Ebay Lumia 920 Ships With New Firmware! Brings Notification Center, Daily Calendar View, Close Background Tasks and Much More

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A user on reddit posts that he ordered a Lumia 920 on Ebay, and got a bit extra with it. I believe we might be looking at the first images of GDR2 or possibly even 3 that brings a slew of new features that have been requested by many.



Up first is the ability close background tasks (as seen in the screenshot above) by tapping on the little “X” while in the multitasking view. This is useful when you want to completely kill an app instead of keeping it frozen in the background (although low ram isn’t an issue on most Windows Phones it might be helpful on the lower end of the spectrum).

Also seen is a notification center of sorts *OMG!!!** which shows a list of notifications for each app with the apparent ability to delete them (you can probably swipe away as well); the notifications center seems to run through a live tile (middle tile top row in the second screenshot below).



Also present is the ability to organize your apps by usage or by alphabetical order (currently it’s only by alphabet)

Also a much needed feature is a weekly view of the calendar, rather than the eye straining monthly view that we have now! YAY!8985451456_1e9fab99af_z

Check out some more screenshots at the flickr gallery below (including data sense, more organized apps and others):


Michael: I was posting this at the same time as Ali – so I’ll just merge a few thoughts that I had that differ from the above.

From the screenshots over on Flickr, you can see there is a new version of HERE Drive Beta – “Blue”, as well as zFaceBlue – which is Facebook for Windows Phone Blue (I assume). There is also iCalendar Import which most likely is indicative that this update WILL support CalDav.

Of course, there are TONS of apps shown in the app list, many of which will be buried from the user, but its nice to see that there will be substantial changes (I felt pretty ripped off going from WP7 to WP8 t0 be honest – but I know it was all core changes etc).

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