Hands On With the Lumia 928

| May 13, 2013 | 16 Replies

dsc06743After Mark’s unboxing of the 928 earlier, both the Verge and Engadget have released a “hands on” with Verizon’s latest Lumia; the 928. Although admittedly there isn’t much new to the 928 short of its Xenon flash and sharper edges Engadget seems to be lamenting the loss of the bright colors and curved glass (possibly even the heavier weight as well?).

Nokia had a good, if extremely weighty, thing going with the Lumia 920 — its curved chassis, 2.5D glass, eye-popping colors and, of course, highly-touted imaging capabilities. The 928 abandons all but that latter bit, with a lighter body that falls more in line with the live-tiled aesthetic of Windows Phone 8 and a black and white color scheme that screams serious business; a move made, no doubt, to broaden its consumer appeal. Though the build quality remains just as solid as ever, there’s an unmistakable sense of cheapness to the 928. The glossy plastic looks chintzy and doesn’t give the impression that it’d survive too many hard knocks.

Check out Engadget’s hands on over here:


And the Verge’s Over here:


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