Some Nokia Shareholders Still Unhappy; Once Again Asking to “Switch Roads”

| May 8, 2013 | 86 Replies

DSC02029I honestly didn’t want to post this since usually this sort of “news” is overblown and exaggerated, but oh well… In the annual shareholders meeting in Helsinki the usual issue of Nokia’s low stock price and marketshare came-up, and as ever year since 2011 “some” stock holders have asked Elop to reconsider the strategy and find another path (besides WP).

“Are you aware that results are what matter? The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Please switch to another road,”


The way I see it, if enough shareholders actually shared the opinion that Nokia should go the Android way, then they would have already, Elop isn’t a “supreme owner” he can’t do whatever he wants, Nokia is a publicly traded company, and publicly owned if an actual majority of the stockholders believed that Nokia is going “to hell” they would’ve changed something by now. Instead once again as usual Elop has strengthened his support and dedication to the WP platform (plus conquering the low end with some new Ashas).

Personally I don’t see what the fuss is about, if these shareholders sat through 2 years of literal hell during the transition period, why are they giving up now when things are finally starting to straighten out, the 521 & 520 are sure to surge Nokia’s sales and market share; plus the Verizon hero phone on the way? Personally I’d have to call it a single shareholder with an Android fetish.




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  • Jojamani

    Nokia has such brilliant options like MeeGo, Meltemi, Maemo, Sailfish and others. Even Symbian would sell better, see PV808 or N9. This is obvious, and Elop is not “oversupreme hijacker” also – so he is to obey not to play a princess.

  • You should start a PR and lawfirm outfit defending every Windows Phone blunder made by Nokia.

    Two or more horses on your team racing on a racetrack is almost always better than one. Evens up the chances of winning in case something happens to the other horses.

    • I think we should start treating the question whether Nokia should’ve gone with Windows Phone or something else, and the question of how the switch was made to WinPhone as two completely different discussions.

      The question about how Nokia made the transition to WP is more strategy and skill related.

      The issue whether Windows Phone is a good horse to bet on in the first place is another question entirely. This question is more about understanding the market(s), timing and evaluating the direction in which mobile OS’s are going in the future.

      I suggest we make more clear which question we are answering to. It is impossible to answer both questions and come up with a satisfying answer.

      • Impossible to answer both questions at once and come up with a satisfying answer.*

  • Jorge Arturo

    I think the main concern was well expressed by a shareholder, they are too involved with Microsoft, Nokia depends on mobile, Microsoft not, Microsoft can change mind at any moment, Nokia can’t (not anymore) so if the plan is a success yay for MSFT and Nokia, but if it fails, Nokia is doomed, not MSFT.

    The fact that every person in Nokia that had different ideas was let go by the company is a big problem, they have no plan b, no alternative, no new technology, they are totally tied to microsoft and his rules on hardware (MSFT gives the specs and the suppliers), even if they release pretty lumias (which infact they didn’t so far) they are tied in hardware and software, look at the Galaxy S4, it does so many thing,just like old Nokia’s did, it is worldwide expected, just like Nokia was, it is sad to see a company (I admired) lost it, where is the Nokia phone with the cool processor or the impressive hardware, the 920 has old hardware and a ton of limitations, not due to Nokia (which has a lot of good designers and staff) but because of MSFT that wants to have control of the experience so bad they limited it, not successfully (as apple that does make a profit).

    I don’t mid Windows Phone, but where are the other choices, imagine Nokia MeeGo phones and Nokia Android Phones, all under the Nokia services umbrela (music store, maps, etc.) All the potential, just look at Amazon, took Android and Amazonified it they do have control and success in the Kindle Fire products, and Google has nothing in there.

    I truly believe Nokia will sold, it’s parts worth more than the entire company. Navteq was bought by Nokia for $8billion, and today Nokia (with NSN, Navteq, and Nokia) is worth $12billion, the potential buyer is just expecting the deal with MSFT to expire, in order to not have to pay any fee or avoid any problem for not respectig the contract by buying it.