Is this the Lumia EOS’s Housing?

| March 16, 2013 | 74 Replies

huge-camera-portWe’ve seen the image above multiple times before, over a year ago in fact; when at the time we thought that this was the N8’s successor. Which instead turned out to be a Symbian device and not a Lumia; but this time around the next imaging beast will definitely be a Windows Phone device.

It doesn’t seem to be too far fetched that this might be the EOS/its shell; the 808 was well into development years before launch (with the actual phone being worked on almost two years before launch IIRC). So a hardware case popping up a year or so before the phone isn’t too hard to believe,

According to the rumors the EOS is supposed to be packing a 41 MP sensor; in terms of material so far the only device that’s rumored not to be the standard polycarbonate is the upcoming Lumia 928 for Verizon, which is supposedly packing an aluminum body rather than PC. Speaking of PC the  material for the shell/housing (I had always assumed this was a silicone case for some reason); but looking at the corners it’s obviously made of something a bit more resilient.

In terms of colors true that the latest range of Lumias have dropped the Magenta color, and picked up Red and Yellow (plus the rare grey) along the way. Of course something as superficial as colors isn’t a major issue; in fact according to some of the rumors I’ve heard the grey 920 was a last minute decision, up to 48 hrs before the launch event so it means nothing.

What do you guys think? will we finally see a Windows Phone to fill the gap in that shell (and our hearts) with a monster sized sensor?

Tip of the hat to Bloob for reminding us about this case 🙂



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