Windows Phone 8.1 (Blue) Concept; Brings Fully Functional Notificaion Hub and Much More

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We love to look at possible concepts of integrating a fully functional Notification center/Hub into Windows Phone (if only Microsoft would take a hint already); so here’s another one from the folks at 1800pocketpc which looks REALLY well done. The latest concept shows what an overhaul of Windows Phone would like, going much deeper than just adding a notification center, you can now close apps by swiping down in the multitasking view, arrange apps into groups as well as a redesigned start screen that adds a fourth and 5th tile size.

The concept/features look really cool and I’d love to see them integrated into my next Lumia (and the one I already have!) but one feature that needs to be corrected ASAP is the useless search button; either make it customizable to google or make it a universal search; just don’t make us “bing it”.

Check out more features of the concept at the source down below:

10-Start screen13-Device-center 4-All-appsThanks for the tip Derrek Leigh


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  1. Fadi says:

    That’s a nice looking concept.. Especially the home screen. :D

  2. Jirkaone says:

    Yankoa :D

  3. Omar-BHR says:

    Any news about wide file manager just like the one that we had on symbian

    • efekt says:

      I don’t think that’ll happen. Seriously, why would you need a file manager?

      • dss says:

        Why do you need a file manager on your PC/Mac ? .. Same reason.

        • Aminul Ahsan says:


        • efekt says:

          No, it’s not. WP is more restricted when dealing with files, you can’t just open or use any file you’ll ever find, and you don’t expect to.
          If you want to use or manage Office files, just open the Office app.
          If you want to use or manage media files, just open the media player. If you want to manage or use pictures – just open the pictures gallery…
          You see where I’m getting at? There’s no need for a file manager when to access all the files you can use, you just launch the appropriate application for it.
          So, again, why would you need a file manager in WP? You want to sort files in folder? Why? There’s no need for it.
          You want to open files from it? Why? Just launch the appropriate app for the file, and if you don’t have this kind of app, you don’t have any use for the file.
          Besides, a file manager will definitely hinder the OS’s security – so again, a file manager in WP is just useless and even harmful.

          • Shh says:

            Instead of having to open multiple apps why not just use a file manager and let the appropriate app take over when the file is selected. Sounds simpler right??

            Sorry a a heavy file manager user i disagree with your logic. File managers are definetly usefull.

            Why not follow the symbian path and ensure the file manager cannot access system files or locations that MS doesnt want user to play around with. Thats one solution.

            • efekt says:

              That’s NOT a solution – that’s a big security hole, pron to dangerous actions.
              MS did a lot and went to a lot extent to make WP secure – opening security holes in the system just for the sake of some people to be able to clutter their file system is plain stupid.
              Opening a file from a file browser or opening it from its appropriate application is almost the same (while using the application is much better, as you don’t need to browse through directories and drives in order to find your file), so just use that – it’s the best and most sensible method.

              Of course this might not be suited best for everyone – as some people feel that the lack of a file browser takes away some of the control over their files, but personally I feel this is an acceptable trade for the sake of security.
              You may not agree, and in this case I’ll just say that WP might not be best suited for you, if you refuse to accept this trade-off… That is totally valid.

              • incognito says:

                People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.


                (Still dying for explanation how file system access hinders security)

                • efekt says:

                  Cut the crap, that’s just a phone – not your life, and you won’t lose any freedom, as no one is preventing you from just not using WP…

                  And as for how this can hinder security – moving and activating files using a file manager can force the device to run malicious code – should I remind you (in case you’re familiar with Symbian) how the HelloOx hack worked?

              • xxx says:

                There are no security holes. There are ACL and other security restrictions in file systems. The file manager is necessary when there are no simple way to exchange or just open file from non default file folder. Many apps must implement cloud storage api because they can’t exchange files between applications installed in the same phone (we have to use virtual file system instead of real one in WP phone). This is crazy. You don’t need it, but millions people all over the world choose android which is simple to use and there are many file managers. My android tablet is my main PC in my home, because I can manage files.

          • incognito says:

            We are well aware of WP limitations and artificial restrictions – the question is how does the usage you’ve described differ from a regular PC usage, be it a Windows, MacOS X or Linux desktop? If you want to work with office files – you use office apps. If you want to consume media you use media player/center. If you want to manage pictures you open a picture viewing/organizing app.

            So, following your logic, there is no need for a proper, user accessible file system and a file manager on a PC as well? Because, you know, it just complicates things and hinders the OS security.

            Oh, also, I’m dying for you to explain me how accessible file system hinders the OS’s security on a properly designed system.

            • efekt says:

              As I already mentioned – WP is deliberately limited, and you don’t expect WP to be able to run and use every file you bump into.

              Your PC is NOT limited this way, maybe more because of legacy reasons. Moreover, taking Windows as an example – MS could not check every piece of software you can try to install on Windows, so MS cannot prevent you from using all sorts of different files.

              On WP, on the other hand, MS has a complete control over the applications available to you, because they’re all conveyed through the Marketplace, and before being published there the application runs through a lot of automated testing by MS so they know for sure what it can do and what kind of files it uses.

              So again, you don’t need a files manager – only inferior OSs, such as Android, needs this kind of stuff…

      • swain says:

        you wouldn’t have asked this question if used at least one Symbian.

        • Peter L says:

          I’ve used C7, E7 and 808. You do not need a file manager in a smart device if the device is smart enough.


          • xxx says:

            If you want to consume music, video and other content you don’t need smartphone (there are plenty of dedicated players on the market). If you want to create, modify created content you need open file system (file manager also) to share data between applications because there are no 100% compatibility between applications. If you don’t need file manager that would mean you aren’t smart enough to create/modify data using your phone. I’m creating lots of content using phone/tablet. I can’t live without open file system. Every program I use is doing only part of work. All of them create proper ecosystem of applications.

          • Ruben says:

            sorry to disagree but you do. N9 has a file manager and is a SMART device. It just makes sense to be able to share, move, copy or paste files from one side to another.

            I have the possibilty to arrange them as i see fit. Even i want to hide a file somewhere, like a picture. I can.

            It should be in your hands to manage your phone, not in Microsoft!

            please don’t be that dumb

            • Ruben says:

              hell, even android has a file manager. Symbian has a file manager. Meego has a file manager. Why the heck WP doesn’t have one?

              you should ask yourself in the first place, why then the file manager in these systems were created? was it a dumb guy that though about this idea that had no sense? or had?

              there is a reason to file managers exist.

              if i want to copy a deb file into my phone, or a sisx (it’s like this right? :S) or whatever i want from outside the official stores in my phone, i can and i can manage where to place them.
              Can you do this in WP? can you?
              you can’t even drag and drop from pc to WP through USB without using the windows app for that…

              this i ask, because i do not know.. can you pack or unpack from or to rar, zip,etc in WP (inside the device)?

              • Peter L says:

                You’re missing my point like nothing else.

                The point was that if the device knows what to do with each file, then there’s no need for a file manager. You have to use applications to access those files anyway and if respective applications know how to handle them properly, no file managers are ever needed. Just download/copy the files to the device and access them through applications that sort and organize them for you. No need to micromanage file/folder structure.

                Obviously WP is not quite there, it does know that .zip or .rar is a file extension it does not recognize and tries to find an application in the Store that would know what to do, but I’m not sure if there is a zip manager in the Store.

        • efekt says:

          As a former user of Symbian and Maemo (and now WP7.8 and WP8 user) – I’m telling you there’s no need for a file manager.
          File manager will just complicate things in this kind of a system, and of course will open the door for harmful content to enter the device…

          • Francis says:

            If you only have very little date to handle than no file manager is fine for people like you.

            However, many of us having huge amount data to handle, like having few 6k+ photo just few month using my 808, and i can arrange arrange my pic using file manager in specific folder with description (in sd card too). Hence, i can find the specific photo as long i need to retrieve it, and very easy too.

            Just image you need to browse through 6,000 picture but just to get one specific photo which you can’t remember when you capture it !! It is extremely difficult !

            Without file manager, those OS is NOT smartphone !

            • Ruben says:

              you said it!

            • efekt says:

              There are other ways to sort pictures in your device without needing a file manager. You can create albums and just put the files in there, and it’ll reflect on the way it’ll be presented to you in the device.
              What if you would organize your pictures this way in the media gallery, into albums you could name by yourself, in a way which would represent folders – although no folders would actually be created? Would you care? I bet you won’t – and if you won’t, why does it matter now whether you have a file manager or not?

              • Francis says:

                Your data arrangement will be lost when you switch to different OS phone. Furthermore, my specific folder will consist of other type of data too. Normally with photo, PDF file and cad file combined into main folder and multiple sub-folder with different version for revision and progress record.

                Please enlighten me how to handle it if no file manager.

      • Omar-BHR says:



      • burningBit says:

        If you carry a laptop with you everywhere you go, then I guess you really wouldn’t see the need for it.

      • Otto says:

        Wrong answer. Lots of people want file namager and “what do you need it for” is not the right way to address it. Give them the friggin’ file manager! If there are OS files that should not be seen by user, hide those!

        • noki says:

          mother Microsoft knows what is best for you stop fighting it :)

        • incognito says:

          To this day I cannot understand why anyone would need Facebook or Twitter integrated in their smartphones, but you won’t see me campaigning against it. Different people have different needs and I won’t try to guess why anyone would need the aforementioned – if they want it, bloody give it to them! I don’t see how it would affect me in the slightest.

          That’s why I cannot understand people actively opposing features for which other people ask when those features doesn’t affect them personally? What is their gain from it? With or without file system access, they would be using their devices exactly the same way they do now. But to actively oppose it? That kind of reminds me of the famous Steven Weinberg quote:

          With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.

          Sometimes I see people actively promoting locked-in systems (out of which they don’t benefit at all) and opposing personal freedoms as some weird cult whose dogma you’ve attacked. Or at least they certainly look as such…

          • burningBit says:

            +1. I just don’t get the rationale of people opposing something when it does no harm to them yet benefits others. Restricting access for the sake of security is like saying “hey there is an adult pool and a kiddie pool, but you can only swim in the kiddie pool so that you won’t drown!” Smartphone users are not dumb, I don’t understand why some people treat them as such.

            • noki says:

              Security is just an absurdly ignorant argument.
              We all know how come there is no file browser and its has nothing to do with security and allot to do with walled garden.. If this promotes other services from Microsoft its all the better…

          • Ruben says:

            damn right! every word of it!

        • efekt says:

          What a load of crap – I myself won’t and can’t “give” any file manager to no one, I’m just trying to convey some of the reason MS decided that there won’t be a file manager in WP (at least for now).
          If MS decides to add a file manager to the OS – so be it, but surely they have their own reasons for and against it, and for the time being it seems that they think that the EXCELLENT OS they created does not need a file manager, and that’s the end of the story.

          You want a file manager? Hack your device and install a file manager – there are some file managers for WP7, but they of course available only for devices which are hacked…

  4. efekt says:

    Loved the concept, Even the mock phone looks reasonably ergonomic and plausible, I could really see a device like this being created and sold, which makes this concept even more ‘real’ – although it probably won’t be a Nokia device – this is just not a design fitting Nokia… Maybe Samsung, but definitely not Nokia :-)

  5. anon2 says:

    The day my phone starts looking and acting like android is the day I stop using it. A central notifications hub is nothing more than another layer/home screen; It adds very little functional advantage to the overall user experience.
    MS needs to concentrate on better syncing options with Windows 8/7 and Xbox, not waste its time and resources on this garbage.

    • JesT says:

      Why should Microsoft not work on updating their OS? Should they have stuck with WP7.0? No. The smart thing to do is to move on, and add new features to the OS. Do you think Samsung should have put so much effort into developing their eye-tracking or facial recognition technology? I would never use either of those two thing, but some people would. These gimmicks add value to the OS. Not to everybody, but some people will appreciate them. Windows Phone is a great OS, and I love it on both my Lumia 900 and my Lumia 920. This is not to say that the OS is without its faults. Multitasking and a notification center are two things I am missing in the current build, and I look forward to having them in future updates. And how exactly does the concept look or function anything like Android? Because it has a notification center? Like iOS, Meego, or BB10? I agree on the integration with Windows and XBox, but I think that the syncing options will continue to get better.

      • tiyo xi says:

        we knew what ever they do there os cant compete with symbians and androids functionality , even if they make windows phone 10 or 11 …

        • JesT says:

          I loved Symbian. But it is a thing of the past now. It may have had a few features that WP8 doesn’t, but it was possibly the most unstable OS ever. It crashed constantly on my E7, requiring restarting multiple times a day. I haven’t used Android in years, but though it may have a lot of nice features, it is, in my opinion, the ugliest OS to date. Even uglier than that stale and boring iOS. Microsoft has an almost endless supply of money, meaning they can make the OS whatever they want. And yes, I do think it will eventually have more features than Android.

  6. burningBit says:

    Concept is brilliant! Closing apps in multitasking screen is good, rather than going into the app and spamming the back button. Regardless of the OS, notifications and quick toggles are always welcomed. Their file manager looks good too. Indeed very nice concept. Only problem is would Microsoft listen?

  7. Peter L says:

    The design goes way too much to the Android territory.

    • JesT says:

      How so?

      • tiyo xi says:

        uper tiles looks copy from htc one

        • viktor von d. says:

          w8 blue has similar looking tiles in the leaked builds so we may see new tiles sizes. and the os desperately needs a ui refresh.we have this for almost 3 years now. they’ve worked under the hood with wp8 now it’s time for the new features and eye candy

        • JesT says:

          So it looks like Android because you can have a tile that resembles something on one Android device? In case you weren’t aware, no one would force you to have that tile.

      • Peter L says:

        Does not adhere to the WP design grid and puts way too many UI elements on the screen to the point where it becomes distracting. Inconsistent alignment of the elements is also driving me crazy.

        • efekt says:

          I found the element aligned quite well, although I do agree that the ‘notification center’ in this concept might be too cluttered. Maybe it should have a setting in which you could choose how detailed you want your notification screen be, where ‘normal’ would show a concentrated details overview (“You have 5 new emails, 7 new messages, 2 upcoming events”) and ‘advanced’ view will give you this much more detailed view (“You have 2 new emails in email box no’1, 3 in email box no’2, 3 new Whatsapp messages, 5 new SMSs, 1 event today, 1 event tomorrow”)…

  8. dkNigs says:

    Question, can I change the default search on an android phone to Bing? Or can I add a Gmail account to my Windows Phone? Can I even use the full Gmail mobile site on my Windows Phone?


    Then I hope Microsoft don’t cave and give google the search button.

    • Harangue says:

      You can already use Google as your preferred search engine, just not under the search button. But open IE and type your search query in the URL bar and it will take you to Google, if you have it set up that way.

      Go to settings, then app settings, IE, advanced settings and at the bottom there should be an option to set either Bing or Google. It should also be possible to set others if you are in a specific country, like Yandex(?) for Russia for instance.

      • dkNigs says:

        I wasn’t asking how to do it, I was stating Microsoft shouldn’t allow it while Google keep giving such terrible support to Windows Phone.

        • Harangue says:

          Woops, replied to the wrong post I see. NVM

          Yeah, I guess you’ve got a point there. Google is being a real asshat with how they treat WP. It’s not as if they have that much to fear from WP. After all, Android is by far the bigger OS in terms of marketshare. The tactics they are using now could bite them in the ass in the long run. There are already a few preliminary investigations going on regarding Android and how Google is misusing the monopoly they have with that.

          All in all, I see Android as the 90′s Windows as to how it is going now. Android is the easy choice as it will run on every piece of hardware. As a MFR you can do whatever you want with it and it can be fairly flexible. But if Android has the longevity?

  9. WP 8 User says:

    I want ask you all.

    Can you install an app or games not original on WP 8 without unlock?

    I’m sorry, my english is not good.

  10. noki says:

    Ugly IMO but I’m biased I find metro design language Ugly barren boring, and lately poorly designed. I know this is mock (and not a very good one the toolbar for example is completely off style but not all is the mocks fault.

  11. shallow ocean shoal says:

    I dunno, I would probably put the notifications for new messages at a higher level/priority than I am nearby a restaurant. but what do I know

    Get all your connections onto a separate connection screen

    Ahhh it’s turning into symbian ahhhhhhhh nooooo heelllppp

  12. Allawi says:

    So they took n9 os features like swipe.

  13. john says:

    i hate when people say thers no need for file manager first apps dont run the world my god u guys try to convince people thers no need for it how about a real torrent app ther no need for that to right so if i want to store a file my phone dont understand dont bother its sad that windows cant do some of the things symbian can and thats one of the reason its not doing so well

  14. john says:

    u think people are dumb cant handle file manager if u dont want to use it dont but dont tell us we dont need to use it your logic is off juss cause your ok with something not being the whole world should be fine with it

  15. ZiiimZooon says:

    Still dreams about a better music player for wp8..

  16. ZiiimZooon says:

    Still dreaming about a better music player for wp8..

  17. Daniel says:

    Looks really neat, especially the Weather App.
    What I wish for the update:

    -Folders on the HomeScreen
    -more Vibration options (ring+vibrate, vibrate only, completely silent, ring only, vibration patterns instead of permanent vibrating during incomin call. makes me go crazy)
    -Notification Center

  18. Daniel says:

    ps. Memory management: What on Earth is “Others”? It takes around 1 GB!!!

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