Nokia to bring new “Smart Camera” Lens to Lumias in PR 2.0 update

| April 15, 2013 | 33 Replies

We’ve heard for ages that PR 2.0 would be the update that brought the always-on screen and double tap to wake feature, just like we have on the N9. Now, it seems we have a leak of a new feature; Nokia Smart Camera Lens.

This new lens is reportedly going to “provide options that allow the user to control shutter speed, manual white balance and other advanced camera options”. Hopefully, this will have the same sort of “tweaking” that we saw on the 808 PV. Its actually one thing that I dislike on my Lumia 820. The lack of camera controls. I know its not a camera hero, but come on, the N8 had, the N9 had it. Even the N95 had it to some degree.


Seeing as we are only on PR 1.1 (Portico), I doubt we’ll see this any sooner than July. (Knowing Nokia’s timeframe, it will probably be September to coincide with Nokia World). Here are a few screenshots that Unleash The Phones managed to get their hands on.

Are there any features you hope to see come to Lumia device running WP8? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Unleash The Phones


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  • Carlo

    Despite the amazing low-quality photos my Lumia 920 produces, it’s really lacking in the camera user interface. For example, I can’t manually size my photo (1M, 2M, 5M etc) or even time my shot. Things my Nokia C7 can do, plus more. FFS, even my 5800 Xpressmusic can do those.

  • Matt Leech

    Wow! Manual White Balance!

    Is that a first for a mobile phone?

    • Paul

      AFAIR No. AFAIR it is on N8 and 808 also available.

  • calintz

    Not sure is me or 920 shutter speed is kinda slow compared to N9. Manually setting the shutter speed is definitely a plus.

  • gen

    They should throw all the meego features on. Edge swipe to close and minimize. Meego alarm settings, tap to focus, face detection, swype keyboard And all the other sorry apps needs improving : music, office, IE.

    • ssd

      nokia will never learn

    • Paul Grenfell

      I have windows 8 launcher on my Nexus 4. I have the windows phone interface, along with all the Android features.
      I’m still waiting for the lumias to get their act together before I come back to Nokia .
      Let me know when they do.

      • Peter L

        WP UI is much more than just the Start screen.

      • Hui

        let me know when you really need a working phone.

    • Diazene

      edge swipe is not quite smart, think about it, what if an app requires an edge swipe to operate that will close it

      although swype may be quite nice, as well as support for other browsers

      • gen

        Edge swipes is the best simplest and most intuitive idea. The screen is 4.5 inches so your not likely to stretch your fingers that far to accidently swipe away the app unless you playing fruit ninja. It definitely is more convenient than the button as you don’t have to reach all the way to the bottom of the screen. And also with buttons you are more likely to accidently press it than to swipe an app away from the edge. Take the search button for instance. How many times did you accidentally hit that button?

        • mike

          I am really starting to hate that search button…lumia 920

          • Keith too

            That is my only annoyance with Windows Phone. Why can’t all 3 buttons be disabled when in a game. It makes gaming less satisfyng on Windows Phone. For example, I just started playing Wordament last night and hit the bing button during play and it through me out–I gave up on gaming for the rest of the evening.

    • efekt

      Tap to focus is already there. I don’t know what’s so good about the Meego alarms, but I can tell you that the alarm settings on WP is quite extensive.
      Face detection – I suppose it’ll come sooner or later.
      Swype keyboard – I don’t think there’s any chance for that, as WP does not allow using any keyboards other than those who are based on the original WP keyboard (to prevent keylogging – this is one of WP’s security measures).
      About improving Office and IE on WP – they supply the best Office and IE experience on mobile phones ever, so just saying they’re needing an “improvement” is plain useless.

      • Peter L

        Edge swipes from left or right are never coming to WP8 (except for IE).

        The whole navigation pattern of WP revolves around panoramic screens for which introducing swipes from the edge would be very poor UI design choice.

        • gen

          Well at least they should have grids instead of rows for displaying app switching

          • Peter L

            No arguments here, the task switching screen is currently very inefficient.

    • Grazy

      I would be more interested in WP if they did bring in these features. The Swipe keyboard for one i can not live without now! its just much easier and accurate than the standard one

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  • Damiroz

    “. Its actually one thing that I dislike on my Lumia 820. The lack of camera controls.” – ohh come on, this is a smartphone, so You can buy app for this – like ProShot. You can set shutter speed, manual focus, white balance, do burst shots and many more.

    • Michael Faro-Tusino

      Just because there is an app, doesn’t necessarily mean I can’t have an opinion. Things like these, coming from one Nokia phone to another, are sorely missed.

      P.S – I can’t purchase apps based on the current payment method implementations in MS Store

  • Antero

    No need to wait. Just get ProShot or some other software that has manual foccus, shutter, ISO and so forth.

  • rishabh

    I badly want radio, bluetooth 4.0, playing songs on a call, sending media via whatsapp

    • Pathetic

      c’mon you can not do that? WP realy ssuucks!, It’s funny to see that more and more people want Windos Phone look like MeeGo, I wonder what could happen if Nokia launches a phone with the features of a flagship and MeeGo operating system. I think Windows Phone will going to hell quickly.

      • gen

        Doesn’t it surprise you that Microsoft with all the money they have still produce something that is more inferior to the other OS out there, especially MeeGo. Meego was under funded, under staffed and still is light years ahead of WP. This shows us how much effort MS put into WP: absolutely nothing

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  • Ishaan

    I hope it has manual focus too (like ProShot)

    btw, is there any other app (preferrably free) that provides manual focus?

    • Otto

      Flaneur, for one.

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