Nokia’s Aluminum Bodied Catwalk Surfaced?

| April 17, 2013 | 98 Replies


What we’re looking is supposedly the first ever pictures of Nokia’s lightweight answer to the Lumia 920; the catwalk, an aluminum bodied device that brings a fresh change on the fabula design. All I can say is I hope not; in my opinion this is one of the ugliest things to grace the internet; it reminds me of Huawei’s windows phone (yeah I forgot they had one as well):

Interestingly it seems to have a uni-body design without the wireless charging internals, instead it has the same 3 pin connector on the back that we see on the Lumia 720; obviously a weight cutting measure. Also note the re-positioned micro USB port at the top of the device, which would make this the first WP8 to NOT have a micro USB port at the bottom.

Catwalk 2

It’s possible I’m being a bit too harsh, but the ugly grey on the back of this phone is honestly repulsive; maybe it’ll look better in black or white? Or maybe it’s because I wanted it to look like this so bad?

What do you guys think? hot or not?




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