Lumia 928 Shows up on Verizon’s Internal Servers, Is This the “Laser”?

| March 2, 2013 | 59 Replies

lumia928-2Phonearena have gotten there hands on a screenshot of Verizon’s internal server that displays a list of their devices. An interesting Lumia “928” appears listed as a 4G device added on January 17th; of course we’ve long awaited a Verizon variant of the 920 and this looks to be it.

In terms of specs we have almost nothing to go on besides the fact that it’s probably at the least equal to the 920; this might be the “Laser” which is supposed to be the Lumia 920 repackaged in a sleek aluminum body. Whatever it is it’s got our skin itching; and one thing’s for sure; Nokia World this year is going to be amazing!




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