Oops? Lumia 928 Billboard Claims “The Best Low-Light Smartphone Camera” Title

| May 4, 2013 | 184 Replies

originalI’m honestly not sure what to make of this, one of our readers “Bogdan” linked it to us in one of our posts asking if this picture is real. The billboard is obviously an advertisement for the yet unreleased and un-announced Lumia 928 on Verizon. The picture does look quite real to my untrained eye, especially considering the Verizon logo and the Microsoft logo as well in the upper right corner; plus the device arrangement/screen renders aren’t the same  as the previous leaks we’ve seen, and of course the Xenon flash is quite obviously there.

So why exactly is the 928 the greatest low-light camera out there? Is it simply OIS + Xenon flash? Or is there more to that story? Regardless the 928 launch is probably within the next few days, and somebody slipped up on an early billboard reveal? Or the picture was taken while the billboard was being put up, either way exciting times ahead!


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  1. drexter says:


  2. Omar-BHR says:

    maybe is has a higher mp camera that the lumia 920 or brighter video recording in the dark without flash

  3. Bob says:

    What is the app icon on the top right of the screen?

  4. Viipottaja says:

    Hehe, seems like they have managed to get the premium advertisement billboard spot right above Jose’s garage in the shady part of Pittsburg… :D

  5. dss says:

    That would be false advertising.. but.. okay..

    • SLAYER says:

      If it does have OIS AND Xenon, how can this be false advertising?

      • milojko says:

        because 808 or EOS(if they release it soon as many expect) will still have upper hand because of the bigger sensor

        • mirco says:

          The size of the sensor doesn’t say anything about low light performance. It is the pixel size which could give an estimate (if you compare sensors of the same technology).

        • Harangue says:

          It is understandable that you have a love for Symbian and thus the 808, yet the 920 (snd subsequently the 928) can do in low light on auto settings is just a tad better. The OIS that allows the shutter to be open just a little longer has more effect than the bigger sensor in the 808.

          The 808 can beat the 920 in lowlight, but only when you fiddle with the settings. On auto it will always be the 920 that performs better. Given that most mobile phones will never be set to anything different than auto the 920 is better.

          Aside from that, if you want to get that quick shot you won’t have time to adjust settings. Although the 808 could be better for a quick shot with that amazing object freezing xenon flash. (all hail xenon flash IMHO)

          • steelicon says:

            C1, C2, C3 settings in Creative Mode are stored. Once you have a template, the last active setting can easily be recalled as the default shooting mode when launching the camera app, ready to take a snap. So much for the always auto argument.

            • milojko says:

              yupp, also those wanting to take better low light photos will easily google it…everyone knows for google today :) people fiddle with their apps and setting up their phones for hours and now couple of seconds for setting the camera is some problem..

  6. Carbontubby says:

    Is this for real? They’ve chosen the worst spot to drum up interest for a new smartphone. As somebody else said, right above some dodgy garage in the dodgiest part of town :)

  7. Just Visiting says:

    Well, anyone who lives in the U.S. knows that a advert like this would NOT be placed in an area/neighborhood like that!!

    The loser that photoshopped this didn’t even have enough sense to place the fake image above the roof of that dilapidate building!

    I guess this is what happens when people with no lives have nothing else to do with their time….

  8. Barefoot says:

    This actually looks very real to me. I live in Los Angeles and this looks like a hundred billboards here. Also, the CBS logo makes me think for sure.

    Dying to trade up my 822.

  9. ms.nokia says:

    Lumia 928 is only available on Verizon, but on the billboard the Verizon logo is very small, maybe its fake.

  10. shallow ocean shoal says:

    What’s the location/exif?

  11. shallow ocean shoal says:

    Here’s your location. It’s on MLK in Oakland California. You’re welcome.


    Somebody just confirm if the sign is up

    • AtomAstro says:

      Yay! You got the location info right. The advert is down now – it went down a few days later and back to an HTC Windows phone ad. I was bummed to see it go but glad I caught it while it was up!

  12. PeterMina.ca says:

    the right place as they’re advertising the low light ability :p

  13. Gaby says:

    They got some nice one’s here :http://adf.ly/OzM9I

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