Authenticity Proof: Lumia 928 BillBoard

| May 6, 2013 | 27 Replies

originalA couple days ago we posted an image of a billboard of the unreleased and unannounced Lumia 928 claiming to be the lowlight king, however some people thought the image was a fake or a photoshop. Well the guy who took the photo “AtomAstro” popped in at the comments shared an unzoomed image and explained how and were he saw this billboard (plus the photo was taken with an 808!):


Hey – it’s my photo and it’s legit. Took it on my way home from work – in North Oakland, CA. Took it using my 808 zoomed in on the billboard. A few days later, the billboard was back to being an HTC ad that says “Meet Jessica – multitasking mom.”

North Oakland, CA

So it’s safe to say this billboard is pretty real, my guess would be that Microsoft have rented out the advertising space for a period of time, then the Lumia 928 launch got delayed for some reason or the other; and MSFT forgot to tell the guys not to put up the advert, then once they saw it plastered all over the internet has an HTC ad put in its place.


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  • Not too far from me. Damn it, I could have spotted it!

  • Jonobo
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  • javid

    Only with the 808 would we have been able to see the text under the phone that says “Actual Nokia Lumia 928 photo” !!

    • Viipottaja

      Not sure what you mean – he says he took it with the 808.

      I do have a guess though what you are implying.

      • javid

        if you look closely at the billboard – under the horizontal 928, it says in SMALL text… 🙂

        • viipottaja

          Right. My confusion was with the “would we have been” when actually “we are able to see”. 🙂

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  • Bidu

    “Meet Jessica…” I believe Is a Nokia ad, not HTC. Another mix up lol

    • AtomAstro

      I’ll take another picture today when I head home and post it. I don’t think that one has changed since they replaced the ad for the 928.

    • AtomAstro

      It’s “Meet Gwen…” for HTC now. My bad! 😀

  • milojko

    well if it’s real that means only one thing, Nokia EOS is not coming any time soon (and you can easily conclude why)

    • anon2

      The Nokia EOS is most likely their next planned flagship device. IMO it will be announced at Nokia World later in the year and launched just before the 2013 Christmas shopping area. You need to remember, Nokia and MS are in this game to maximize sales, not please a few fanboys.

      • Janne

        My guess: Sometime ago there was rumor that Nokia had two versions of EOS, one similar to current CPU specs and another with quadcore and whatnot. I guess it depends on how Nokia wants to position EOS, which variant and when are they going to launch. If they are going with the similar-to-current version, then a spring or summer launch latest is guaranteed. If they are going with the upgraded specs, then it might come later.

        But I don’t think it is anyway impossible that Nokia launches the EOS on May 14th. I think it is quite likely, given their history, that they won’t just launch one phone (Catwalk). Whether it is Catwalk with Laser (928) (would be odd because it is expected to be U.S. only, unless it isn’t…) or Catwalk with EOS or something else, that of course remains to be seen.

        • anon2

          I’m not saying they won’t announce the Lumia 928 (or whatever they decide to call the international variant) on the 14th. I just don’t think it’ll be the 2013 flagship device we all want (ie 41mp camera with OIS, 1080p HD amoled display, newer processor with better graphics etc..)
          Consumer perception is everything in the tech world and both companies need to lift their game if they want to remain relevant. That means releasing compelling software on state of the art hardware before google, samsung, htc etc..
          If all Nokia bring to the table on the 14th is a larger 920 with xenon flash, then sadly their product deserves to fail (an extremely bitter pill to swallow considering I’m a hardcore Nokia fan).

        • milojko

          why would they advertise 928 as the best lowlight camera if EOS is around the corner? No way in hell 928 will be better than EOS in anything camera related, unless Nokia does a major f***up.

          • arts

            You have a point, but more likely its another marketing mishap.

            Smartphone beta test! =D

    • xconomicron

      What? You already assume that they will be announcing this phone on the 14th? You guys have to remember…

      This 928 is a US carrier variant. Why the hell would Nokia announce a Verizon variant of the 920 at a 6 hour event in the UK?

      It just doesn’t make sense for them to do this. What I can see them announcing either the EOS or Catwalk seeing one of these will be a global product.

      CTIA (later this month) would be an event to announce a US only phone. -And I would think Verizon would be the one to do this…not Nokia since it only offers the xenon as something new for hardware. (which IMO is not that significant to announce at a personal conference like the one they have scheduled on the 14th).

      Please, someone from the US chime in on my comment if you think I am wrong here. There is a reason why there are US and Euro only conferences.

      • arts

        well, there is a dsmobile clone running around claiming we will see the eos soon. 😉

        • sunnyvale

          We just have to accept that the good ol’ dsmobile is gone. He no longer works for Nokia, and now we have a fake dsmobile that tries to troll the shit out of us.

          • Viipottaja

            He never did. Just for a company that was doing some outsources testing etc. for Nokia.

      • Janne


        Well, there is precedent of U.S. operators announcing their Lumia variants on the same day Nokia makes new product announcements (after Elop mentioning in the launch speech that a variant comes to U.S.), so I guess it isn’t completely unheard of.

        On the other hand, Lumia 928 is expected to be much more different compared to Catwalk/EOS than, say, T-Mobile’s Lumia 521 is to Lumia 520… so I’m expecting a separate unveil for the 928. But it isn’t impossible its launch is somehow tied to May 14th.

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  • torcida

    I don’t think this is taken with the 808…

  • tris1066

    Im wondering if the latest pic posted by Nokia on facebook is the 928, looks to big to be 720 and ffc is different position to 920s??

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