Patent Details Nokia tablet Equipped With Kickstand and Keyboard; Beat Microsoft to it.

| April 11, 2013 | 19 Replies

269971bc27772b1034a7b664bd4149a5Nokia have been toying with tablet designs and concepts for a while now, everybody knows this; but nobody knows exactly what or when it’s coming. A recently unveiled patent application shows a Nokia tablet concept with a keyboard and a kickstand that “envelopes” the device (which matches the rumors we’ve heard before). The patent application was filed before Microsoft unveiled its surface tablet; which has its now iconic flip out kickstand (which seems to be  the only feature they’re capable of marketing).

There are rumors on the interwebs that Nokia had a hand in designing the Surface with Microsoft, or at least some part in “inspiring it”; given strength by Microsoft’s choice of colors for the tablet’s clip on covers (Cyan, Magenta and black). Of course there is no proof of that, but certainly is intriguing.


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