Ari Jaaksi joins the Jolla Board

| May 7, 2013 | 36 Replies

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Ari Jaaksi previously on the Maemo-MeeGo team, left to join HP for WebOS (We ‘swapped’ him for Peter Skillman). Some Nokia fans had a little joke about how Ari is somewhat the Angel of Death regarding these new promising OSes. Well, let’s hope not as he’s sort of back on the Maemo-MeeGo team as he joins the Jolla Board.


You might recall that it was Ari amongst a few ex Nokians that highlighted the ‘Symbian’ religion inside Nokia that hindered the potential of what could have been the next number 1 smartphone OS – Maemo

Also, on another note, this seems to be the only photo we have of Ari as it’s what we see on all articles about him.

Source: Facebook

Cheers incognito for the tip!


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  • noki

    As much as I like Jolla, just release the freaking phone already, at this point that can only expect to be a small player on the budget friendly segment and they are facing alot of competition for that as well so. release something now!

    • jiipee


      Too many broken promises regarding deadlines. It’s no wonder that mr Hurmola eventually left to become free agent.

      Regarding Jaaksi. He did point out the Symbian religion, but also in the same interview admitted that they were too enthusiastic working on Linux an beautiful code that they forgot that they were in the business of creating devices to the masses that the masses wanted to use.

      • Ruben

        “Too many broken promises regarding deadlines”

        something they’ve learned in their previous company…

        old habbits die hard =)

        • Mikä ihmeen Uuno Turhapuro?

          Very true.

          It seems that they really learned to make false promises or letting the people to believe they have made some promises they never intended to fulfill.

          People really seemed to believe Jolla was going to have a phone in 2012. Then in the early 2012, then before summer… Who know what they will ‘promise’ next?

      • Mikael Hermansson

        WHAT DEADLINES??????

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  • Torsas

    That´s not a very good omen for Jolla…

    • Mikä ihmeen Uuno Turhapuro?

      Jaaksi is not someone who can create an product and ship it.

      Nokia failed to ship MeeGo when he was working for the company and they had to start from scratch in the early H2 2010 with the swipe UI.

      This is very bad for Jolla.

  • jiipee

    Btw. Jolla’s (now) CTO Marc will be giving key note tomorrow in GMIC event at Beijing.

  • tiyo xi

    ok , jolla is moving on , may ALLAH bless them.

  • Mark

    Uh oh.

  • Jesseri

    Jolla is/was doomed from beginning. Hiring Ari Jaaksi doesn’t change that. Jolla doesn’t bring anything new to the table and UI is just plain horrible.

    Ubuntu phone OS UI is something that Jolla should have been. This is just my humble opinion. Good luck to Jolla team tho.

    • noki

      I know a thing or 2 about booth of them and you are wrong. IMO not so humble opinion ;).

      Ubuntu phone OS UI is a mess reminds-me alot about the confusions Microsoft has with metro UI were something is desktop like but not really, but its not really full touch as well.
      I wish them booth the best of Luck…
      #Discalamer I have already developed one app for jolla and really like the UI/UX and UI/QML components fresh and very very different from what we are used 2 interesting stuf, now they just need to put it on the hands of people already..

      • Jesseri

        Maybe I sounded too harsh in my previous comment. I really do hope Jolla will succeed, but if it doesn’t bring something special to consumers, i’m willing to bet that Jolla won’t be here in a couple of years of time.

        I’m just speculating from my own “consumer” perspective. I’m not digging deep into usability layer of the UI, just into the top layer, someone even may call it eye candy layer ;). In that department Ubuntu phone OS wins hands down.

        Maybe i’m just not artistic enough to imagine how someone could make a skin that changes the feel of sailfish UI so much, that it would become interesting. Underlying parts of Sailfish may be pure art (and probably is), but it doesn’t show at all (still IMHO) ;).

        Can someone please explain to me what new does Jolla bring to the table?. Besides that “kewl wallpaper” 😉 thingy, forgot already what it’s called.

        Windows Flop 7.8/8 feels at least differet from Symbian, Meego/Maemo/Harmattan whatever. And before someone old era fanboy will jump the gun and totally annihilate me, I must say i still use my N95 as a daily driver. Android tablet is just a backup if i need to search something from the Internets, when i’m on the road.


        • Jesseri

          Last part of the comment was ment for Rapunxel.

        • jiipee

          I believe they will survive at least the first device. The team including subcontractors is so small that they dont need huge sales. What defines their faith is, if anyone else adopts the platform. They can do well with relatively small team, launching device each year and doing customization for other companies.

        • Mikä ihmeen Uuno Turhapuro?

          Why some people like Jolla is very easy to explain.

          It’s Linux based. Some people like that.

          It’s not made by Apple or Google. Some people hate both companies because they like hating most of the big corporations.

          It’s something different. Apple invented the modern smartphone and removed most of the buttons. While Jolla is apparently not removing all buttons, they will probably have less buttons than Apple and some people like the idea of winning Apple in that.

          Jolla is gives lots of promises. People like promises.

          • noki

            Apart from the silly buttons comment, yes. (Mikä wen you get fixated on something you don’t let go ;))

            I don’t like large corporations having to work with them is bad enough :).
            I like open-source moment.
            I like to be different.
            I also like promises, makes me dream of a better future, something a bit more democratic and less shady, that’s me and I’m not alone.

            Now this is all fine and great but if you don release a product its just pipe dreams so yeah, release something now! And make it good so others that don’t care as much about idealism and freedom as I do, can care about the quality of the product, and the fun of using it.

            • Mikä ihmeen Uuno Turhapuro?

              I like commenting about those buttons because it was a major differentiator in MeeGo and apparently also in Jolla’s phone. Possibly.

              Being different is great, but what some people don’t seem to realize is that being different just because wanting to be different, it’s not working. Just trying to make different makes you ordinary and normal. I’m not talking about you but in general.

              I see those people on daily bases. They try to be so different that in the end of the day they are just extremely ordinary.

              I would also like to see their phone released. That’s why we are here.

    • Rapunxel

      If Jolla is doomed what about Windows Flop than ?
      let me remind u Nokia money team is long gone , aint nobody is gonna help nokia at this point !!
      Chris flop Webber he doesnt know shit about sellin mobile

      • noki

        He did not said anything about wp sooo… Breath in Breath out Relax zen music 😉 hheehe
        #im not disagreeing with you BTW…

      • Viipottaja

        🙂 Well, at least Nokia has sold some, what, 15m+ devices so far. Jolla zero.

        Btw, what is the Nokia money team?

        ps. Is that you, DSB?

        • GordonH

          wow 15 million. really !!! you are praising the New Nokia under Ms for selling only 15 million.
          I cannot imagine what happens at 16 million 😉

          • Viipottaja

            Where is the praise? I stated a fact. Jolla has not sold any devices yet, WP has.


    I want sailfish/tizen to succeed and give android a kick up the @ss.
    How easily androids market dominance would be split up as samsung goes tizen while other OEMs go sailfish or tizen.

    • Viipottaja

      Is there any evidence of Samsung actually going Tizen (have not followed the news on that), even partially? I am sure they will not kick out Android any time soon or ever.

      • Stuart

        I think Samsung is serious about Tizen. Not sure if the customers want it but some high-spec devices are reported to be coming soon.


        yes lots of news and articles about samsung investing in Tizen,

        might take a while to fragment android but its in Samsung’s best interest to leave android and make more money by placing its own income generating apps on their devices, instead of google’s apps getting all the cash,

        samsung makes 42% of android devices, i’m sure samsung would expect 42% of the money that the android OS generates, but thats never going to happen.

        this year google is rumoured to release new motorola devices that will be high end and compete against galaxy devices, so samsung might find itself competing head to head against google on the android platform, more reason to change OS Tizen.

        • Viipottaja

          btw, how much is Google nowadays making from Android? [sorry for being off topic.. 🙂 ]


            estimates range from $1.50-$2.75 per android device per year.

            no doubt income generated from mobile devices will only grow.

            • Mikä ihmeen Uuno Turhapuro?

              That’s possible. Apple is currently getting 10-12 per device in a year, from app sales. It’s over 500 million in revenues every month.

              Google must also be making some serious revenues.

      • incognito

        They’re actually quite serious about it, far more than Nokia ever was about Maemo/MeeGo – they just don’t go around yelling about it as they don’t want to piss off Google at this point.

        Rumor has it that they are trying to create a carbon copy of TouchWiz as the main UI (with some improvements where Android is restraining) and to create Dalvik compatibility layer (but the apps would be coming from their store, it’s just there to create an easy transition for developers and to get some of the sweet resell revenue) – and with those two sorted out they could quite easily sell a Galaxy S5-like Tizen device that would for all intends and purposes work almost the same as Android version and most people wouldn’t notice the difference.

        Google of course knows that, so they’re investing more in their Motorola and smaller producers which is why we’ll never see another Samsung Galaxy Nexus – my bet is that the next Nexus will be 100% Google (Motorola) or Sony. It will be a great fight to watch.

        Anyway, with gutted Nokia, Samsung is nowadays the only manufacturer strong enough to make a noticeable push for a new OS/ecosystem/whatever and probably the only solder remaining to fight the fight against being OEM-ed into irrelevance. Let’s hope they know what they are doing.

        As for the rest of the alternatives – Firefox might have some moderate success in the low-end market, Blackberry is still a great unknown, and Jolla’s only chance is to try to play the third guy that reaps the benefits while two giants are at war. Chances are very slim, but not non-existent if they manage to secure enough investors. Canonical and Microsoft won’t be invited to this fight.

        What will happen at the end – my guess is as good as any, but I don’t think we’ll see the final resolve before 2015-2016. What I hope for is that in the end we’ll be able to do with our smartphones the same thing we’ve been doing with our computers for decades – chose our own damn software for it!

        • noki

          I been watching the BB10 thing and signs are really positive, don’t think they want to be a large contender but they are focussing on their segment and it seems like its paying off. ASP is amazingly high and production capability seams to have been maxed out in their factories…
          They have been “open” to licence it, but the price tag will probably be to high to make sense to any licensee.

          I agree next few years will be very interesting, this entire open ecosystem (linux and co stack) opens the space for competition allot

          as for your hope….. Don’t think we will get that 🙁 yeah sad

        • Mikä ihmeen Uuno Turhapuro?

          Computers like laptops are a very rate exception. You can choose the OS for them, but that’s possible for only a small minority of devices one can call some kind of computers.

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