Poll: Which High End Lumia Do You prefer? + Over All best Looking Lumia

| May 21, 2013 | 45 Replies

nokia9seriesWith three variants of the Lumia 9XX available it’s just that much more difficult to find the perfect phone for you (unless you’re dictated by your carrier of course). So in a magical world were all devices are available to everyone no matter what your LTE preference which would you choose?

The Original most innovative of them all the Lumia 920? The Xenon wielding 928? Or the Aluminum hard-body 925?

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Be sure to let us know WHY!? (keep in mind that short of the wireless charging covers on the 925 the 920 is the only one that will sate your more colorful cravings).

While we’re at it, how about the most aesthetically pleasing Lumia of them all (all features aside) this should only rely on Design (weight, size, bezzel, symmetry, curves, curved screen or not and of course colors)

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