Unkown Nokia Phone Appears in Nokia Document Promising a “More Human Touch” (UPDATED)

| May 7, 2013 | 33 Replies

nok-brandIn a document obtained by @evleaks over at phonearena an unknown Nokia (safe to assume it’s a Lumia) appeared as seen above. The phone displays a new “color” unlike the current range used in the polycarbonate Lumia designs (could it be catwalk? Anodized aluminum is sure to give off a similar sheen). In the document Nokia talk about rebuilding their brand image under the goal of being “More Human”.

Nokia sees three general mergers occurring in the confines of technology: that of the physical and digital, the virtual and real, and humans and device

However the source says not to expect Nokia to be ditching its trademark “connecting people” slogan anytime soon, instead the changes related to the “more Human” approach would be more visible in their advertisements as well as the actual products.


Don’t look for the “more human” mantra to pervade its way into product marketing, at least not in the same way that “Connecting people” has been adopted as a very front-facing tagline. This seems to be a deeper, guiding principal for the employees at Nokia

Update: It would appear the other phone in the image is none other than the Asha 311, sorry folks :/




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  • Marc Aurel

    More like anodized rendered pixels…

    • akash


  • noki

    A “More Human Touch” is a good point as i think its the fundamental problem about metro UI, it is barren and deprived of human characteristics. its monochrome land flat and filed with harsh edges…

    Think a “More Human Touch” is exactly were Nokia needs Microsoft to go in the UI UX area

    • Well double tap to unlock and the new GDR2 features are pretty “human” but I’d hate for them to copy Samsung with a bunch of useless features like eye tracking and all that….

    • Viipottaja

      Within those edges its often and very easily filled with humans (pictures, faces) and human interactions (messages, updates, connections). At least in my case my home and lock screens have never been so people/human centered before on my previous S30, S40, Symbian or Maemo devices.

    • Maybe

      Give more color options for those tiles if possible any color like launcher8 on Android.
      The notifications that WP users had been begging for years to start with cause HUMAN always need something to easily notify/remind them of something.
      About the sleep screen and double tap to unlock is it only Lumia or all WP devices get them? As this is the only unique feature that only Nokia have it.

      • Ron

        IMO Bordered transparent tiles and background with wallpaper application is the best solution for wp home screen customization.

    • twig

      Metro gives each human the ability to bring their own life, their own style to their Nokia start screen unlike Apple and Androids 1984 approach.

      • noki

        look at anything in nature do you see any squares? any monochrome thing??? NO!

        • Viipottaja

          why would an UI need to look like nature?

          and, there are plenty of solid colored things in nature.

          plus, look inside the frame – you might see something. 😉

    • Microsoft needs Nokia more than Nokia needs Microsoft… Windows Phone UI is a joke, a junkyard with so many tiles flipping and changing, Imagine this UI on a Phablet…

  • sbw44

    Anyone know what time they will release the 928? According to my world clock its only 08:30 in US now

    • Viipottaja

      Why do you think it would be announced today? I may have missed some bit of news. 🙂

      • sbw44

        Wasnt here a post last week about Verizon having an event on the 7th?

        • Viipottaja

          Oh that was for BB in the end.

  • arts

    “more human” reminds me a little of samsungs tagline.

  • Ruben

    a more human touch would be SWIPE concept along the UI. anyone agree?

  • Aleksi

    Let the guessing game begin. I’d say the device is the EOS. The top of a phone seen in the picture has the same curvy form as the 808, so maybe they’re keeping that same form factor in the Lumia version.

  • Ruben

    or a nokia “siri”? that would be human

  • Viipottaja

    Why would be safe to assume that’s a Lumia? In fact, if the document is about the brand, more logical conclusion would be that they would have both a Lumia and an Asha phone on the cover, no? 🙂

  • manu

    remembers me of galaxy s3 tagline “designed for humans”

    • Muerte

      Reminds me of the dozen of Ahtisaari’s speeches where he talks about the human approach and the nature-like forms

  • It appears to be an Asha device, a blue 311 to be a little more precise. Just look at this image: http://orangemagazinetv.com/files/2012/11/nokia-asha-311-blue-front.jpg

    In the image in this post it appears to be a wider device, but judging by the color and speaker position it probably is the 311.

  • lipalok

    Asha 311 has a front-facing camera? I didn’t know that.

    • ushoda

      that’s the weird thing about that render

    • El

      The Asha 311 has a 640×480 @25fps font-facing camera.

  • vignesh

    May be a new asha range which is to be unveil on 9th of may

  • YaGit™

    I like this design, hoping they make one as same dimension with the L920
    but with this form factor ..

    looks similar to PV808, I don’t mind having thick/heavy phone with kick@$$

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