Unkown Nokia Phone Appears in Nokia Document Promising a “More Human Touch” (UPDATED)

| May 7, 2013 | 33 Replies

nok-brandIn a document obtained by @evleaks over at phonearena an unknown Nokia (safe to assume it’s a Lumia) appeared as seen above. The phone displays a new “color” unlike the current range used in the polycarbonate Lumia designs (could it be catwalk? Anodized aluminum is sure to give off a similar sheen). In the document Nokia talk about rebuilding their brand image under the goal of being “More Human”.

Nokia sees three general mergers occurring in the confines of technology: that of the physical and digital, the virtual and real, and humans and device

However the source says not to expect Nokia to be ditching its trademark “connecting people” slogan anytime soon, instead the changes related to the “more Human” approach would be more visible in their advertisements as well as the actual products.

Don’t look for the “more human” mantra to pervade its way into product marketing, at least not in the same way that “Connecting people” has been adopted as a very front-facing tagline. This seems to be a deeper, guiding principal for the employees at Nokia

Update: It would appear the other phone in the image is none other than the Asha 311, sorry folks :/




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