What a Nokia Fan Carries With Him to Cover Mobile World Congress

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A couple people have asked me what I took with me to Barcelona, as well as what I use in my daily life as a full time Nokia Lover, part time blogger. Well here’s a quick look at what I was lugging around with me in my trusty Jansport backpack all around Barcelona for the past couple days (seriously my backpack has traveled the world with me, and it fits practically everything; although my 17.3″ laptop was pushing it to the limit- check em out HERE).

Starting with the essentials; my phones:

  • Nokia Lumia 920 (DUH); I had my Spanish Sim in this, and the data connection came in handy while doing the Nokia connects treasure hunt across Barcelona
  • Nokia Lumia 820, strictly speaking I didn’t have this on me when I arrived, but I got it on day one and kept it on me since- Jordanian SIM went in here
  • Nokia Lumia 620, I brought this along just for kicks and because I planned on using it in comparison videos (which I did).
  • Nokia 808 PureView, the 808 was intended to serve a dual purpose, acting as a backup camera as well pumping out some comparison photos/videos had there been a high end camera phone announced
  • BlackBerry Z10, the Z10 also came along for comparison purposes as well as the fact that I honestly like the phone; it is fun to use so I kept it on me for kicks.

Onto the more important and difficult task; taking picture and video; thankfully the Sony NEx 5-N I picked up a couple months ago got the job done quite marvelously. With the battery easily making it through each day with plenty of juice to spare. Unfortunately the 5N did have some trouble focusing in a couple of my videos; mainly in the low light shootouts- but I don’t blame it really seeing how the conditions were down right horrible.


And of course my laptop; the 17.3″ monster I dare to call “portable”. I’m currently rocking a HP dv7 17.3″ laptop, running Windows 8 with 8 Gb ram, i7 processor, 1 GB graphics card, 800 GB HDD, and a beautiful 1080p screen. The down side of this is of course the weight, which comes in close to a crazy 7 pounds! (3.2 Kg).

On the other hand my initial intention was to render and add the MyNokiaBlog intro to all the videos I uploaded; but once I saw the amount of content I had I decided to skip the branding I’ve considered investing in a more portable option but I absolutely hate MacOS (I have an iMac that’s been gathering dust for the past 6 months; it’s not even plugged in) and I can’t seem to find a decently priced powerful ultrabook/notebook alternative.



In terms of peripherals I had a standard Logitech wireless mouse on me, although I usually use my Microsoft touch mouse at home; I thought the lack of a middle mouse button would slow things down a bit on the work end. I also had my standard pair of Nokia in Ear purities lying around as well as backup pair of Sony headphones.

Of course the sheer amount of cables I had on me added a decent bit of weight to my already heavy backpack; I had 3 Micro Usb cables, my Laptop charger, as well as my cameras charger on me at all times.

Other things I had on me at all times were of course my MWC entry badge, and my public transit ticket. They gave all attendees a free 4 day public transit ticket that gave you access to buses, trains, metros, cable cars and literally any other form of public transport in Barcelona.

I also had plans to keep my Kindle e-reader and iPad on me at the venue, but there was no need for the iPad; and the Kindle seemed kind of pointless.

All in all my backpack weighed well over 25 pounds as I lugged it from hall to hall; and even if my back was screaming in pain, there was a smile on my face from the general awesomeness of the atmosphere.


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