Video Promo: Jolla Revealled – looks a bit like a Nokia N9 from the front

| May 20, 2013 | 35 Replies

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 11.10.53Here’s a little promo for the new Jolla Phone. In the renders, the front especially reminds me of the Nokia N9. The colourful matte back is also kinda N9-like in a way.


All the comments in the YouTube video seem to think so too.

Cheers Muerte for the heads up.



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    can’t see any sim or SD tray, might have to take off the back cover to access them, or it could be a prototype or pre-production model.

    • Sefriol

      it has a replaceable battery, so most likely.

      I kinda like the style of the icons. The phone looks fresh, but we’ll see how far they can get.

    • Paul Grenfell

      removable, changeable colored covers and removable battery.

      • Hary

        In the video it seemed as if two phones were glued together. Didn’t look too good, atleast in this video.

  • Where does Jolla fit in? Between Asha and Windows Phone? Is it better than Windows Phone?

    • noki

      “Is it better than Windows Phone?” depends on how you define better, for me some of the things in Jolla makes it better than windows phone but it depends on what you like in a mobile OS…

      I’m sure there will be aspects of wp that are better than sailfish, but to me freedom is the most important aspect of them all…

      • soussef24

        If you want freedom, you’d better build your own OS, Phone and ecosystem… because there’s no freedom otherwise 🙂

        • noki

          Sometimes I wish I could be a dictator so I could force all people to read a few books before manifesting their ignorance about the concept of freedom.

      • Symbianitta

        Freedom is overrated.

        For me the most important thing is to get the phone to do the task I want it to do. If that is done, freedom is pretty irrelevant.

        Just like with a car.

        If my car works and does what it’s supposed to do, I don’t care if I can access the computer running the engine. I guess there is no freedom with my car’s computer, but I don’t need that.

        • Tom

          If freedom is not important, you probably should live in a middle eastern dictatorial state. They are rich, flush with oil money.

          For some of us, freedom and doing what we want to do matters, so we choose to live in a free society and not a walled garden.

          • Symbianitta

            Apparently you are one of those people who can see only black and white and not shades of the grey.

            I didn’t say freedom is not important. I said it’s not the most important thing. I was also talking about mobile phones and technology. Not about the society.

            For me the most important thing in mobile is to get the work done with the device. Freedom to change just anything is irrelevant if I don’t have services, apps or applications and a good stable system software.

            About societies. If you wanted to have total freedom, you would live in a country without any laws or police. I bet you live in a very controlled society with pretty restricted freedom. Maybe in EU or US?

            • noki

              the thing is that technology is a great part of the society we are creating, every ware we look technology as become as vital as air or water, monopoly owned technologies amper my freedom and the freedom of others. they help make new super state like powers that are all knowing and all powerful, controlling something as vital to our survival as air…

              Your ignorance about freedom is kinda disturbing as you seam to confuse it with some form of pure Anarchy regime.

              Freedom is about equal boundaries, my freedom ends were yours begin and they should be the same, a state without law or police is a state with zero freedom as the strong will utterly dominate the week.
              I protect my freedom because I’m protecting everyone else’s freedoms.

              Hey don’t get me wrong I know most people don’t care about this things and are perfectly happy in their little consume infused life’s it is in the end a fantastic Brave New World we live in, but I remain happy with the knowledge that I’m not the only one caring for your freedom..

              • Symbianitta

                One more time.

                I care about freedom, but it’s not the most important thing if I lose too much just to get the best possible freedom.

                I’ll rather have less freedom and more options than no way to get the work done and all the freedom in the world.

                It’s pretty stupid to pick the best possible freedom if the options to be used, are lost.

        • akse

          So if you have an Apple Car you can only refuel it in Apple fuel stations. Only spare parts and maintenance is available from Apple care with premium price.

          • Symbianitta


            If I had a car made by Apple, I could refuel it at fuel stations. Just like I can recharge my iPhone or my 808 wherever I want.

            On the other hand, both 808 and iPhone should be repaired only at the authorized dealers or with official parts or the warranty is void if something funny happens.

            You should learn a bit more about Nokia and Apple. If you want to, I can give you some pointers for your education.

  • hytheam

    is this phone by nokia ex team

    • torcida


  • vince

    I’m glad it looks like the n9. 928 aside, Nokia hasnt really improved the design since its Windows Phone switch. 16GB kinda low(especially coming from a 64GB N9;) but it has a micro sd slot which is a welcome addition. i’m definitely consdering preordering one.

  • GordonH

    Good announcement by Jolla. Products need to be in the market. Jolla needs more time, more partners, and given that it’s a small company it does have less pressure.
    But we do need products in the market.

  • xpl

    looks like a copy of Microsoft metro design , windows phone, and blackberry

    • Liju

      Huh, Jolla continues from what they previously did on N9. So no WP and metro. Most parts of BB10 looks like N9’s Swipe UI. So it’s BlackBerry who ‘got inspired’.

      • noki


  • StefanP

    I don’t like the sandwich design, but will buy this phone in any case. OS, usability and openness overwrites design for me.

  • Gunnar

    If Android apps work on this without a lot of problems,it will beat WP market share in 2 years. And Elop gets fired.

    • zlutor

      Well, we will see.

      I will really follow this guys, since I’m big fan of my N9 and this is the closes thing to it at the moment.

      IF Jolla achieves any meaningful success Elop should expect some hard questions coming…

  • Callum

    Take a look at this image:
    It looks like two n9’s together, this could be a dig at nokia saying ‘we are the other half, this is what you could have been’. It could also be saying that it’s two times better than the n9?

    • Viipottaja

      Heh, yeah, design and build your only product around a grudge.

  • StefanP

    Pre-orders are already possible! Yeah, I just pre-ordered my Jolla phone!

  • StefanP

    Comment on Jolla’s facebook channel:
    Jonérik Ekström: the back panel has an interface… so probably you’ ll get your qwerty, camera backpak, wireless charging and so on… as long as they get enough preorders.

  • Viipottaja

    Btw, the design goes to show that even with a buttonless UI you still need big bezels.

    • noki

      no just shows that thin bezels requires a bit of not trivial engineering and I’m guessing only the new amoleds will be able to pull it of, now the cheaper the engineering thee wider the bezel

      • Viipottaja

        Sorry, that’s what I meant; admittedly worded it bad when posting in a hurry.

        I would waiger that the bezels in Nokia Lumias probably have to do with such factors more than the WP hardware keys. The keys are probably a very thin layer on top of the screen connectors and thus have little to no effect on the width of the bezel at this point at least. If “bezelless screens” would become available, they could become an issue.

        • jiipee

          This was interesting tweet from ex-Nokia marketer (ex since few days)

          “First #JollaPhone is tall, good fit for hand but plenty of bezel at top and bottom, improves radio performance.”

          Accoring to it, the top and bottom bezel could have something to do with radio perfomance in general.

          • Viipottaja

            Makes sense. The screen and the connectors may interfere with the signals I guess. And, physically, antennas and radios have to go somewhere and with increasingly thin phones there is less and less room under the screen anyway with battery there too.

      • Viipottaja

        i.e. by “still” I meant more “for the time being” than “you need them always and forever even with a buttonless UI”. 🙂