Nokia Conv: What “Connecting People” Really Means

| April 9, 2013 | 7 Replies

Nokia,_Connecting_PeopleThe official Nokia Conversation blog have posted a little something about Nokia’s Slogan/Mission statement, the ever famous “connecting people”; it’s worth a quick read to check out some interesting facts and a refresher of the features they’re offering.

Some of the “thing” Nokia have brought to the table is mainly they’re great effort at bringing data consumption to lower limits and lower prices, especially with the Beta Xpress browser on Ashas and Lumais. Also mentioned is connecting people through deep Social network integration (so I sense a dig at Facebook home?)- nokia state that connecting people is more than just using a SINGLE social network, which is why WP is perfect for their mission:

To us, the social experience on a mobile device means much more than just deeply embedding access to one particular social network. It means giving people the ability to connect widely with others in many different ways.

That’s one of the key reasons we chose Windows Phone as our primary smartphone platform. The deeply integrated features cover not just Facebook, but Twitter and LinkedIn as well.

I for one fully agree, WP does have some of the greatest social integration, and all those “features” that Facebook Home brings have been in WP for quite a while now, Jay touched on that in his post/rant about FB Home:

Connecting People and Putting People First – Facebook Home and Facebook Phone – Nokia Lumia

Also do check out the video comparison between BB’s BBHub and WP’s Me Hub where I touched on those points, especially seeing how BB Hub is in some facts superior to WP. The message we need to get across to MSFT is that innovation doesn’t stop once you have something new as a refresher every so often, because innovations never stay new. They’re bound to be copied, ripped or “a source of influence” to others who can only improve on what you’ve done. The same applies to Nokia as well in terms of camera and screen innovations both of which have already been “ripped” by HTC (with the One’s feeble attempt at OIS) and Samsung (with super sensitive touch on-board the S4).



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