Lumia 928 Pictured Again, This Time in White

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Earlier we saw the first render of the Lumia 928 in black; packing a Xenon camera and a polycarbonate unibody. Well Evleaks jut tweeted a picture of its white brethren:


Although from the image above the white looks to be almost a matte finish rather than the glossy one of the 920 and 900? I think it’s because of the greyish tint in it. This time we can also clearly see the LED flash accompanying the Xenon (although it’s still possible that might be a focus flash – like the red light on the N8).


Thanks for the tip muerte


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  • Plast

    928 looks more like the Lumia 720(look at rounded edges) and I think it will be much thiner than 920.

    • Janne

      It probably won’t be much thinner. The FCC image for assumedly the same phone contains significant flat edges that are not visible in directly front/back images like these.

      You can even see that big grille in these, matching the FCC and the render above:

      Bit of an unfinished-looking render this image, in isolation it would make it suspect, but overall I think with the evleaks and the FCC release we have a good idea what the product will end up like.


        do u think the flat sides are metallic or polycarbonate ?
        it could be a metal band all the way around the 928.

        • Janne

          No idea what the sides are.

          I do think the metallic leaks refer to the Catwalk, not this Verizon phone which is the codename Laser, but I guess it isn’t impossible they’d go for dual materials – after all they sort of did with the Lumia 620 too (although dual plastics in that case).

          But up until recently I expected Lumia 928 take cues from Lumia 822 and be flat edged polycarbonate… but who knows if Nokia is planning on more metals for the next generation. A bit of mix and match for this one wouldn’t be impossible…

          That said, to me all the leaks seem to have suggested Laser is purely polycarbonate, for what that’s worth.

  • et3rnal

    Nice, but shouldn’t this leaks means announcement soon? when?

    • muerte

      During this week I think.

  • Mendax

    What a beaut! Almost thought I’d never see xenon on a Lumia, but there it is! This will be the perfect low-light photography mobile device: xenon for close-ups, Pureview II lens for landscape shots.

  • rudy

    Looks nice, I wonder when we’ll get the official announcement.

    If this is the verizon version I wonder what’s coming out for other carriers.

    • MNhut

      Catwalk & EOS ? x)

  • sf

    looks great, but i dont like the position of the flash. It looks like a separate thing, should have been aligned with the camera.


    Looks hideous.

    I’m guessing they rearranged things to the extreme to make it “thinner”, the speaker and mic ended up on the back, compromising design. on the 920 they where hidden below/on top.

    Flash not aligning with the camera means things are already packed tight inside.

    logos aren’t helping either.

    • Janne

      It is a Verizon exclusive, it is meant to be hideous.

      And I’m not joking (the joke got old a long time ago), they seem to have their own sense of aesthetics and clearly Nokia has had to tango along to get into Verizon’s good graces.

  • jcar302

    I think people make too much out of the how a phone looks and it’s dimensions.

    I really don’t care if it’s heavy or light, if it’s a couple mm thicker or thinner, how does that matter?

    I care about build and screen quality, battery life, and most important (to me at least) durability. My L900 looks damn good for a phone with no type of protection that is on me at all times. I’m also in the construction industry, so it’s been in my pocket with keys, a wallet with money clip and tools.

    The 928 is going to be a great addition to verizon and i’d bet that it outsells the 920. Around my way verizon is that more “mature” cell provider, mainly appeals to adults and people that are willing to try new phones, ATT is mainly about the iphone, something that verizon is not because people were forced for years to try different options because the lack of the iphone.

  • javid

    Some additional info from the verizon rep at wpcentral forums:
    confirming red/black/white and cyan colors and the xenon flash… interestingly he mentions that the cyan 928 will be launched at the same time as the cyan 822

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  • Muhs

    look at the zokernium strip beside the camera. written on it :Carl Ziess + PureView. so from now on, all nokia’s having pureview sort of a tech will have pureview branding written on the back ???!(unlike 920 and 808, they didn’t have any pureview name on their bodies)
    it kinda reminds me of the Nseries where nokia started putting the Nseries name on the Ndevices since n95 8gb ,n81 and n81 8gb( nseries devices b4 these devices didn’t include the nseries name on their bodies corresponding to 920 and 808 in the pureview case). also one year later, the Eseries followed this scheme with the e71 and e66.
    but unlike the nseries,eseries and currently pureview, nokia had put the Xpressmusic name on the xpressmusic devices since the beginning of the xpressmusic series(it started with the refreshed 3250 and 5300 and 5200)

    • dss

      It seems so…

      Nothing wrong with riding that pureview horse.

    • Janne

      Not necessarily.

      Verizon LOVES printing labels everywhere, as evidenced all around most of the phones they carry. It is possible they demanded Nokia add that PureView label there… it may or may not mean anything for other Nokia models going forwards.

    • v.s.i

      I think N-series was a great idea, it represented the cream of the crop, what Nokia had best to offer. And they could reintroduce it for niche flagships like the Eos, which would be N10 (it would also be quite ironic in that the last 3 N-series would be using 3 different OSes :P).

      Or, use names – such as ‘Eos’ – to build a line of products, kind of like the Linux releases were. The ‘next Eos’ could be something like ‘Neptune’, ‘Juno’, ‘Hermes’?

  • crisscross

    What do you guys mean with “not aligned”? The xenon flash looks perfectly aligned to me, with the center of the flash aligning with the center of the lens???

    • Viipottaja

      form over function, my friend! 😉 😛

      I gather they mean it does not align design/looks wise with the top of the black strip in which the camera is positioned.

  • v.s.i

    Hopefully they’ll try to make at least some of the future phones’ front side symmetrical. Overall the form could have been designed a bit better and I wonder what’s with the big loudspeaker grille. But a Xe flash hopefully means Eos will also have this setup. 🙂

    And hey, it’s the USA’s largest carrier, one can’t count Verizon’s design prerequisites out if they want VZW’s reach…

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  • sbw44

    Guys Im planning to buy a Lumia but would want to know if it supports carrier billing? Where you use your phone bill to pay for stuff on the store and not just your credit card? Like in Symbians Store?


    • mollij


  • torcida

    Fake picture, once again.

  • well if you ask me guys. i really dont care about the weight issues. thin or thick. as long it is responsive, reliable, durable, and of course a worthy successor of the mighty 3310..

  • Liju

    Looks like the buttons are of the same colour as rest of the body.

  • it has a diferent type of xenon flash?-coz it has no glass protection like 808 has-

    all i know is that those led xenon flash will act like the 808’s flash combo.

  • Its photoshopped/edited… The XENON is over the LED flash….

  • johnny1

    yea, that is total Photoshop, lol…

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