali. Good job. Thanks for the heads up

  • Francis

    Well, 920-820-720-620-520.., now this series been completed. Sometime i really think that Nokia should deliver similar hardware variant using Meego OS. Metro UI looks very similar among all variants, and seem very boring now, and it is quite difficult to identify between model too. Sometime this colourful phone series looks very painful to my eye.

    Without customization this Metro UI is dead end for Nokia. Hope Microsoft will let go this Metro UI and come out with completely new and fresh UI in coming version.

    • larryg968

      All the devices look exactly the same. No differentiation.

      As Nilay Patel from theverge stated. Metro UI is beautiful handcuff. It looks ‘good’ but the restrictions are insurmountable. There is literally nttn u can do UI wise to make things look better/different

      Can anyone make the claim that all those devices dont look the same. That is one boring lineup.

      Good job Nokia

      • Janne

        How much different were Nokia’s Symbian devices? Apart from design many were nearly identical. All Symbian^3 devices in a generation had even less CPU/RAM differences than WP.

        • Sefriol

          So far they should allow the change of wallpaper to anything you might want. Second, you should be able to do more with the size of the tile and texture as well.
          If you look at HTC One, they basically copied the whole tile idea for their Android device. And for a better I might add.

          Tiles should be things that allow you to do anything with your homeview. If you restrict it too much it becomes less interesting and too simple.

          • manu

            agreed on that the u.i should be different atleast between a high end and low end phones.also wp is kinda boring,its like watching your fav. movies over and over but you will get bored no matter how much you like it.

            • Hypnopottamus

              People are forgetting what the point WP is trying to do. They want to have very similar user experience and performance across ALL price points. This has been stated by MS in the past. This way, it keeps fragmentation to a minimum. I think this is a good idea. The point of all these very similar models minus a few features is to hit as many price points as possible without compromising overall functionality no matter which device you possess and no matter what your budget is. I think this is a very good approach to inserting yourself into a market already dominated by Android and iOS.

              • Capedonut

                Yes, it’s important that also those who buy cheaper phones, get a feeling of owning a classy product.

              • Francis

                This is very good for Microsoft. Unfortunately they forgotten end user is the most important factor.

                As os superpower house in the past, sometime Microsoft is too arrogant and not listening to end user. With less than 5% market share, it is proven that this Metro UI is not in favour by general public.

              • corect

                Exactly. The fact that there are so many trolls posting here shows the competition is worried.

                It’s all about USER EXPERIENCE. Apple is extremely successful because they try and have the same USER EXPERIENCE on all their devices, whether low end or high end.

                Nokia is doing the same thing here with Microsoft.

                • Sefriol

                  The problem is that Apple doesn’t have low or high end in their category. They just have iPhone. That’s how they build image and that’s why people buy their products.

                  The idea that MS and their partners are trying to get through is nice, but will it satisfy everybody? Of course not, but there is huge flaw in the strategy.
                  If your user experience is always good, you need to make high end products that are worth of money. If 720 achieves most of the good qualities of 920, why would you buy 920 with doable the price?
                  Because Android didn’t have so great performance, people make a thought that it needs better hardware to make user experience match. That makes people buy those high end devices.
                  That’s why high end needs something more.

                  • correct

                    920 is just the start. A lot more high end stuff is coming.

                    Nokia needs to focus on the low end as well, and it was very smart for them to have such a strong low end focus here at MWC. It will help increase volume way up for Nokia smartphones.

            • migo

              no, it shouldn’t be different on high end and low eed phones. high end phones should add additional, non-core features, but general usage should remain identical.

      • Mark

        The Verge?


      • Just Visiting

        I think the lineup is a very attractive, and distinctive one.

        The Samsung line-up…now THAT’S what I’d call boring. And as Janne mentioned, all of those previous Nokia devices – yeah, all of the ones listed at GSM Arena before the N8 was released – same ‘ol sameness.

        • adam

          I agree, the Lumia lineup definitely looks attractive compared to the Galaxy lineup from Samsung.

          When the Note 8 was revealed yesterday…that was all I heard about it…same ol same ol Samsung.

      • v.s.i

        Okay, I get it, but you can stop trolling now. You won’t get paid for it y’ know? And we don’t like trolls here at MNB. 🙂

        • migo

          i’m not sure about that, mnb has more trolls than any other blog

      • TheRoc

        What exactly can you do with IOS that’s any different than the MetroUI?

    • manu

      there is still room for a low end phone below 520,why not use 3.8 inch lcd screen ,2 gb internal memory with sd card, and launch a 420 😀

      • Viipottaja

        +1. Heck, even smaller screen, e.g. 3.2. Not sure though if they would start getting more expensive if you order them at the WP resolution but a small size – special order stuff?

      • migo

        That would be a bad idea, as you can’t install apps to the SD card.

  • Alvester
    • corect

      What a horrible interview. The Verge is useless for interviews!

      Engadget’s interview with Marko was MUCH better.

  • Sonny

    So doesn’t this make the the 620 obsolete now? 520 has a bigger screen plus all the same specs as the 620 but way cheaper!

    Why not release Catwalk/EOS? People can still buy the 920 if they want because the former will be more expensive

    • arts

      No ffc.


      520 has no camera flash,


      bigger screen but same resolution

      • Sonny

        yes but it thinner, weighs less, has a slightly bigger battery, Scratch-resistant glass.

        This is from GsmArena “The Nokia Lumia 520 is the most affordable Windows Phone 8 handset from the Finns, yes even below the 620. Despite the lower price point, the Lumia 520 is actually slightly better than the 620, at least on paper.”

    • Viipottaja

      Perhaps because the timing was not right (if its Verizon exclusive initially, why would they won’t it to be announced in some obscure European country 😉 😛 ) or its not ready for roll out in the next couple of months. Also, it does make some sense to pace your releases (including but not limited to the fact that 920 is still just rolling out to most markets).

      As for 520 vs. 620 – somewhat true but I for example might consider the 620 as its physically smaller compared to my 920. But more importantly: 520 and 620 will roll out to different countries and carriers over time and at differing paces. I.e. in most case you probably want be able to walk to your carrier or phone retail store and have all of them available from the same day.

      As for the specs, just to repeat that the 520 also has no compass, making e.g. the City Lens much less useful.


    is this the first picture of all the lumia wp8 models together ?
    nice lumia family portrait

    • migo

      It’s missing the 810 & 822

  • Mike

    I wonder would the 720 work on tmobile in North America

    • migo

      So far no. The 521 has been announced for T-Mobile, and usually when they get a low end Nokia they don’t get its high end sibling. The 720 would also show up the 810 quite badly (Verizon and AT&T at least have LTE), something even the 620 would do.

  • Filip swe

    720 very nice and good price.

    • rishabh

      i am feeling kinda sad after buying 820. after watching the specs of 720. it is quite better in many areas. not all but still the price difference doesn’t seem justifiable now

      • Barry

        see, people complains nokia doesn’t have new flagship phone, and people complains nokia has new mid-range phone. nokia can do no right. 🙂

      • migo

        This always happens after you buy something. You pay a premium to have something first.

  • incognito

    I was hoping you won’t turn on the screens… The ‘presentation’ is a bit too colorful for my taste, but at least with the screens turned off it doesn’t appear as if the shot was taken in a Fisher Price store *sigh*

    • Viipottaja

      You can get, afaik, all of those phones in black and then just choose the steel accent color, and voi la, you back in a grey industrial zone.

    • corect

      So now you’ve desperately run out of things to troll, that you’re criticizing Nokia for offering colour in their lineup, even though black is available for all models?

      Pathetic! You’re a disgrace.

      • corect

        As a Nokia fan I feel insulted that trolls like you are allowed to post here.

  • v.s.i

    Great family portrait. You can clearly tell that all the phones are Nokias. Beautiful, sexy design and lots of personality. As expected of the ‘Connecting people’ motto. Good job Nokia! 😀

  • corect

    “in terms of internals they’re all identical except for the cameras and screen material (not resolution).”

    Not quite ;). There are significant small details and differences between the 520, 620, and 720. Differences that may not be apparent on a spec sheet, but differences that are very apparent when you actually hold and USE the devices.

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  • Kyle

    I don’t see too much overlap in what these 3 models offer, the 620 has lots of features that put it ahead of the 520 and the 720 has more features than the 620.

    I think more than anything the question that this drives out is what does the 820 bring to the table that the 720 doesn’t have. Unless you’re a removable battery lover, the 720 seems like the better choice.

    IMHO the 820 should have been launched with an HD screen when it was new and now it’s even more apparent now. I bet the next generation of the second from the top phone will be an HD resolution with a lesser camera than the flagship. That’s enough of a difference to justify a different price point.

  • Kyle

    Just checked the actual specs for both and I can see there are pros and cons to each model.


    820 – LTE, Dolby sound enhancement, DC-HSPA support, 8MP camera, 1080p video recording, 1.5GHz chip

    720 – Lighter, IPS display, Gorilla Glass 2, Adreno 305 graphics, 2000MaH battery

    I still think that the 820 class phone could get closer to the 920 by adding an HD display without it stealing the thunder.

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