Lumia 920 Wins “Innovative Handset” of the Year Award 2013

| March 15, 2013 | 14 Replies

nokia-lumia-920-award-01Nokia has been claiming the Lumia 920 is the “most innovative smartphone ever” for a while now. Well just in case you weren’t willing to take Nokia’s word for it, the Lumia 920 won The Mobile News Award for most Innovative Handset in 2012.


It’s nice to see that the 920 is getting the recognition it deserves.





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  • Jiipee

    The only device that could beat L920 could be Note2. Havent owned or used it, but it has got good feedback from friends of mine. Was it launched 2012?

    • Rich

      Yeah 2012. I got it last week. It is amazing, no doubt about it. It does far more than WP can even hope, to be honest. I had the 920 for a review over Christmas (my review is on my site, and i hated Android/Samsung. But the S-Pen and multiview sucked me in and i haven’t looked back.

      • Rich

        (You can take a photo on it by saying ‘cheese’ or ‘snap’, unlock it by speaking your own command, face recognition to unlock too. The s-pen has too many features to even list, and it has ‘driving mode’ too)

        • twig

          I had one but switched to the Nokia 920 with NFC, Nokia Music + which is incredible, HD+ screen, super sensitive touch, a beautiful hardware look and feel, wireless charging, the best travel apps Here drive and Here Maps, over 30 excusive Nokia apps, great games, voice commands for taking pictures, opening apps, messages and email, taking notes,nfc for hidden messages, opening apps or playlists. Oh, I could go on, but you Android boys know I’ll never go back to a poor performance Android again. Careful on the Note 2 as the malware will end performance quickly. Nokia crushed Sammie and HTC on this one.

          • imcoolerthanjay

            I bet that he also uses a big case and a screen protector for his cheap plastic Note 2…
            Oh and just to be clear: The S-pen is just a gimmick. I know 2 friends who have Note 2 and never use it. Heck, pens were being used 7 years ago when there were non-capacitive touch screens. People stopped using them after that.

  • Thomas F

    1+ And all the highlights are Nokia made. Nothing related to WP in the arguments.



  • Mendax

    The SGS4 presentation confirmed my hunch that the new buzzword in mobile tech is “innovation”, whereas last year it was “ecosystem”.

    Seems like this Nok’s moment to shine, but in even truer Nokia fashion, most of the real goods remain behind closed doors and nobody knows about it.
    And if those doors do happen to open for a split second, the unveiling of true mobile greatness is done by means of whisper. Either way, the masses remain in the dark and Nok gets no recognition other than a few arbitrary awards.

    This will help the fans sleep at night as they eagerly await the next one-legged horse from Finland.

    • Mendax

      To follow up, I think things are definitely heating up when Phil Schiller from Apple bashes Android/Samsung and Sammy responds by spending way too much for a mediocre New York City unveiling (along with a literal song and dance).

      How will Nokia respond? Will they capitalize? Where’s Microsoft to back them up with WP8 updates?

    • MOOking

      nothing good will happen with nokia this year I bet 100$ on it

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  • reptile

    I don’t get it.. did it win the 2012 award or the 2013 award? The title and article body doesn’t match..

  • mohdayoob