My New Love; the Nokia Lumia 720

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720As someone who closely follows the smartphone world I get to see a lot of great products, unfortunately sometimes these phones linger in my head longer than they would in any sane person’s mind. The end result being an almost uncontrollable urge to read every article, watch every video and just think about which ever device was the latest to steal my heart.

180 degrees

In the case of the Lumia 720 it has undoubtedly done just that; everything about this phone is perfect to me, the beautiful design, the vibrant colors, the size and the screen…Oh the screen; I’m honestly lost for words when it comes to this gorgeous slab of glass they call a display. The viewing angles on it are absolutely stunning, better than the 920’s in my opinion; and this might sound silly but the fact that the Nokia logo is centered on the phone also makes quite  a difference to me.

curved screen


Of course there are those who would jump in and say that regardless of what viewing angles you get the phone still only has a resolution of 480p (Wvga); well trust me when I say that almost everyone who picked it up thought that it was an HD screen. Yes it’s that good! I would easily rank it ahead of any other Nokia screen out there (besides the 920); putting it ahead of the 900 and the 820 as well.

And then comes the camera, this amazing piece of technology that bests HTC’s $600 phone and practically everything else; from now on I expect an aperture of f/1.9 to be standard in all future Nokia high end devices, regardless of whether or not they’re packing OIS on board. In fact I much prefer the results of the 720 to the 920 simply because it’s all hardware; sometimes the 920 has difficulty jumping into the right settings, but with a larger aperture night mode or not you’re bound to get more light in.

“We had early protoypes running on 1Gb of ram, and had users test them for a week against the 512mb ram version; they couldn’t tell which was which!”

But what about performance? After all it’s only running 512 Mb of ram, well I was saving this for the 720 Q&A post but in fact we asked the product managers about the ram situation; and shockingly they actually had a 1Gb ram device before; and testers couldn’t tell which was the 1Gb and which had only half that!

I honestly think that the 720 achieves everything that Nokia set out to do; it brought down the amazingness of the Lumia 920 to a cheaper price-point, making few to no compromises along the way (don’t forget it has a Miro SD slot while the 920 doesn’t). I’ve said this before to the product manager and I’ll say it here, the Lumia 720 should be the “820” in terms of it being the true successor to the 920. It carries a more similar design and a camera that competes with the 920; something no other device high or low end manages to do.

And once you compare it with the Lumia 820 it comes on top in almost every aspect (better front facing camera, rear camera takes better images in low light, nicer screen, nicer body, hot swappable SD card, lighter, curved screen); the 820 only comes out on top in terms of LTE and a better processor; and since we already established the 720’s processor ain’t too shabby and I don’t have LTE in my area; Lumia 720 here I come! (in yellow this time).



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