NSN stays put at least for a few months; Nokia Shanghai store closes its doors

| April 5, 2013 | 11 Replies


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A couple of stories from Times of India, first up, NSN is staying put as an stake sale won’t be happening at least for a few months.


Next up, the Nokia Flagship store in Shaghai is closing its doors in favour of pushing Nokia Lumia handsets through carriers and third party retailers.

Cheers Alvester for the tip!


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  • hytheam

    that is better for nokia becuz nokia’s own retails will cost alot of money while the carriers and private shops are better.

    • zlutor

      That’s why Samsung opens one after an other…

      If you have a brand you will need presence as well…

      Closing a flagship store gives a clear message…


        how will samsung sell its cameras/computers/tv /video/home appliances, if it closes down a flagship store?

        • Truefull Yankee

          Closing shop means “there is no demand” and “we can’t effort”. Even thousands excuses will not change it. All we know what they were to sell. Own shops are for top 5 global vendors, but Nokia is now around 20 vendor or something. That’s the point, not any blablablabla.

          In China mobiles are sell first of all through retails not through operators, so this is not the best solution for Nokia interests, or Nokia mobiles are not treated to seriously or I don’t understand what I have read. Whatever.

          And of course this will lead us to howling success but only next Q, or only next year. Thank you Elop!

          • Ilama

            hmmm, a yankee commenting on china? alright. Ill bite.
            So how much does xing nian affect mobile phone producers in china?

            • Truefull Yankee

              Are you frustrated? About names or nationalities? Some kind of xenophobia? You can tell us something if you know. Or you can ask questions. Or you can bite. Or you can eat yourself even, your choice, we are in free internet and free world.

        • zlutor

          It OPENS all around the world, not close…

      • who knows

        Samsung opens up stores because they have more products to sell. Nokia sells phones and accessories while Samsung could sell you more or less all the electronic equipment you could possibly need for your home. Nokia and Samsung are two different companies with two very different product portfolios, leave it at that.

  • Simo

    For a second I read “MSN” instead of “NSN” and got excited that MSN Messenger is staying 🙁


    lots of future potential in NSN, especially now that its china competitors are facing ongoing security concerns with many governments.

  • von

    This is obviously bad, Nokia closing its flagship store especially in Shanghai China. I’m pretty sure we all know how many sales people would immediately recommend an Android or an iPhone bec. of how popoular it is and how alien WP are even to the ones who are supposed to be selling them.