Oops: Samsung Galaxy S3 Running Nokia Belle

| April 5, 2013 | 23 Replies



It’s always funny when websites have no idea what they’re doing and try to do some fancy Photoshop and screen rendering effect; well here’s some sort of bank slapping Symbian on a galaxy S3. I wonder how it would perform on those hardware specs?



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  • ognjen23.11

    Ali, just a little correction – that’s Anna, not Belle

    • Spitvuur

      you are right, it’s Nokia Anna.

      It’s really fun to see this picture.. some advertisers have really no clue of the market they advertise for.

    • Ilama


  • c0br4

    actually I think that’s symbian anna cause of the buttons…

  • Peter

    That is actually Anna.

  • kannuchi

    Lots of mistakes everywhere 😛

  • Osama Yousef

    It’s Symbian anna … pff noob

    • Greggers

      Yeah what’s with the slackness lately, its like the authors of these articles here don’t check it before they publish it. For a Nokia-oriented blog, that’s pretty pathetic.

      over in the other article today for the app update for PDF Reader, Jay said there is a Pro version. Lmao PDF Reader Pro is actually a separate app by a different developer in the Store. Better get on your game kids otherwise might need some other writers who actually know their shit.

      • mirco

        Go ahead, open your own blog and do it better…

  • indian

    these indian banks are foolish ,, india ki naak kataane pe tule rehate hain

    • LOL.. True xD

    • Vikas

      The purpose is just to show a mobile phone there.

      Isme Naak katane Wali Kya Baat Ho Gayi.

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  • rafiii

    It’s Anna ……

  • Liju

    ICICI is actually India’s second largest bank by total assets and third largest in terms of market cap.

  • blaize

    And it aint s3 but note 2

  • first, it’s symbian anna
    2nd, it’s galaxy note 2

  • aw6789

    What’s the stuff on the very top of the screen? Looks like Anna is running on top of Android! LOL OSception!

    • Rolf

      It looks like a screenshot of the homescreen opened up in the gallery.

  • Rosie

    What the hell, Ali. Its A freaking Note II, and its ANNA, not Belle. We all know you’re not the best in terms of Symbian and Meego, we all know you sold your soul to Lumia, but these mistakeS are just too much for me.

  • Maybe

    They agree Symbian nowadays have better interface compare to Android

  • symbianfan

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNV45zKB-5I just found this,another video of symbian smoking android

  • semih

    You are not right it does not operate Nokia Belle it just show a Nokia Belle image at it gallery. Notice that gallery bar appear at the top of screen