Twitter app for WP gets major update

| February 26, 2013 | 10 Replies

wp_ss_20130226_0002That not all interesting and great news comes from sunny Spain is proven by Twitter as they pushed out a major overhaul of their app for Windows Phone 8 today. It totally transforms the app and brings it closer to something far more native to Windows Phone than ever before.

Installing the update went fast enough and it would seem that there isn’t much new to be had, yet I was amazed. The UI is a complete overhaul and looks really good. But as everyone knows, beauty alone doesn’t make anything great. There are some pretty significant changes to the functional side as well. All usual Twitter functions are now easily accessable from mentions to trending topics to seeing your own profile. The usual WP8  improvements are also in tow, lockscreen notification and fast resume are now all supported.


See below for another screenshot of the new UI/UX. Be sure to look for the update in the store and try it out for yourself. One thing is for sure, the word update is used legitimately here.


A small sidenote, this is the very first real productive piece made on my Surface RT. Apart from WP not showing screenshots in the Windows 8 app it was a breeze. But enough about Windows 8, go download the new Twitter app. You won’t regret it.


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  • ZiiimZooon

    Dat UI!

  • 22% of space wasted at top (that idiotic revamped UI), 9% of space wasted at bottom (appbar) = 31% useless for displaying tweets. BTW, only 4 tweets can fit. PATHETIC.

  • anon2

    That’s why I love Windows Phone (dare I say it). Everything “just works” and is fairly uniform across the board. google could learn a thing or two from Microsoft.

  • jajai

    and it’s much easier to mention someone! -i love how this app suggests for the name we wanted to mention! coolio~~ @.@

  • correct

    Excellent revamp, they just need to fix some of the dead space a little bit.

    However the UI looks top notch, very professional. It looks better than Twitter for Android or iOS.

    This, combined with the official Tumblr app coming soon, the new Foursquare app, and Pandora, the big apps are all coming, and existing big apps are getting huge updates. Things are starting to look really good for WP.

    • Janne

      Of course they are, app-wise things have always been on good upwards trajectory on WP – since Nokia came on-board. This is a part where Microsoft and Nokia together have succeeded in vitalizing things. It takes a little time to grow, but the trajectory has always been very good here. In other parts (like device sales), they have not succeeded.

      And Lumia has always enjoyed excellent exclusives as well, a few today/yesterday’s headlines on and

      – “One of the best mobile racing games” coming to Windows Phone tomorrow
      – Nokia Lumia Exclusive App Burton Now Available In Windows Phone Store
      – Official DISQUS commenting app coming to Windows Phone
      – Nokia Place Tag And Glam Me Lens Apps Demo
      – Go forth and tag as Nokia releases NFC Writer app for Lumia users

    • Agreed on the dead space at the top, it is just a little too much. Another I missed was the dark theme option, that was really nice to read in dark areas and a good battery preserver for AMOLED screens.

      Overall, functionality wise this is an enormous improvement over the old one. And from what I know there are similar quality apps (and updates) coming in the next few weeks.

  • Pepsiman

    Finally a twitter update! And wondering when will the facebook update roll out 🙂

  • It looks so clean!

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