Hands On With the Lumia 928

| May 13, 2013 | 16 Replies

dsc06743After Mark’s unboxing of the 928 earlier, both the Verge and Engadget have released a “hands on” with Verizon’s latest Lumia; the 928. Although admittedly there isn’t much new to the 928 short of its Xenon flash and sharper edges Engadget seems to be lamenting the loss of the bright colors and curved glass (possibly even the heavier weight as well?).


Nokia had a good, if extremely weighty, thing going with the Lumia 920 — its curved chassis, 2.5D glass, eye-popping colors and, of course, highly-touted imaging capabilities. The 928 abandons all but that latter bit, with a lighter body that falls more in line with the live-tiled aesthetic of Windows Phone 8 and a black and white color scheme that screams serious business; a move made, no doubt, to broaden its consumer appeal. Though the build quality remains just as solid as ever, there’s an unmistakable sense of cheapness to the 928. The glossy plastic looks chintzy and doesn’t give the impression that it’d survive too many hard knocks.

Check out Engadget’s hands on over here:


And the Verge’s Over here:


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  • muerte

    And tomorrow they will cry ’cause Nokia is moving away from the plastic, I assume…

  • They are worried. (Apple/Google) Do they dare run a poll at Engadget? Think not.

  • Arthur

    The 928 was never a consideration for me anyway since I am not on Verizon.

    Tomorrow should be interesting though, definitely looking forward to the 808 successor with the same if not improved amazing 41MP sensor.

    • Pdexter

      … there wont be 41MP sensor tomorrow. What have made you think so?
      Wait till Nokia World for that.

      • dss

        Whatever makes you think its going to be at Nokia World can be applied for tomorrow..

  • escottjon

    WTF!!! Moron “Though the build quality remains just as solid as ever” So that means it the usual bulletproof nokia build right ??? But “there’s an unmistakable sense of cheapness to the 928. The glossy plastic looks chintzy and doesn’t give the impression that it’d survive too many hard knocks.”
    So which is it solid nokia or cheap plastic crap ? I bet if it was running ios or android they would proclaim it the best smartphone ever

    • PhilK

      I think they mean, the phone is solid and well built, but the glossy plastic will scratch easily – hence it’ll seem cheap soon. I don’t think they are saying it’ll break or anything like that.
      Calm down and read the article without getting so defensive

    • javid

      I’d like to hear Myriam Joire’s take on this… She is the senior mobile editor at Engadget and its always worth listening to what she has to say.

      • Jeric

        and if Myriam says something bad about a new Nokia, that’s the only time I’ll believe all others. And GSMArena, btw.

        GSMArena >>>>>> Engadget, Verge, etc

      • Mooking

        cause she makes actual sense

  • javid

    I was pretty sure that the screen on the 928 was also 2.5D curved? Made to complement the back which also is curved.
    I’ll have to dig out the proof, but im pretty sure its in the reviewers guide.

    • Pdexter

      2.5D is mentioned on Nokia’s developer pages. The only place to trust Nokia’s specs.

      • javid

        oooh, so the dev page is live now huh?
        i checked yesterday and it wasnt – i know im anxious 🙂

  • Aba

    This device reminds me the one very similar to one which had been used in previous Nokia / MS events as a prototype!!! Might be wrong!!!

  • ms.nokia

    what utter morons,
    if its heavy they complain,
    if its light they say its cheap,

  • dss

    oh boy.. software algorithms eh.. bravo Nokia, no one cares, tell us how big the sensor is, and how big the pixels are