New Lumia 620’s Now Shipping With Advanced Storage Options

| March 10, 2013 | 16 Replies

BE-SyCWCUAA29gpI got a couple tweets today from new Lumia 620 users saying that their new devices have come with the latest “storage management” in Windows Phone. Which allows you to clear your temporary files and gives a detailed view of exactly what’s eating up all that space.


Interestingly though reports are that they carry the same Software version as the standard portico 620’s so perhaps this is a feature that can simply be activated in one of those “Extra +” app updates?

-Thanks for sending this in guys


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  • Viipottaja

    Now just makes those subcategories clickable, browsable, files deleteable and shareable.

  • Bloob

    Great, but managing temp-files should not be required. While it apparently can clean them periodically, even that seems like a tacked on fix. Temp files should be automatically cleared when they are not used anymore.

    • Viipottaja

      Isn’t periodic automatic cleaning sufficient? You mean each individual file should get immediately automatically deleted?

      • Bloob


        • Bob

          A lot of this can be cached files, like attachments from emails (that don’t have to be downloaded again to be re-opened etc).

          So, having cached files and some control over them is a reasonable approach..

          • Viipottaja

            That’s what I also thought.

  • tonysingh

    when to expect these things on 920???

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  • Greggers

    Ali, I doubt that it can be activated by ane Extras+info update, as the Extras update that was pushed last week has EXACTLY the same version numbers for all the components, as the screenshot of Extras that the lovely Devashish has posted.

    therefore i believe that it is just a newer firmware published by Nokia, and that as it is controlled by Nokia on their servers, maybe they will release a smaller update on their own terms. Either that, or it will be released with other improvements as part of GDR2.

  • Greggers

    hopefully will see flip-to-silence feature make a comeback too, as seen a month or so ago in leaked firmware, and the camera improvements with leaked GDR2.

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  • should have file manager…

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