Video: Jolla Sailfish demo on Nokia N950 by Marc Dillon

| March 1, 2013 | 49 Replies

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 10.41.54Here’s another demo of the Jolla Sailfish OS by Marc Dillon.


Cheers Dino for the tip.


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  1. Mahmud says:

    That looks cool and smooth. I expect it will run in primitive hardware as well. Can see the elements of symbian/meego, they should have removed them I think. Like icon shapes or calling WiFi – WLAN.

  2. dr. J says:

    Nice video, this os looks to compete with bb10 and the like of it!

    Would love to get an option of installing this on lumia 920! ! ! !

  3. v.s.i says:

    Very nice, uncluttered, minimalistic approach to UI design. The transparency is used to great effect as well. If only through some kind of magic Nokia provided hardware for Sailfish it would be a great combination. :P But they could still use it for the low-end, to replace S40 in the long run, it should be very easy to optimise for Qt – the N9 is so smooth you can hardly believe it runs on a 4 year-old SoC. :)

  4. SLAYER says:

    things are certainly looking better than last time.

  5. lmiked says:

    So… Why the hell don’t they have a phone yet?? I mean hardware!! Why the hell don’t they have a prototype phone or anything of that sort??
    Hey we’re at MWC!! we don’t have any device to announce or prototype to show or anything… But, we have another company’s old phone model running our OS!! Huh ? Huh? That’s good right!!? I mean, I know we’re supposed to present a device and all… Bu at least we have an OS, we’re just missing the hardware, the device and everything (market included)… Haaaaa!!
    Seriously now, they’re going to go bankrupt before they launch!!!


    • zlutor says:

      Because the OS is not final yet….

      Why to waste your resources on a phone that will be outdated when your OS is ready?

      • Tiago Silva says:

        Reference platform? Developer seeding? FirefoxOS is doing it right.

      • lmiked says:

        Huh… Because that way they have a better idea of how the OS runs in a more updated hardware, and they can do with it to use the hardware to its fullest? It would provide a much more reallistic idea of the OS capabilities and limits as far as performance goes… Not to mention multi-core processors handling, autonomy… And so on. They wouldn’t spend so much in a few prototypes…


    • EmmanuelM says:

      Hardware is commodity now, go at Qualcomm to buy a chipset, go in Korea to buy a display and in china for the body and assembly and that s it !

  6. raj says:

    whats the price dude for this smartphone . i love this smartphone

    • ssd says:


      status area and event view is so great

    • StefanP says:

      If they had phones available, they could probably auction them for astronomical prices! N900 – dead end, N9 – dead end, Symbian – dead end. Those are customers which seem to be not important to Nokia. Not all have found the perfect alternative. Many are waiting for Jolla and some are ready to pay a high price to get a phone with this amazing OS into their hands!

  7. Viipottaja says:

    Looking a lot more promising/complete than the previous round presentations were! The lack of chrome is great – however, with the “ambiance” everywhere and a lot of transparency, the readability seems to suffer at times and the look can get a little unpolished… but I am sure they are still working on the looks part of it, and I guess if a 3rd party picks it, they are free to “skin” to their heart’s content.

    Hope they indeed get a device out by year end!

    • Vedhas Patkar says:

      Jolla said that this is a work in progress and the UI/UX will get better before release of the device (which is in H2 2013). This thing looks better than what it was previously, although I feel the icons should be worked upon.

    • Harangue says:

      Exactly what I thought. The whole ambiance deal is messing with readability of al items. Most things of the pully menu appear unreadable to me.

      I’ll be honest, this is not the OS for me as the looks of it don’t appeal to me (right now) but they are coming up with some great ideas and I’m wondering if the good ideas will find their way into other major OS’ before Jolla can even launch a phone.

      • Dr.Smart says:

        Unlike some other platform, it’s all about choice isn’t it? If the eyes are so tuned to the mono-chromaticism using a certain OS with which the choice is not there, then one might as well choose a single color background image and be done with it.

  8. Lax says:

    Give me this os with a lumia 720 hardware at a $260 price, and i will be the first in line to buy

  9. john says:

    yo i hate elop he gona run nokia in the ground nobody wants windows phone this os would be so cool with nokia support maps music play to windows sales r down cause windows looks ugly at least give user option to not use tiles as homescreen so pls nokia fire elop or juss get off microsoft john ur killing your company

  10. Francis says:

    To be fair to Jolla, they are only been set-up less than 9 months, and their workforce is very small (<100). Company like Nokia tooks 2 years to release WP in reasonable quality (even OS not from them !), Jolla is doing well so far, IMO.

    As Jolla is just small and young company, to design stunning hardware from scratch definitely not easy, furthermore,they are more on software expertise. Only choice is to get third party to release the hardware. And the best company for this job is Nokia, but with present CEO this just daydream !

    This Jolla OS looks good, but there are so many legal and copyright issue for them to get through in order to release Phone commercially. Without Nokia or other big guy to backup them in IP, they are DEAD even before they can release hardware.

    • Francis says:

      Hence, the ONLY market for them now is China, whereas most western’s IP can not be enforced. Huh.. now your guys may like China more..^.^

  11. nsuffys says:

    Another demo of Sailfish OS running on N950 by Marko Saukko :

  12. twig says:

    Didn’t Jolla say it the beginning that they were just going to license Sailfish and not be a hardware company? Their original market target was the Chinese market. Maybe in time, Nokia will license Sailfish from Jolla. Perhaps even Samsung will and dump Android’s OS’s.

    • incognito says:

      No, they always claimed that they’ll release their own phones, but that the Sailfish OS is open (in both governance and source) to other makers to make what they want from it.

      They are aiming to do what Google did with Android – release a small number of Jolla-branded devices to serve as a reference, and let the other OEMs do their own implementations, with one startling difference – OEMs, as well as the community, will actually have a say on how the OS is developed.

  13. allawi says:

    How can I get this OS and uploaded to my Nokia N9?

  14. says:

    nice, clean, better than messy android, can only get better …. or worse depending on oem’s changes to software.

  15. Keith too says:

    They are coming along but obviously have a long way to go yet.

    I find his statement that there has not been any innovation in mobile for years really strange though–like or it not there has been an amazing amount of innovation in mobile lately and more in the last few years than in mobile’s first 20 years combined. And the pace of innovation is picking up every year. So much recent innovation that even Apple has been left behind.

    • Chris says:

      Hello, you got it wrong ! He said there is no innovation in software and interaction between user and device (iOS, Android…), il all of them, you have to tap on buttons on screen, open an app to interact wit it, and close it. In Sailfish, the innovation is :
      1 ) gestures to interact with device, hence no need to look all the time to the screen to be sure to hit the tiny button.
      2 ) interact with apps event when they are not in front-end. You can make actions on covers without opening the app.
      and so on….

  16. birju says:

    Im wondering they using the n950 for showing the jolla sailfish OS, can they use it on the 808? :p it has higher specs than on the n950…

    • gasbond says:

      No, I don’t think they can,I think that the only devices can be used for this are the nokia n9 and the n950(I’m not sure), any way the only thing that the 808 is better than the n9 and the n950 is cpu clock speed (except the camera of course)

  17. sman says:

    I am waiting to see who produces the best OS and hardware, ubuntu or Jolla. Both are are off to a great start and appears well ahead of Firefox OS.

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