At&t Increases Phone Subsidy Period on Contract From 20 months to 2 years

| June 9, 2013 | 21 Replies

In a blog post today At&t announced that the new upgrade cycle for phones bought on contract will now become 24 months instead of the current 20; adding an extra 4 months of contract lock down. At&t was one of the first carriers to welcome Nokia back to the US with the lumia 900, 920 and 820 all as exclusives; (however recently Verizon has become the #1 WP8 carrier in the US); so this is likely to affect many future upgrades (and piss a fair bit of you off).

That new limit applies both to new customers and to anyone whose contract ends in March 2014 or later — meaning most people currently on a contract will get one more 20-month upgrade before the change takes effect

Once again I’m thankful that I buy my own phones straight-up and take them wherever I want; land of the free eh? (but then again at least it’s not Verizon)




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