Weekend Read: Aussie wins #NokiaxSundanceLDN by using a Lumia 920

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Nokia Australia mailed me earlier this week to inform me of some local succes. A fellow Aussie, Jason van Genderen, used his (or maybe just a) Nokia Lumia 920, to create his Sundance winning video, “Red Earth Hip Hop”.

Van Genderen’s film explores how hip hop, a music culture seeded in the Bronx, has reached indigenous communities in regional/remote Australia and is helping indigenous youth reconnect with language, elders and story time through this new form of music.

“Filming on a smartphone is such an unobtrusive way to capture a story. People find they open up a lot more in a documentary sense, talking to a device that they are used to seeing everyday as opposed to a big film crew and everyone starting to clam up and being more guarded with their story,” said Jason.

“The technology in the Nokia Lumia 920 is stunning, such incredibly sharp pictures from such a tiny lens. It really was remarkable to see the picture on the cinema screen. For most audiences, they’d have no idea it came from a smartphone.”

Jason was one of two filmmakers selected after a global search by Sundance London for filmmakers to pitch a 60 second trailer on a local underground music story.

If you’re interested in seeing the winning film, take a look below:


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