Lumia 810 to Be the Only T-Mobile WP to Support LTE + Free Completely Today Only! (8X Owners Sob Quietly)

| March 24, 2013 | 6 Replies

According to a statement by T-Mobile, the Lumia 810 will be the ONLY Windows Phone device on their network that will be upgraded to support true 4G/LTE.

The Lumia 810 is the only other LTE-capable device on T-Mobile aside from the Note II, and we will share timing of that LTE MR at a later time. Please stay tuned.

T-Mobile also carries the HTC 8X (and sells it for more) which will NOT be getting any LTE goodness.


On a related matter T-Mobile is selling the Lumia 810 absolutely free, and have even waved the $35 activation fee for the day; so if there was ever a time to buy an 810; it would be now

T-Mobile Online store:

It appears that the 810 has sold out in some stores, but that doesn’t mean much to be honest:



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  • JGrove303

    Lol, good ol’ Nokia future proofing the 810 on T*Mobile. Outstanding!

    I’m sure it has everything to do with the S4 Krait SoC and it having LTE radio built in, just as the Note II does. Galaxy SIII I would figure would be on that list as well (T*Mobile’s biggest seller), but if it isn’t, GOOD!

    • viktor von d.

      the 8x has the krait processor too and it still can’t use the new lte network. so does the galaxy s3 and they re-released the model with the same processor but with lte support. i think this is more likely to do with nokia expertise in radios

      • Nabkawe

        I think its because Nokia insist on cramming radios in their phones much like Samsung likes to insert sensors.

  • guerrahp

    No complaints with TMo’s HSPA speeds. I also have Verizon 4G Mifi and compared to TMo’s HSPA per Speedtest, HSPA easily gets the same or beats Verizon. If LTE shortens my battery hours I will be pissed and probably default to HSPA. If its fast or slightly faster and kills my battery its not worth it.

    My complaint is that TMo and others do not have those darn Cyan Charging Plates anywhere. My Zune wants to be less boring!

  • JGrove303

    My buddy called T*Mobile today (March 24th) to try and get the deal. Rep said we missed it, and that T*Mobile has killed contracts. So now, there is absolutely no throttling and you can discontinue service any time.

    Anyway, Lumia 810 is only $360USD, and they get you stuck with them by paying half the price up front, $189, and something to the tune of $7.95 a month installment until it’s paid off. Still a contract.

    When we got into the Lumia 810 and Note II being the only ones doing LTE, he said it was a software update that allows the LTE radio to fire up

    And in 4 months TMobile will have iPhones.

  • OK, so it’s 0 up front and $15/month for $24 months, or you can pay off all $360 up front (which is still a pretty neat deal). It will be interesting to see what the Lumia 521 comes in at here.

    T-Mobile have just revamped their plans so right now most phones show as free. They have got rid of contracts on thier mobile plan, but (as JGrove mentions) you might still have a monthly fee for the device. However, this is now separate from your phone plan, and you have the option to buy the device outright at the start, and (asumedly)If you want to pay of more than the monthly payment they ask for and pay it off in less than 24 months, that’s probably fine too (I think in the whole US, but certainly in some states, it’s illegal to penalize you for early repayment). I think however, we’ll see how it works properly tomorrow when they have the launch event for their new “UnCarrier” pricing model.