HERE Updates Brings Updates to Maps and Apps – Not Just Rebranding

| February 26, 2013 | 40 Replies

You may have see Aliqudsi’s post yesterday about the rebranding of Nokia Maps, Drive, Transport, and City Lens to HERE Maps, Drive, Transit, and City Lens, but on further inspection, it looks like we are in for more, this update also adds some new features such as:

  • Battery status
  • Map Features – select exactly what you want shown on the maps (fual stations, hotels, etc)
  • Quick access to route settings before you start your journey
    • This was there before but I didn’t realise clicking the icons between the map and the route details took you to this menu!
  • Clicking the speed  in map view, gives you the option to change speed limit alert settings
  • updates to the offline maps
  • City Lens adds favourites tile (which in turn removes “famous”)
  • City Lens changes names of most tiles:
    • nearby –> All
    • food –> eat & drink
    • hotels –> accommodation
    • fun –> going out
    • sights –> sights & museums
  • possibly much more, this is just what I noticed so far.

To update your country maps (I found updates to my UK maps, other locations will be subject to availability):

  1. Open HERE Maps
  2. Click the … at the bottom right to get the menu
  3. Click “download maps”
  4. Click update current maps

Note: You will need to be connected to WiFi to update the offline maps.

Check out the changes and some screenshots below:


HERE (1) Updates HERE (2) Drive + HERE (3) Drive + HERE (4) Drive + HERE (5) City Lens



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  • twig

    This really is great. Used it today with voice guidance. It even keeps running in the background if you switch apps until you turn off guidance. Its got everything.

    Please do a Jay video of the app Burton and the sequence camera, on how to use it. I’m dazed and confused.

    • I will see what I can do, I have had a quick play and from what I understand it works best with the phone held still while stunts are done in front of it, from your video it will create frames which you can select the area’s where the stunts have happened, or skip to the next frame, then it makes a sorts of collage from it. I need a good video to show you the app working so will see if I can find then show you how I did it.

  • migo

    I’m not seeing anything new on my Lumia 710. Does that mean Nokia branded users are left in the cold?

    • It’s likely the WP8 devices will get updates first, and updates will make it’s way to WP7 devices next (hopefully soon). I don’t see Nokia abandoning a phone which is still selling in the shops.

      • guerrahp

        Wouldn’t be the first time…

    • Maybe

      Thank for choosing our dead OS

      • GS65

        Ease up. I just got some major updates (7.8) a couple of weeks ago, and you go on about “dead OS”. That’s bull. 7.8 is perfectly fine OS, I only miss Rooms.

        • migo

          7.8 would be a perfectly fine OS if it had IE10.

          • DesR85

            I have a 920 and still don’t see any differences between IE 10 and 9 (for WP 7.x). Outside of customising the left button between refresh, tabs, etc. and the ability to change your default search engine for the former, I don’t see any major differences when compared to the latter.

            Probably it’s just me since I rarely use the phone for browsing the internet.

        • Patata

          There was nothing major in that 7.8 update. And we all know that MS doesn’t care about WP7 at all anymore 😉

          • viktor von d.

            ringtone maker and bluetooth sharing comes to mind plus the ui upgrade. but yeah nothing major .pfh

  • Bryan

    The next play is that “HERE” will be sold to MS to supply cash to Nokia.

    At that point we know the end is near.

    • that won’t happen, I just hope that HERE doesn’t have the same fate as OVI. I think and hope HERE is here to stay! (and stay Nokia)

      • migo

        The same fate as Ovi would be changing back to Nokia branding.

  • shallow ocean shoal

    How am I the only person in the world that is wondering what happened with the Apple HERE debacle?!? It got trashed on Apple!!

    Why has nobody asked Nokia why they released something half baked that would generate all those negative reviews?

    • migo

      Maybe I’m missing something, but my understanding is Nokia just made a mobile website that happens to work on Mobile Safari.

      • that’s what i thought, well more a ios version of HERE maps, not HERE Drive, this was so people could see what Nokia’s maps looked like, not to give free voice navigation to IOS users (at least not yet). Apparently because the app couldn’t sing and dance and have every feature under the sun, people complained!!

        • shallow ocean shoal

          Dude. Read the reviews.

          • Just Visiting

            The reviews are not great, but again, it is a web application. At the time it was released, iOS users were very frustrated with Apple Maps, and nothing was going to fill the gap that they were experiencing except for Google maps (which made an appearance shortly after HERE was introduced to them). The irony is, many iOS users hate Android, but love them some Google Maps 🙂

            They are used to, arguably, the best (Google Maps), but I, and others, would argue that Nokia Maps and Drive, is on par, if not better than Google Maps.

            • shallow ocean shoal

              You can argue that it’s better than Google Maps. And every single iPhone user will disagree with you. Every single one that has tried HERE.

              If they hadn’t had released it, iPhone customers wouldn’t have a bone to pick, they would simply have heard your glowing recommendations. So why did Nokia release something that would paint themselves poorly?


              • Sina88

                I tried HERE maps from Apple Store. It’s not a terrible app but you can’t compare it to what we have on Nokia devices. The maps aren’t rendered and look similar to the web version. Compared to Maps on Nokia phone the iOS ones are not very accurate and are missing things.

                HERE on iOS just doesn’t feel right and somehow amateurish. It’s far from being a replacement of Google Maps.

                Idk what Nokia was thinking when they were doing that. They released the iOS app at the right moment where iPhone users were frustrated with their own map service. But what Nokia represented is a half-baked, rather laughable (in quality) app. Many people tried out Nokia Maps but I don’t know anyone who uses them – unfortunately the name “HERE maps” is pretty much ruined outside Nokia platforms.

                Time for re-branding the name HERE? 😛

              • Just Visiting

                Shallow…I really don’t follow you or what you are trying to convey based on my response to you earlier.

                My point: HERE, in the form that it was released on iOS, at the time, was not great in comparison to what iOS users were used to (which was Google Maps). The reviews clearly reflect that; I certainly don’t begrudge Nokia for releasing a web app for iOS, it makes sense to offer some type of iterim solution for those users while getting the HERE name out there.

                The sigh of relief to many iOS users when Google Maps was released speaks volumes, thus my comment about Google Maps being the best (for iOS users, and Android users).

                My argument, is that Google Maps compared to Nokia Maps/Drive (on my N8 and Lumia 900) is on par, if not better than Google Maps.

                Just because some iOS users, tried and didn’t like, the HERE web app, doesn’t mean that Nokia’s image is tarnished. Sorry, but a few iOS users’ negative opinion doesn’t mean the downfall of a company.

                • shallow ocean shoal

                  I think you are underestimating the number and impact of the negative reviews, besides the melodrama (“downfall”??? You said it, not me)

                  a) the impact of negative user reviews, with 2.5 stars on 1,400 votes
                  b) the amount of negative, real, press

                  Right on the Apple front page is:

                  ABSOLUTE GARBAGE!

                  by beebler26
                  This app is slow to scroll in and has NO information! For example, there aren’t even streets in Japan. It’s basically a blank map for blind people. Try this out if you want to feel like your Apple Maps is Google’s. Seriously, immediate delete!

                  Wrong names

                  by TronZer
                  Lot of places are wrongly named 🙁

                  This is the review Nokia got in the Telegraph:

                  “The whole look is not as whizzy as either Apple or Google. And while public transport directions are excellent in places, they sometimes deny the existence of entire train lines. Any plans you might have had to replace your costly satnav, as Google users can with their Android phones, won’t work unless you’re walking. So what needed to be a full satnav experience at launch, isn’t. Social features for sharing interesting places, and easy editing for personalised maps are nice, but not enough.”

                  In my opinion, doing nothing would have been better.

      • shallow ocean shoal

        Yes. They were coming off the Apple Maps fiasco where Apple cutoff Google, and everyone and their mother was making fun of Apple maps. Everybody was looking for a Google maps replacement.

        Nokia came along with their highly regarded maps app to great fanfare, and proceeded to prove that the emperor had no clothes, that it was just as bad as apple maps in many ways, and received a bazillion negative reviews.

        You guys in Barcelona, can one of you guys simply ask, “What the heck? What were you thinking? Did you fire that guy?”

        (and part 2, how are they fixing all their terrible business location info. They could start with giving us a real and easy way to report bad data for christ’s sake. Oh and then they have to actually fix it, which clearly they aren’t doing today with the reported data)

  • SmoledMan

    HERE maps through the web shows the bus stops but not the detail on it. Even on Bing maps I get a little popup windows showing me all the detail about the bus route.

    • migo

      Have you compared through the Bing Maps mobile site? Inexplicably I don’t get transit information on it at all, even though the desktop site is very good.

      • SmoledMan

        Yes it’s terrible. Heck even Apple Maps don’t show bus stops. Google Maps are by far the best.

        • Sina88

          I don’t want to be a Nokia maps…ehmmm HERE maps basher. Simply because I love Nokia maps and prefer it a lot of Google’s ones. IMO on Nokia phones (MeeGo, Symbian, WP) we have the best maps available.

          But as much as the iOS version sucks, the desktop website of HERE maps does too! 

 used to be – I used maps24 all the time for planning routes or look up places on my desktop computer. Since it has the Nokia label on it, I don’t feel confortable with that website anymore. Idk what it is, but I hate to use – maybe it’s the usability, the design (although I like the look of it), again I really don’t know.

          I learned maps24 to know through a friend – guess what, he also doesn’t use it anymore and switched to Google. So is it just us or is there something weird about the website? 

          I wished I could go back to the old website and compare them.

          • shallow ocean shoal

            YES thank you

  • Mark

    Improvements draws the haters aas usual!

    LOL! Misery loves company I guess! 🙂

  • Otto

    Yeah, I really like how they completely forgot about Symbian users. App is OK, but maps are not updated (which is just plain weird as they should share same data with web and WP version). They still have not pushed maps for Israel and Serbia to Symbian (they did for web and WP8 devices)

    • sunnyvale

      It would be fun to call Accenture and ask them how many people they have working with symbian.

  • StefanP

    It seems addresses are not found to house level anymore, tapping in the address in the contacts. It just goes to the street or even the district only in another case. I tried Germany only so far.

  • Alejandro Nova

    At last, HERE we have feature parity with Nokia Maps for Symbian.

    I’m getting a Lumia.

  • shallow ocean shoal

    Dear Nokia,

    Please let your customers report bad business data easily. We shouldn’t have to back out of our maps app, go into a web browser, find a web page, look the location back up, click on report…just to have it never get fixed!

    You need:
    A) A team of people proactively working to correct wrong business data
    B) A simple and easy way to report bad data
    C) To email followups to your customers who reported the bad data to inform them that you fixed it. Google does this, it takes months, but it works.

    I am sick and f’in tired of Nokia Maps walking me to wrong business locations.

    • arts


  • Cod3rror

    No search by coordinates
    No navigation from a picture EXIF data
    No multiple route choices
    No multiple route points/stops
    No contacts navigation
    No GPS coordinates – display/copy

    • Viipottaja

      Wow, you really know the “shortcomings” (some pretty marginal and hope they never add all of those at least into the Maps or Drive apps themselves))! You must be using a Lumia then? 😉

      • Cod3rror

        No, not using a Lumia, but I know Nokia too well.

  • Alan

    they’re rebranding to HERE so that Elop could sell it later.