Leaked Photo Sample from Lumia 928. Update: Picture Removed.

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@evleaks just posted a link to the image above; stating that it was taken with a Nokia Lumia 928. According to the Exif data on the image it was indeed taken with a Lumia 928, running Windows Phone; the claim is solidified by the fact that the person who posted it appears to work at Nokia according to his G+ profile.

The photo has been removed from the Picasa link, luckily we were fast enough to get a screenshot of the Exif data (you can’t hide on the internet). 

*The photo above is the original image and not a screenshot; for those of you interested in a closer look.

54eac1398ca03bd3c0a50ec0bd7a8783I must say I was really hoping for a larger aperture, something like the 720 with a f/1.9; is there a way to figure out how many megapixels were in the image?




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  1. Muerte says:

    Heheh.. seems legit, original picture now “Sorry, that page was not found.”

  2. viktor von d. says:

    i think all this leaks are intentional.they just release all these stuff to different outlets to build hype for the product and keep people talking about it.2 many news in a span of a few days

  3. readingintonothing says:

    c’mon hide the GPS position or you’ll get them in trouble

  4. Jonas says:

    You have the size on the EXIF info and it was in low resolution. I see the same digital artifacts as on Lumia 920 so the camera should not be so different. As for the aperture, until Nokia releases a new phone with variable aperture, like the N86, I prefer a better compromise, like a F2.4, good for both portraits and landscape.

  5. readingintonothing says:

    wow you linked to his google+ too you going to get him sacked

  6. Anjanu says:

    width x height of the image gives the number of pixels…here its 1278 x 720 = 0.92… that’s 1 MP…wtf

  7. Antero says:

    I wouldn’t be disappointed by “only” 2.0 aperture. While bigger aperture will get you more light it will also make the image slightly softer and the depth of field gets narrower. Narrow DOF can be nice but it also means that focus needs to be accurate. Since cell phones have fixed aperture the value should not be anything extreme like f/16 or f/1.2 but rather some kind of “one size fits all” such as f/2.8.

  8. meh says:

    Malt & Vine. Redmond, WA.

  9. Bazil says:

    Not impressed. The picture is of the same quality as the ones produced by the 920. The same small sensor is used in the 928, probably with the addition of a xenon flash. I am very disappointed, as I was expecting something better.
    So I will stay with my N8 until at least the end of the year, when they are supposed to release that EOS.

  10. dss says:

    If its shooting at 1.4 microns, don’t expect anything special. If they managed to use the N8 sensor and they can bring that up to ~2.0 um we might have something interesting going on…

    The xenon/led combo will be a great addition as well.. I can’t wait to see how it performs and some info on how they managed to make it work on NT.

    • correct says:

      Some of the comments from you people just get really sad. “How they managed to make it work on NT”?

      Seriously? You speak as if Symbian was something magical, and that NT is very basic, and that somehow NT requires “magic” to make Xenon work properly. Give me a break.

      With properly written drivers and Nokia’s hardware it will work just fine in NT. There is nothing special to implement it in NT. NT is an extremely flexible and versatile kernel.

  11. twig says:

    I think Verizon users will find this phone a very welcome addition to their choices. It’s too early yet for major changes, only have 3 months on the 920……and LOVE it. Maybe Nokia will let loose the Purity Pro’s at the Verizon 928 market timing….and dare we say, the 105??? Please, please…the 105.

    • Nabkawe says:

      Lumia 920 launched in 2012 in the US , first batch was sold in 5/10 , that’s more than 5 months , but whats sad dude is that we can’t buy this phone right now as its a Verizon exclusive (If it went international it’ll out cast the GS3 (not shooting for S4 right now.)

  12. That’s why nokia lumia is the best from iPhone5.

  13. meh says:

    Date line says 9:33:33 AM, Date and Time (original) 17:33:33 ? Can anyone explain?

    • javid says:

      Pacific Standard Time?
      Greenich Mean Time?
      This is before daylight saving time of course, so still the 8 hour difference…
      Just a thought – but then its awfully early to be having a drink, isnt it?

  14. MOOking says:

    wow did you guys just finally realize that ALL LEAKS are controlled by the ones who make it…….duh you guys can’t be that dumb……ohhh wait most of you are too sheeple to understand that

    • twig says:

      Its sooooo much better than Sammie Androids or crapple phones.

    • viipottaja says:



    • tsktsk says:

      You’re one of those very annoying people who not only have a completely misguided worldview — forgivable enough — but who actually mock other folks relentlessly for failing to subscribe to your idiocy.

      I’ve been a part of more leaks than you’ve even read about, and I can tell you without reserve that the vast majority are NOT controlled by anyone, but are the result of rogue employees or inadvertent patsies.

      Point being: you’re a fool, and you owe all of us “sheeple” a big apology for wasting our delicious oxygen.

  15. John Galliano says:

    what about Instagram on WP8? No more updates? It should attract more people to switch to Lumia. I really hope they would announce IG together with that 928. We all know how important to a platform Instagram is.

    • Shaun says:

      Instagram can be used as a great tool to sell the high-end Nokia camera phones. I bet whenever the Lumia w/ the 808 sensor comes out Instagram will be rolling out on wp8.

      Could be a great marketing scheme if they choose to do this.

  16. john says:

    ok but lets be real windows phone is missing allot of what symbian has and thats why people cant get use to windows phone. we moved to android or iphone but i do have faith in windows that one day they will produce something i would be willing to trade my android. how long thats up to windows to step ther game use that money and invest in your os and remember people always want choices tiles should drastically improve or become a theme amoung many. real torrent app a homescreen with wallpapers notification center and i will gladly trade in my android. and im sure people feel the same ps nokia your doing a great job microsoft get off your a;] i wonder does any one no if nokia has access to make themes on windows phone

  17. GordonH says:

    Nice pic. I am impressed with it.

  18. ms.nokia says:

    a good picture cause i’m thirsty for now …

  19. Sonny says:

    Bring this to the rest of the world also Nokia

  20. Bhairav says:

    I saw some other pics on wmpoweruser/wpcentral dont they look like HDR test ?

  21. john says:

    watch the s4 and allot of bull but a few neat features . also a few good camera tricks, i hope windows and nokia were watching and deliver something better this year.or at least bring window to par with android.

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