HTC President EMEA, Florian Seiche moves to Nokia, Shiv Shivakumar for Nokia MEA moves out

| March 29, 2013 | 23 Replies

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 01.08.35A bit of game of musical chairs. First up, Nokia’s getting something from HTCopypasta instead of the other way around in the shape of Florian Seiche, a name unfamiliar to me until now. He was HTC President of Europe, Middle East and Africa, and now he’s at Nokia to head up the European sales.

See: Bloomberg (via: NG)

Nokia’s own Middle East and Africa guy, Shiv Shivakumar, is however said to be moving out of Nokia.

See: Taloussanomat

Cheers Alvester and Pdexter for the tips

Shiv Shivakumarz


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  1. Robson says:

    a name unfamiliar to me until now

  2. shallow ocean shoal says:

    The best hockey player in Mexico!

    Ha ha ha HTC is done. Blame google.

    • JGrove303 says:

      Ehhh, HTC got real cocky real early, paid no mind to Samedung. Then after they ran our of ideas, when the battery compartments stopped being sports car colors, they really went to work being boring. Became the Galaxy’s wannabe rival.

  3. efekt says:

    Shiv Shivakumarz? is this name real? :)

  4. Flavio says:

    I have met Florian Seiche once. Bad news for HTC IMHO.

  5. Ethan Raygreen says:

    This blog can change name to NokiPolitics.

    To hire good stuff money are needed.

  6. Alvester says:

    Shivakumar promised that the cost of Lumia phones will be slashed down in India but with him quitting its a question mark now.

  7. Diazene says:

    “Nokia’s own Middle East and Africa guy, Shiv Shivakumar, is however said to be moving out of Nokia.”

    Here in Egypt, they were doing quite a nice job, but they could’ve done much better, for example, lumias are relased here months aftereurope and the US, they made an asha 310 youtube ad. (the one that comes before videos), which was a 240P copy of the original nokia ad., I don’t know where phones are sold, or when they are released…

  8. nabkawe says:

    I think the middle east guy deserved to be out of Nokia , the Nokia brand in ME is shit now.

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