Nokia Teases New Ashas for Thursday’s Nokia event in India (N9 Mini Asha Refresh)

| May 8, 2013 | 42 Replies

teaser ash


These colourful splashes and rectacircs/rectacles (whatever this shape is actually called) are synonymous with Nokia Lumia or the fabula design which we’re slowly seeing creep into Ashas and basic Nokias.

NokConv teases tomorrow’s Nokia event where they’ll be adding even more colour to your week.ย via

  • New Delhi: 12.00pm
  • Helsinki: 9:30am
  • London: 7:30am

Michael is in India to report on the event.

Stephen Elop has confirmed new innovations and new devices in the Asha lines in the days immediately ahead:

The Asha line is expected to get the new refresh UI and design that would make them, as some would describe, more N9/N9 mini like.

Cheers Ron for the tip!


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  • Akki

    If 256 mb ram asha it sell well.

    • akash

      this asha will powerful…..!!!

  • torcida

    Why… Why can’t you release one MeeGo phone at least every two years?

    • zlutor

      Guess what… ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Sue

    There will be two devices announced tomorrow. . . One with a physical home key and the other one will have a touch sensitive home key. . . I’ve seen the prototype device, its beautiful but on the downside, the device was very thick.

    • viipottaja

      Which one?

    • paul

      beautiful but completely crippled.

      • Viipottaja


  • KiranMNBUSER

    512 ram would be better in high end asha. All asha line should be below $100 and lowest lumia range should start from $100:)

    • viipottaja

      +1 although $130 or so might be more realistic as of right now.

  • jiipee

    My wish:
    Running Smarterphone OS that can be scaled up and fitted to completely new product categories, supporting Qt.

    • Viipottaja

      Seems extremely unlikely – how would they transition all the S40 effort to a new OS?

      But of course, one is free to wish whatever one wants. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • jiipee

        I should ask my business partner about it, since he had something to do with S40 ~2005. So far he has said that it was very limited, but couldny estimate how much effort eq support for multi-threading and faster hw adaptation would take. The above ia related to benefits from alternate low-cost os.

        Transition of S40 efforts to smarterphone?:
        UI: If they’ve done bigger UI overhaul to the new lineup, there could be less benefits there to stay on S40. Also, I dont know which framework anf language Nokia has used on S40 light swipe and what was used on Smarterphone. Could the code be reused to some extent?

        Apps: S40 apps are java based as Ive understood to be the case with Smarterphone. That could be the reason why former Smarterphone guys are still working for Nokia.

    • incognito

      Sadly, we won’t be seeing Qt support on Nokia devices in quite some time. They wouldn’t sell it to Digia if they wanted to use it. Qt dreams within Nokia died with axing of Meltemi.

      • jiipee

        Ahree, that it is only a wish. Still, sales og Qt assets to Digia is not an indication of it. In fact, evenif Nokia had continued with Qt, it could have been a wise idea to sell it to a more independent 3rd party, which would have lessened the risk for others to use and contribute to it.

        The tweet by Meltemi application head now working on WP development was clear that Qt era died with Meltemi.

    • zlutor

      “supporting Qt.” – oh man, that would make my day…

  • Akki

    I want linux based os in asha

    • vignesh

      I think tat u ll get a linux based refresh os

  • viipottaja

    Can’t wait.

    • Luisito

      Me too!!!!

  • Marko Sapre aka million username annethe

    They would do a smart move putting MeeGo Sailfish into this. In the same way as they licence Windows from Microsoft, they can licence MeeGo Sailfish from Jolla. The legend of Nokia N9 was a miracle of MeeGo experience, not the shape of body – do not forget this. And fact that this is full Linux device, and free software that counts. not other things.

    • Viipottaja

      I suspect the end users care more about the “other things”. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Peter L

      Are you actually serious?

      Nokia N9 was acclaimed for it’s industrial design and it’s Swipe user interface, not for that it run MeeGo or Linux.

  • Diazene

    maybe they’ll announce one that’ll be considered a smartphone, and maybe some new games

    hope so

  • paul

    Like I said about the Asha 210 announcement, I expect the same old crappy OS with crippled J2ME API for developers. Since Nokia are running out of “innovative” colours, this Asha 400 will be available in “Puke Green” or “Dog Sh!t Brown”.

    Complete waste of time.

    • paul

      …and I love Dogshit Brown!
      I even have Dogshit for breakfast!

  • vignesh

    Expect a new refresh os

  • Srikanth

    Hmm. Expecting something refreshing.

  • zymesh

    Ashas with wireless charging?

  • keist

    What is this outdated mess? Nokia keeps living in the past. They’re so blind to see the big market shift that happened in front of their eyes. Feature phones are now obsolete. Smartphones have taken over and Android has now dominated the lowest segment of the market. For the price of an Asha you can buy a full-featured dualcore Android smartphone. Even a lot of quadcore droids are now very cheap. Nokia can’t sell smartphones and they can’t even sell feature phones nowadays. The fact that only less than 10 million Asha were sold per quarter which was such of disparity from 80 million S40 they used to sell before proves people are now smarter and they now need smartphones. Even the most technologically illiterate and least techie wants a smartphone. No one’s interested in dumphones anymore.

    • Peter L

      200M feature phones were sold just during Q1 2013.

      Nobody’s interested in dumbphones anymore, eh?

      • keist

        Asha phones aka S40 sold only 9 million in Q1. Gone are the days when Nokia used to sell 100 million phones. Yes, no one’s interested in those outdated craps anymore.

      • jiipee

        The feature phone vs smartphone distinction is not valid. One should use price categories and then evaluate what features (hw and sw) are available. The Android clones in high end Asha category start to become impressive

    • Viipottaja

      FYI, in India smartphones were only 9% of the market in 2012. This year? 20%?

      In the US, 50%.

      • Viipottaja

        sorry, hit submit accidentally too early; meant to say “In the US 50% of smartphone buyers are first time buyers, so even in the US there is still a significant mobile phone market; not that Nokia is active here with Ashas though.”

    • keist

      And even dumb people like me prefer cheap dual core Android smartphones. I love lag!

      • keist

        Symbian is the king of lag. Everything you click on Symbian is preceded by an annoying circular loading indicator. And the web browser is useless. The cheapest Android phone can browse the web like you do on pc.

        • Maybe your PC is slow… Last time I used a 1.5GHz P4, 256MB RAM, XP SP3 PC, it was faster than a GS2.

  • ghz

    anyone able to clarify all the nokia events over the next week or so?

    if i’m recalling correctly, i’ve seen the following:

    may 9th – delhi – announcement for new asha phones?
    may 14th – london – announcement for new lumia phones (eos/catwalk?)
    may 15th – canada – announcement for new/refreshed music service?
    may 18th – usa? – announcement for lumia 928 on verizon?

    also, on a side note..

    may 15th – san francisco – google i/o kicks off

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