Accessories: Nokia CC-3058 for Lumia 820 (Coloured Shells)

| April 3, 2013 | 11 Replies


Wasn’t too sure if I was going to post about the exchangeable shells for the Lumia 820 or not. After all, they are exactly the same as the one you get with your product out of the box. Still, since I have now got a small collection of the shells, I figured why not (even if it is just to show off the colours).


The CC-3058 is the standard, non-wireless charging shell. It comes in a range of glossy colours, including yellow, red, cyan, purple and white, and also in matte with yellow, black and grey variants.

Being genuine Nokia products, they obviously fit the device extremely well and of a great build quality. However, be warned that if you put your phone of rough surfaces, with the glossy shell, it will get scratched. I gave my mum my second Lumia 820 with my purple shell and the result of her putting it on every surface she can find, is evident below.


There is nothing really more for me to say, so just enjoy the various colours I have.

(If you’re in Australia – or know someone in Australia – Shantek Accessories have every colour available and are decently priced)


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