Nokia Creative Studio Updated; Tilt-Shift, Color Pop & Collage added

| May 15, 2013 | 10 Replies

Creative Studio

There were some videos floating around yesterday, showing off Creative Studio, Nokia’s Lumia Exclusive photo editing suite for Windows Phone. The videos showed a new “Blur” and “Play” mode. I figured these would be “unlocked” in the Amber update. Thankfully, we need not wait.

In Blur, you have the option to focus in on an object, or a radial tilt-shift.

  • Focus Object: Choose a particular part of the image to “be in focus”. You simply draw an outline on what you want to stay in focus, then you draw a line around that object. It’s a really neat feature, one that I’ve been wanting for a LONG time.
  • Radial tilt-shift: This is similar to the above, but in a radial fashion. What you do with this, is drag the circle over the object you wish to keep in focus, and resize it using a “pinch” gesture.

In the new Play mode, you have the option to “pop” colour, and also create a collage of images.

  • Colour Pop: Choose elements in the image to show their colour. From what I’ve played around with, if other parts of the image contain that colour, they will also be visible. The rest will be greyscale.
  • Collage: This is self explanatory in my eyes. Simply select several photos and Creative Studio will automatically stitch them together in a collage form.

The only issue I’ve found so far is that the images get saved into the “Saved Pictures” Album in the gallery, yet, they don’t get assigned with their new creation date, hence the images appear all over the place. The second little issue I have is not being able to resize the images in the collage view, and choose which images go where. You can choose the order deliberately, but it may take some time understanding which order to put them in. I’m sure this will be fixed in the next update.
EDIT: “You can actually rearrange the pictures by holding down and drop it whereever you want.”

I created an image earlier that combines the new features into one image. Obviously the Blur (one of me and my Mum on Mother’s day) isn’t perfect, but it looks pretty decent if you ask me. The one of the shoes shows off Colour Pop, and kicking the Soccer Ball is the Opal Filter and radial tilt-shift on the ball itself.

You should get a notification on your device, if not, here is the direct link.


Have you played around with the update? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Cheers Antoine for the tip!


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