Rant: Playtime Is Over Microsoft, Time to Get Your Game Together

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(Rant that was delayed due to exams), Ok let’s start…..

This past month alone Nokia launched two new “Hero/Flagship” devices, the 925 being the one with the larger spotlight. One consistent comment I’ve read is “they’re the same damn phone!!”; and let’s face it, short of an extra lens in the 925 and a Xenon flash in the 928 they really are just replicas of the 920. Hell I’d consider calling them 920-Xenon and 920-Slim (just like the Minis/Dual sims); but why is this a problem?

For the first time in a REALLLYYY long time Nokia were pushing the upper limits of the hardware restrictions, going with the highest screen resolution possible, dual cores, bigger batteries, better cameras, until they hit the limitation barrier.

(Note: I’m not saying that WP *needs* more cores or Full HD screens- but ignore all that for a second)

To compensate for the fact that their highest specs possible still didn’t match up to the current (or even last gen) Android devices they went down the innovation road. With OIS, Wireless charging, Super sensitive touch, Pureview, CBD and the Nokia exclusive features they were able to somewhat level the playing field. But of course the mobile world doesn’t sit and watch, the masters of adapting and copying (Samsung) already have their own super-sensitive touch, wireless charging, dual recording cameras and more, all the while the core OS hasn’t changed a bit (short of letting you keep the WiFi on while the screen is locked).

Windows Phone 8 has been out for almost 8 months now, and yet there hasn’t been a single significant improvement. Instead they’ve sat back while BlackBerry ripped their “hub”, and other OSes silently copied their “metro” interface, so you have to think what on earth are they doing?

*This doesn’t mean I think teaming up with Microsoft was the wrong movie, I have much more trust in Microsoft’s software development abilities than in Nokia when it comes to a full OS. If only they bothered working on it.

Sure WP8 is finally playing catch-up with the apps, redesigning some of the essentials, and releasing some long awaited ones; but when do they plan on playing catch-up with the hardware and features? Nokia’s innovations and camera prowess can only carry themselves (and the OS) so far, and by go they’ve done their duty. When Nokia teamed up with WP everyone said they would save each other, but it’s pretty obvious that Nokia has saved WP; so when is the favor going to be repaid?

Yes, Nokia’s position isn’t as dire as it was two years ago, but scrambling over 5% market-share isn’t doing it too much good either. I hate hearing that the latest device/features have been delayed or pushed back to suit Microsoft’s lazy-ass schedule,  how much longer do we have to wait to get a higher spec roof? Or do we have to wait till Android moves on to the next thing besides 1080p screens?

I appreciate the fact that WP8 is relatively bug free, and is quite smooth; but that’s not an excuse for lack of development. We’ve seen countless concepts and ideas on how to improve WP; from multiple notification systems, to improved People/Me hubs and yet not a peep from Microsoft. And worse yet, there doesn’t seem to be any rumors supporting a big change (short of GDR3 bringing 1080p and quad core *late* this year).

So Microsoft, where’s my offline voice dictation? Hell where’s my voice dictation (online or offline) outside of messaging? Where’s my improved social notifications? Where’s my notification center? Oh and podcasts outside the US?

The point I’m trying to make is that Nokia have done their end of the deal, they’ve conquered the low end with the 520/521 and actually have a glimpse of the high end, but low light images and flashy colors can only carry you so far at some point the OS has to progress. And that lies solely at Microsoft’s feet (ignoring the fact that “Nokia Amber” which should bring sleeping screen is once again Nokia’s handywork). So dear Microsoft, get your shit together.

Love Ali.



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