Video: Jolla Sailfish demo on Nokia N950

| February 28, 2013 | 55 Replies

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 08.10.22Quick heads up on this Jolla demo from MWC. Michael Fisher talks to the Jolla CTO about Jolla, Sailfish and Nokia.


Jolla CTO Stefano Mosconi was kind enough to spend some time at MWC 2013 showing us his company’s new Sailfish smartphone OS, and then answering a few questions about Jolla, Sailfish, Nokia, and the smartphone space in general.


Cheers spacemodel for the tip!


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  • sman

    A phone with this OS or Ubuntu will be my next purchase.

    • Emin

      Maan,Ubuntu and FF OS get smoked by Jolla if they deliver their OS to the low-end.Word

    • Thomas F

      With the notification center, this is 99% the same as harmattan. You have all the same screens, you just navigate different . And yes they hav added android apps, interactive multitasking on top. Harmattan still looks better to me, but i still miss the android apps to fill the gaps.

      • Leonard Pontuliosis

        You can say this way. Only make Nokia to deliver this with Linux MeeGo in any product. literally: any. Millions will be thankful when you will reach any success, you can believe me.

  • shk

    Very simple and smooth, I like it! Can’t wait to see how their first phone looks like.

  • RVM

    Looking great. It’s great that they have both native apps and android app compatibility. Now, the only question is HW. My dream is Nokia HW (with large sensor, lossless zoom and OIS camera) and Sailfish OS. Too bad this will not happen.

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  • zlutor

    Whenever I see what Jolla is doing just one question comes always into my mind: why not Nokia is doing it… πŸ™

    On the other hand they recently postponed first device to end of 2013… πŸ™

  • Sefriol

    Jolla might have an edge over Ubuntu and Firefox if they release their phone fast enough. But they need to hurry up.

    • noki

      well Ubuntu is not really competition to jolla, mostly the same thing Qt based phone with their own components but still trivial to ports apps from one to the other..

  • Alejandro Nova

    What were the specs of Nokia N950 again? Were them the same of Nokia N9 (1 GHz Cortex-A8, single core CPU, PowerVR SGX530, 1 GB of RAM? How much does something like that cost now, considering that the Lumia 520 has a dual-core, better CPU, a better GFX chipset, less RAM, and it costs 135 euros? Maybe my next Sailfish phone won’t be expensive, at all.

    • zlutor

      Good speculation…

      Having HW of L520 with Meego+Harmattan – wow that would be a good device…

      • Grendell

        Having HW of L720 with Meego+Harmattan – wow that would be a great device…

    • incognito

      Hardware wise, if we except the keyboard and complex engineering and mechanics needed to make it sturdy enough – I’d guess that the raw components for what is present on the N950 are fairly less than 100€. After all, for just $89 you can get get assembled (albeit in a slightly larger format) Hardkernel ODROID-U2 which, baring the cost of a screen, digitizer and a camera is better HW platform than pretty much any smartphone currently available. And that is MP price, on bulk that would cost far less.

      But you have to take into account manufacturing costs (you need large scale manufacture for serious cost reduction), marketing, sales margins… Don’t know if Jolla is strong enough to do such a thing. If they would partner with the likes of the ZTE or HTC, heck even LG, they could seriously compete on the low-end market easily…

      • jiipee

        They can also team up with different kind of partners, not only OEMs. ODM can manufacture the device and Jolla creat SW for generic phones to eg. sales channel or social service partners. China is such a huge market that there must be plenty of non-OEM players, who can afford the marketing push.

        This is also hinted in the Sailfish site: “Sailfish brings and fosters innovation to offer unique differentiation and a competitive advantage for OEMs and ODMs, chipset providers, operators, application developers and retailers.”

        The changes are very slim, but it is still possible. I believe that the investors will at minimum get their money back. LG just bought WebOS.

        • incognito

          I agree that they can work with a lot of ODMs as well, but the question of scaling still remains. Sure thing, people don’t even realize how huge are the opportunities in China, but I still remain mildly skeptical.

          As for LG, they really aren’t sure what to do next. They said they’ve bought webOS for their SmartTVs, not to use it on actual mobile devices. Which, actually, might be a good move. They seem to embrace the Firefox OS for now, but if I was at Jolla I’d definitely try to pitch Sailfish to them. Despite the huge push at MWC, I don’t think that the Firefox OS has any chances.

        • incognito

          P.S. LG hasn’t yet recovered from the loses they made trying to move their mobile department to WP, I don’t think they will easily accept an offer from Jolla – choosing one extremely risky strategy once, and failing, could be attributed to a mistake. Choosing another risky strategy right afterwards could be attributed to stupidity, and could end up with them getting out of the mobile business altogether.

  • StefanP

    It was an “interesting” time with my Lumia 920 and WP8. Not possible to save a PDF file which I received in an email. A “device independent bitmap” picture in my email: “not permitted on the phone”. No problem with my N9. Just the last points in a long list.
    Time to say good bye to WP. Waiting for the Jolla phone, or maybe buy the Z10.
    808 as interim solution. Plus the 105 as secondary and emergency phone.
    Although I have to say goodbye to Nokia, they still can get some profit out of me. πŸ™‚

    • Luisito

      Even if you have the PDFreader app installed???… Your second “problem” make me cry (how it’s posible in first place)…

      Well if things goes on the way I expect, you will see Nokia releasing devices with another OS, Which one will be the question…

      • StefanP

        Yes, I have the PDF reader, so I can read the doc, but not save it on the phone. All it can do, is share the doc via SkyDrive.
        Receiving a PDF attachment with a non-latin file name (Thai), the doc will not even be shown.
        PNG image: “Oops! We are not sure what’s wrong, but we can’t open this file”.
        Of course MS Office docs work OK. That’s what we can expect from MS.
        But thanks for crying on my behalf! πŸ™‚

        • Luisito

          Well, your “little” problem has elighten me… I was ready to give a chance to WP, telling to myself, “it could’n be so bad, it has its faults, but you will find your way through it like you did with W8″… But this… Shame on you MS, shame on you…

          Disclaimer… The W8 was a giveaway, so I decide to give it a try it was free anyway, then these are my thougs:
          1.- If you don’t have a touchscreen enabled device don’t bother, it isn’ really faster than W7.
          2.- Metro is useless, it’s just a step between Me and Desktop.
          3.- Youu will end installing somekind of classic shell to recover your classic Windows bar…

          • noki


    • StefanP

      I just added another keyboard layout to my 920: System restart and more than 10 minutes “migrating your data”. OMG! A REASONABLE alternative to iOS and Android is urgently needed. Please hurry, Jolla!

    • Silthice

      My 620 can save and view PDF file
      Your 920 have been smoked by 620

      • StefanP

        How do you do it? Save the attachment directly from the mail or from the PDF reader? Any special PDF reader? I use the Microsoft PDF reader.

  • Bloob

    Don’t want to be a negative nanny, but Jolla is now saying the first Sailfish phone is coming out late 2013, a year late.

    • incognito

      We’re talking about ex-Nokia guys, delays are pretty much given. Still, better to release late & complete, than early and insufficient (see under WP7, Symbian^3… and the devices that hosted them).

      • jiipee

        The delay is much more acceptable, if it’s not related to the OS itself.

        There are million things that can affect shipping the physical product, eg:
        – A lot of new flagships and device expected this Spring = ODM capacity could be already booked, hence, costs can be lower during Summer. Early Fall can be again more busy preparing for Christmas period
        – The ODM partner bailed out or they got better deal. After all, Jolla has limited financing.
        – There are new components coming out and/or prices will be going down during Spring, which would make it financially more feasible to postpone launch
        – They are still trying to convince and negotiate with some partners

        The late annoucement in January of cooperation with a hw design house Creoir formed ex-Nokians hinted that there could be delay. In any case, they need to get Sailfish on devices and push unofficial porting to N9 and android devices. It is far too long to have physical device support to be available late 2013.

        • Bloob

          Sure, but it will put them even later to the game. At this point, I’d guess Ubuntu has a better chance than Sailfish.

      • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

        At the time of the release of Symbian^3, people in MNB claimed that it was so great that iOS and Android didn’t have a chance against it. People were listing features and tons of features it had.

        It’s actually better to release a great package with less features than a not so great device with tons of features.

        About Jolla. Ex-Nokia workers so delays are something not so unexpected. Especially now when they have to develop something. That’s just the same problem Nokia had. Developing software.

        They did claim that porting that UI to a different hardware can be done in days. So it shouldn’t be a problem with hardware. Or maybe they were just misleading everyone with that comment about porting the UI. There is also something else to be ported?

    • zlutor

      Nokia roots do not disappear easily… πŸ™‚

    • Maybe

      they got notification center but WP?

      • incognito

        You don’t need it on the WP, you have the peek-a-boo Live Tiles and Microsoft obviously deems it good enough solution for notifications (otherwise they would, you know, prioritize… but obviously Kids Corner and similar features that no one asked for are more important). Who are you to question the great wisdom of Microsoft.

        Microsoft is Mother, Microsoft is Father!
        – WP Corps.

        • Viipottaja

          Different folks, different stokes I guess. For me personally, Kids Corner as a father of two is definitely _more_ useful than a notification center will be (rather than “would” as according to MS its coming – hopefully in the next update). πŸ™‚

          • sinple

            although it sounds troublesome, u can use android, install an alternative launcher, then select the appropriate icon to the homescreen, remove the app drawer icon, use an app lock and lock the setting app.

            To return home screen, unlock setting app, then clear default of the launcher. Sounds so troublesome. haha

  • allawi

    Does someone has this os on Nokia n9?

    • Leonard Pontuliosis

      Yes, there are ports for N9 but made by community. This is because Nokia N9 is Nokia product hence Jolla will not be able to support other company’s product. Every Sailfish presentation you can find in the internet are performed on Nokia 950 or on Nokia N9. So this is confirmed it can run on N9 and N950. Remember this is more developed Linux MeeGo with the core distribution. All fits to hardware.

  • dss

    I still think that Harmattan is better than this.. but I can see the potential. Again, very modern.. no nav buttons on the bottom of the screen, well done!

    So far in terms of UI Harmattan > BB10 > Sailfish > WP > iOS/Andro/Symbian

    Microsoft need to modernize their approach and get rid of the 3 buttons on the bottom of the screen.. waste of space, they mess with the design, and are harder to press than having a swipe type functionality instead.

    • belle and jolla beat lumia 920

      i think this way

      ui wise

      harmattan > sailfish > bb10 > ios > symbian belle > android> wp8

      • noki

        +1, bb10 has some failed UI/UX things harmattan was so much better

  • AN9r

    I think i’m moving sun!

  • Pathetic

    I love MeeGo, but I see Jolla has many problems, if they take longer to launch its cell have fewer chances to succeed I think jolla already dead though it hurts me to say :/. Blackberry is my only option now, is the closest thing to MeeGo, being honest when I see ” BB10 ” I feel the same attraction that when I first saw MeeGo, BB10 has a future and when they launch the ” Q10 ” gonna be a Boom!, WP is dead, I wonder why Nokia sent these new models to the UK? Answer: Blackberry

  • belle and jolla beat lumia 920

    i hope jolla phone is a phone without bezel! that will be a beautiful and rare phone design.

    still have questions about the ui/ux

    1.event view only appears after swiping on locked screen?

    2.all apps have pulling down menu?

    3.what happen if we have more than what a screen can accomadate the app icons? swiping left/right?

    • Jiipee

      1. Based On info, the events view can be enteref from home screens or from an app by swiping from side

      2. All apps can have it, but that is not obligatory. Eg, if the option list is long, there are alternative ways to set up option dialogue

      3. No clear explanation given for that yet

    • invertol

      4. Can we go to the previous song in the MediaP. when in the multitasking view?
      Only pause and forward feels kind of cheap.

      I dont think any of the phone, sms, email etc are ready because I haven’t seen them showing “the basic stuff” in any video.

  • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

    And the device is pushed back to late 2013.

    I still remember how people thought it was realistic to believe that Jolla was going to ship in 2012 just because they said something about presenting something in 2012. People really believed they were going to ship in 2012 and at least in early 2013.

    People saying how that early shipping date proves how great MeeGo was.

    Now it’s going to ship in late 2013.

    Now what does that prove again?

  • GordonH

    “No need to modify anything, Android apps run as it is on Jolla”
    Now that’s a powerful statement.

  • guerrahp


  • john

    i pray to see some nokia jolla cell phone windows phone sucks and yes ive used again and again and its juss missing to much i could imagine it now nokia jolla pureview 41 mp cam 2ghz snapdragon 2gigs ram amoled solar power 400 pi screen wireless hdmi out wireless charging sd card nfc bluetooth sencitive screen water proof that and take my money

  • ssd

    the phone picture in looks great!

    The ui looks great,

  • ssd

    have read through the ui/ux framework at

    i like the status area and the event view which is open by swiping upward fron app bottom

  • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis

    so many operating systems these days.
    There are the 4 major ones (android, ios, windows phone, bb10) and four new ones (sailfish, ubuntu, firefox, tizen).
    I think in the “heavy weight” category bb10 will not be around in a couple of years. For the newcomers I think tizen will do quite well because of samsung, firefox os will find it’s way to sub-100$ Chinese phones, ubuntu will not succeed on phones and sailfish will be completely forgotten.

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