Lumia 928 Video and Photo Samples

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A user over at the WPC forums claims to have had a Lumia 928 for a while now, and was nice enough to share some images and videos, and WOW! The results of the High Fidelity recording are mind-blowing! The sound reproduction is astounding! (put on a pair of headphones and check out the videos below, and lets not forget the magic of OIS which makes a concert video actually watchable rather than the usual jittery mess most people end up with!

Check out more videos and images at the forum post


WP_20130428_003 WP_20130125_067 (1) 01-WP_20130309_009


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  • Ishaan

    so is it polycarbonate or aluminium?

    • Sefriol

      Looks polycarbonate to me.

  • tiyo xi

    even in high flashy lights it seems to be capturing peoples pic , thats wat the high light about

  • Mooking

    other then some low lights pics…i’m still not impressed

  • Mapantz

    I’ve said this a few times now .. the sound on the videos is really quiet, ik’ve been to a few raves and festivals with my 808 and when i check them out on the PC, i have to turn the volume right up to hear it properly, i find that quite annoying! The same is happening in the videos on the 928. While it’s not distorting and the bass sounds good, i can’t leave my volume at a standard level because i can’t hear the detail.

    • Hui

      U need a better stereo or headset, or some better ears. Anyways post production is very important in producing a good video.

      • Mapantz

        My ears are fine thank you and so is my audio equipment. It does not change the fact the volume has to be increased quite a way.
        It’s exactly the same on my laptop.
        The rich recording is fine but a lot of the volume gets removed in the process.

        • mirco

          Well, most probably you (and many others) are used to the heavily compressed productions of these days (compression of dynamic range not audio codec… google “loudness wars”). By compressing the dynamic range you can create a song that sounds louder but you are loosing the natural difference between quiet and loud parts of the song. What you find to be annoying is actually a sign of quality.

          • Dave

            Yup 🙂

            The 808 handles live music perfectly. Although so far I’ve only done some (insanely loud) rock and a little reggae. And the bass on the reggae is insanely good.

  • sbw44

    My sister has a 920 and just saw a video of the 920 at a concert and wow its amazing sound quality but I did hear in all videos a sound like wind blowing against the phone. Has anyone had a problem like this?

  • sbw44

    You guys need to find out more details about that speaker which Nokia claims to be the best on the market.

  • StefanP

    Wasn’t there something like “stereo” invented some decades ago?

    • Peter L

      It’s impossible to record actual stereo sound image in a concert.

      • Dave

        Not strictly true, heavily depends on the gig in question.

        And with mono recording you lose all the ambience from the audience.

        • Peter L

          Small intimate gig and you’re standing on the front row, you might get something that resembles a stereo sound if you jab your eardrum with a q-tip a few times before you listen it.

          Other times the recorded channels will bleed to each other like nothing else.

  • Love the last picture. No motion blur.

    Can’t wait to get Xenon flash back in my smartphone (whether it’s importing one of these or EOS)

  • dss

    The xenon flash looks promising..

  • javid

    i do like the videos and the sound recorded is pretty amazing (there is some talk of it being stereo over on the WPC forums) I would like to wait and see what the low light photos look like in a head to head with the 920 and the 808. Not at a concert…but more traditional shots.
    Then we will be able to compare Xenon / small sensor with Xenon / large and LED/small sensor.

  • laalaa

    the cam seems ok, but dual core and 720p is not really high end. then again, for a price tag of around 400e this might stand a chance against the galaxy s3 and older iphones.

    sad to say, but they better announce something much better next week if they want be relevant again…

    • Bloob

      This isn’t for international markets you know.

    • D Harries

      I think it’s gorgeous. The screen is so much more than you say. The PPI is good, refresh rate, polarization layer, sunlight readability with extra brightness mode and high contrast, supersensitive touch works with gloves on.

      The OS is fast and fluid with no lag.

      Did I miss anything?

      • Mooking

        it’s still winfail

        • D Harries

          This is the informed logic you use when choosing your next phone?

          • Dragon’ Tear

            dude the phone is box….the tiles are BOX…WTF everything is BOX..and looks like shit …cause they can’t trail from that look now….they ARE BOUND to that look and nooo personality is emitting form this OS…too robotic and non creative

    • Bob

      Dual core is enough, dual core simply states number of cores, it does not necessarily relate to performance, a DSP in a camera is quicker than a dual core at its given operation using SIMO at a fraction of the cycle speed. Its all down to software optimization in phones,

      720p is most laptop screens these days, and is plenty for a phone anyone who thinks otherwise must be using a magnifying glass, this is one of the area’s nokia has got right over the years apart from low ram, slow cpu at times its focussed on what a phone should be and that is something which the battery lasts for more than a few hours. there are better ways to get a better screen like AMOLED this will save power give better results as well

    • v.s.i

      Because a phone maker can only be relevant if you make dual-quad-core CPUs and 1080p displays coupled with Android. Go ask the countless Chinese OEMs how they started; I’m sure the majority of their profits, but for the illegal state subsidisation, come from the high end. And also a couple of European ones as well, including one in my country.


      P.S. 720p = 1280×720 and Lumia 92x display = 1280×768, so 720p ≠ Lumia 920x display.

    • Mikä ihmeen Uuno Turhapuro?

      Nokia should really push specs because it’s already over 5 years since they had a real high end mobile phone.

      Symbian failed because it was not a modern smartphone even with all the specs and now they are failing because of specs.

      • Peter L

        No they’re not.

        If the user experience is already fast and smooth, no need to push the specs.

        • Dragon’ Tear

          soo they say XD

    • Bob

      People forget this is a phone its not about what people can manufacture, its about compromise and weighing up of what is important and what isn’t otherwise you are just number crunching, its a small portable device running on batteries

      Its like complaining a laptop can’t compete with a PC whilst playing games.. Android although buggy and laggy makes samsungs phones sell not the hardware.

      • Mikä ihmeen Uuno Turhapuro?

        You have a point.

        Nokia was failing with Symbian even while they had some good hardware. The OS was just not good enough.

        It remains to be seen if this is the case with WP. Currently YoY growth rates look promising.

        The problem is that Nokia started the transition too late. The best time for starting it would have been in 2006-2007.

        • Dragon’ Tear

          and fail…….earlier :/

  • Antero

    The pictures have quite a lot of noise when you look at the full resolution versions. There is also that same “softness” or feeling of being “not quite in focus” that is present on Lumia 920. Still a pretty good camera for a phone.

    EOS will hopefully be where it’s at.

    • dss

      I still find it surprising that people expect more than that from such a tiny sensor..

      • milojko

        when engadget verge and other fancy sites start writing important things about camera(and anything else for that matter) we might se some improvement in peoples education

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  • Jesseri

    Still no stereo sound?!?. It’s 2013 for gods sake. Why Nokia decided not to use couple of those three microphones, which 928 allegedly have, to capture a stereo sound.

    Look for “Make a lot of noise” paragraph.

    • StefanP

      Not Nokia, but Microsoft decided this (or where unable to add this capability to WP), as far as I know.

      • xconomicron

        What about the 8X? I had though it captured stereo sound.

        • arts

          it did. Dont you wonder why these people keep propagating this myth everywhere? 😉

          FYI: this wp8 dont support stereo sound myth has been repeatedly brought up AND busted over the past two years.

          I suppose the trolls who bring it up is hoping people stop correcting them and they can claim its legit. 😉

          • Bassman


          • Dragon’ Tear

            should have stayed with symbian or massively pushed Meego… you wouldn’t have anything to complain about cause symbian supports it XD

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  • poopshoot

    Yes it does. Under Main Camera, you will see 1080p HD video recording with stereo sound.

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