Review: Nokia Lumia 720; the Mid-Range Beast

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Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, as is the case with my Lumia 720 trial device; which should now be faring the seas on the way back to the mystical Nokia Connects headquarters in London. Thankfully I was able to sum up my thoughts about the phone in a moderate 6 minute video review:

For those of you who prefer written content, I’ll cut to the chase; the phone is the most beautiful Lumia (or other) device I’ve ever had the pleasure of handling so far (my opinion of course), the screen shames all other 480p displays and even the iPhone’s retina display, the design is *just* right. Performance wise it’s a mixed bag, delivering the same consistent lag free and smooth usage we’ve come to expect from WP8; however the phone struggles when resuming some apps (the whole OS will continue to run buttery smooth, but sometimes apps will get stuck on the resuming screen, or just take an abnormally long time to resume).

The verdict is as I expected it from day one, I love the phone and I’d switch my 920 out for it in a heartbeat…. if it had the same processor/RAM.

In case you missed them here’re a couple of videos I posted along the way comparing the Lumia 720 to the 920 (plus one that I forgot to post; the speaker comparison).

Lumia 720 Unboxing:

Lumia 720 vs. 920 Hardware Comparison:

Lumia 720 vs. 920 General performance & Boot Speed Comparison:

Lumia 720 vs. 920 Speaker Performance:

Lumia 720 vs. 920 Rear/Main Camera:

Lumia 720 vs. 920 Front Facing Camera:


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