RM-877 Spotted Heading to At&t

| April 9, 2013 | 41 Replies

Nokia+logo,+Helsinki,+Finland+87570Another interesting news hint from the AdDuplex report is the spotting of an unreleased device for At&t labeled as RM-877.


This could very well be the Nokia Eos; or some other At&t exclusive device; any ideas?



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  • ovix

    nokia EOS

    • coolyaay

      If i did not remember wrongly, RM-893 is catwalk. According to the specs, Eos should be more powerful than catwalk. Could RM-877 represents EOS??

      I wish it would be EOS, waiting since Feb2012…

  • ms.nokia

    i hope the EOS is a mini-tablet sized phablet, it would be a good way to enter the tablet market and maybe create a new category, the mini-tablet video/camera recorder with PV3 41mp 1080p stereo recording on Win8 RT. it would beat any mini-ipad or reader device or phablet.

    • dss

      Why waist time on a Windows RT tablet ? If you are going to make a tablet, do it right.. BayTrail/Temash chip and Windows 8 PRO .. x86 support is where its at, RT will be pretty much dead once those new Intel chips hit production.

      The only thing is the price.. ARM chips are much cheaper.

      • ms.nokia

        a mini-tablet or phablet would be win rt,
        win pro needs more power,

        apple’s ipad is a huge success but does not run Mac OSX or its programs.

        • incognito

          Why would anyone sane enough buy a Windows tablet which doesn’t run Windows software? Microsoft managed to keep its dominance in the laptop and desktop market primarily because of a vast library of software available for their Windows platform – without it there are many competent alternatives.

          What Microsoft is trying to pull with Windows RT is the same as if Apple tried to push the iPad, running iOS, but without the ability to run the existing iOS software. Who would buy it then? Same goes for Windows RT – it’s just a pointless product which nobody really needs on the market.

          • Viipottaja

            I have an RT now for a few days. Got it cheap ($270). Sure, the app library is limited. However, like probably most people, I use it mostly to browse the web, email, perhaps chat/skype, and reading office docs attached to my work email, some media. Battery life is excellent. Perhaps for the average user it’s not as useless as you make it sound. Of course, new processors will make full W8 more attractive. But that will also allow RT to (if not cancelled) to be pushed to lower price points (e.g. to try to compete with the cheap Android tablets) and perhaps to phablets.

            • dss

              yes, RT is mostly the modern side of Win 8, which is aimed at consuming content (kind of like what iOS and android are) so its good for that, but the question why would you buy one if you can have x86 support and similar battery life and form factor ?

              • Viipottaja

                Where can I get that, right now (especially for the price I got my RT)? 🙂 Battery life for is not as good in W8 tablets, as far as I know. Most are more expensive, and at least the Surface Pro is a bit of a brick. So the question could be turned around to why would I buy a x86 if I may/likely need to pay more, the battery life is significantly reduced and perhaps halved, and it may be a bit of a brick in comparison when all I need is to be able to browse etc. things I listed above and I don’t really use that many apps to begin with and it could well get a lot better relatively soon anyway. Sure, more speed would be nice to have, but not at too high a cost/trade off. 🙂

                • Webby

                  x86 Atom chips are more powerful and more power efficient than the chips in any RT tablet. This has been thoroughly tested by Anandtech in a few articles:




                  The tablets with Intel’s Low voltage Core chips, like Surface Pro, do have about half the battery life though as they are basically ultrabooks squeezed inside a tablet chassis.

                  • Webby

                    I bought the Acer in the last article this week and I have mixed feelings so far. Its very thin and light (more so than Surface RT, iPad etc.) and so very nice to hold.

                    Performance in Metro is mostly very smooth, so browsing the web is nice, except for odd things like when you swipe to go back in Internet Explorer and it just shoves a screen shot in your face for several seconds every time to hide the long loading times. Battery life is also great and it’s handy to have the keyboard which doubles it to around 15 hours.

                    The graphics suck for the most part and I’ve found a few simple games so far that have been very laggy. This may be down to bad coding though. Performance in desktop is also pretty bad but just about useable.

                    I bought it because I needed something like it right now, but if I could have I would have waited until the end of the year when Intel will be releasing new Atom chips which will be much more powerful with better battery life and so these thin, light tablets with the freedom and ecosystem (*vomit* 😉 ) of full windows will be brilliant in Metro and will have very acceptable performance in the desktop.

          • dss

            I think RT is just a stopgap until Intel gets their act together and start shipping lower TDP chips at a more reasonable price, or maybe even a warning shot at them to speed things up a bit.

            I really want to see what the new AMD temash chips are going to bring in terms of devices and price points.

          • ms.nokia

            price and use, thats why people buy RT

            as a switcher, i have NO programs i need RT to run.

            given a choice to buy a tablet or pad or ebook or reader, i would choose a cheap RT tablet,

            I DON’T NEED WIN PRO, i’m sure many switchers will be the same,

  • i don’t want a smartphone with more then 4.7 ‘inchs, Lumia 920 is good enough!

    • dss
    • Maybe

      keep the volume, increase the display/screen size…

      • dss

        Right.. all screen front ala the Nokia N9 would be the way to go. The only way to maximize the frontal real estate is to get rid of any capacitive, or on screen navigation buttons.

        Just look at this: http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/098/2/7/nokia_lumia_928_concept_by_jonas_daehnert-d60w9qn.jpg

        And imagine it running an OS that doesn’t require an inch of plastic on the bottom. That phone would look amazing with harmattan on board..

        • yeah. having on-screen windows buttons in a 16:9 aspect ratio screen would be awesome.

        • sbw44

          Damn that concept looks awesome!

        • Bloob

          I’m still wondering why MS insists those buttons need to be on the front.

          • Viipottaja

            There was a presentation by MS on WP form factors in which they implied they are at least _thinking_ about no button form factors. Whether that will ever happen is a different matter.

            I have no big problem with physical buttons per se – more issues how they function at the moment. In particular just moving them on the screen and having them always present OR having to swipe them to appear and then use them anyway would be worse, imo.

            • Bloob

              Merely meant that those could be moved to one side of the device, but I guess usability would suffer.

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  • john

    to big nothing bigger than 5.0 nothing smaller than 4.3 for the pureview i just hope it looks like n8 wysips solar power 1080 p amoled puremotion sencitive screen p2i nano tek water proofing and a metal body. improved wireless charging removable 2400 battery hdmi out 2ghz quad core and 41 mp camera enhanced in every way from 808 thats what people need to see .

    • dss

      If that is what you are expecting, you are going to have a bad time when they show the phone..

  • arg0

    Screen not bigger than 4.3 inches, please.

  • rudy

    Another at&t exclusive, I’m getting tired of this.

    • dss

      Nokia is all about the North American market now… they ignored it for years, and see where that got them..

      They need to get traction here, they really do..

      • rudy

        I understand that, but even HTC is making the One available in 3 out of 4 carriers.

        I’m getting tired of this only available on At&T.

        • poopshoot

          One of the few times I agree with DSS.

          HTC has the “One” on many carriers because it is running Android. These Android devices already have plenty of traction. It would be a waste of Nokia’s resources if they released a high end phone on every carrier (due to the lack of traction of WP) as there might be phones sitting on shelves instead of being sold.

          If I was the CEO of Nokia, I would be doing the same thing. And I wouldn’t stop exclusivity until WP has reached a certain percentage in global marketshare. -In addition, I would also keep doing the exclusivity as I would be getting an overall higher payout of revenue in the short run. –For example, Nokia has just started to hit the positives for revenue in Q4. I would still want to gain as much revenue as I can before stopping the exclusives in the long run. Uncertainty beholds itself in the long run of a company. -Best to be prepared for anything….

        • correct

          Don’t blame Nokia, blame the carriers. Exclusivity is the smartest way to go when marketshare is small, and when you need increase recognition for the OS or for the phones themselves.

          The iPhone became very popular due to exclusivity, and also due to real consumer demand. When you make a good solid product exclusive, it often helps create demand, which increases brand recognition.

          Nokia went exclusive with AT&T last year, and the 900 got a lot of recognition, even if it didn’t get a lot of sales. Guess what that recognition brought though? It got a lot of attention from Verizon, and a lot of people on Verizon started asking about Lumias. Then a few months ago, AT&T again came out with the 920 as an exclusive, and Verizon got the 822. The 822 has been popular, but there has been a very large amount of people demanding a high-end Lumia on Verizon. So all this hype and anticipation creates demand, it spreads word of mouth, and it helps increase recognition.

          Now, thanks to all this, the 928 on Verizon is very highly anticipated and recognition for the device is high. Nokia’s plan also includes one or two new high-end Lumias for AT&T this year, a new high-end Lumia variant for T-Mobile, and two high-end Lumia variants for international carriers.

          But in the US, by the end of the year AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile will all have at least one high-end Lumia each. These Lumias will be similar, yet have small differences between each other. That will make each Lumia on each carrier in the US highly anticipated.

          Only when WP market share and Lumia market share reaches high end, only then can Nokia dictate to carriers which Lumias they should stock. At that point customer demand would be very high, and carriers would essentially have no choice but to listen to Nokia. Carriers would have to be stupid at that point not to stock whatever Lumias Nokia demands.

          For now though, due to the small Lumia marketshare, Nokia has to work together with the US carriers to make differentiated variants for each major carrier, in order for each carrier to support and market the Lumia device.

  • utopium

    I also hope EOS will be small enough, 920 is too big. They should keep it under 65 mm in width because it will be thick anyway (because of the sensor/xenon). 4.3″ 720p would be more then enough. 41 MP + OIS and the rest of the specs of 920 (but smaller) and it would be perfect. If they make a monster of 71 mm width AND 14-17 mm thick, not sure who will gonna buy it as it will weight way over 200 grams and it would really be a brick. 808 is thick but is only 61 mm in width which is perfect for single hand use.

    • dss

      I agree, 65 mm is ideal for phone. If they can maximize the frame.. a 4.2 inch screen shouldn’t be a problem.

      11mm and about 15mm at the sensor would be nice, they can also blend in the hump a bit better than on the 808. And I think they need to keep the weight under 170 grams.. but how is that going to work with the need for a bigger battery, I don’t know.

      There is no way that the new EOS can manage on a 1400 mah battery like the 808, it needs at least 2000 mah.. which will add weight.

    • CyberAngel

      You know that the 1/1.2″ sensor is not small, don’t you?
      You can’t quite get rid the the hump back.

  • Kyle

    I think it’s a replacement for the Lumia 820. I always felt that the 820 should have had an HD screen because the 920 had the better camera to differentiate. But there was a big gap between the 820 and the 710. Now that the 620 and 720 have stepped in to the mid-range in a big way, I think that forces the 820 to go upscale a bit.

    So, 1280×768, removeable battery, LTE, microSD, sensitive screen, wireless charging back plates, Carl Zeiss lens (no Pureview).

  • nabkawe

    Its great that you changed the Nokia head image 🙂
    this is much cooler.

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  • indian

    almuminium ?

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