HERE Updates Brings Updates to Maps and Apps – Not Just Rebranding

| February 26, 2013 | 40 Replies

You may have see Aliqudsi’s post yesterday about the rebranding of Nokia Maps, Drive, Transport, and City Lens to HERE Maps, Drive, Transit, and City Lens, but on further inspection, it looks like we are in for more, this update also adds some new features such as:

  • Battery status
  • Map Features – select exactly what you want shown on the maps (fual stations, hotels, etc)
  • Quick access to route settings before you start your journey
    • This was there before but I didn’t realise clicking the icons between the map and the route details took you to this menu!
  • Clicking the speed  in map view, gives you the option to change speed limit alert settings
  • updates to the offline maps
  • City Lens adds favourites tile (which in turn removes “famous”)
  • City Lens changes names of most tiles:
    • nearby –> All
    • food –> eat & drink
    • hotels –> accommodation
    • fun –> going out
    • sights –> sights & museums
  • possibly much more, this is just what I noticed so far.

To update your country maps (I found updates to my UK maps, other locations will be subject to availability):

  1. Open HERE Maps
  2. Click the … at the bottom right to get the menu
  3. Click “download maps”
  4. Click update current maps

Note: You will need to be connected to WiFi to update the offline maps.

Check out the changes and some screenshots below:

HERE (1) Updates HERE (2) Drive + HERE (3) Drive + HERE (4) Drive + HERE (5) City Lens



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