Name that Nokia: Nokia EOS or Nokia Lumia 920? Comparison

| June 13, 2013 | 46 Replies

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 10.59.30

To the untrained eye, you’re looking at the same phone. Possibly a 920 on the right too with the Nokia Glance Screen beta update if you were aware of that.


There are though some changes with regards to speaker/FFC/(proximity sensor?) it seems.

The Lump on the back makes the EOS stand at an angle somewhat.  That’s somewhat the beauty of the EOS. It still has the appearance of a industry design winning phone but with (hopefully) a really good camera. It is not a fat and ugly brick which some would call the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom.

Source: Vizileaks


Cheers Derrek for the tip!


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  • Michael Faro-Tusino

    For me the tell tale sign is that the 920 has the Nokia logo offset to the right, where as it is centered on the EOS

    • n8thebest

      Yes, centered Nokia logo like classic and famous Nokia models of the past. Great to see that centered logo again. It makes me proud as a Nokia fan and owner. My N8 is proud as well, being a cousin to the EOS.

      Also I haven’t seen this mentioned, but notice importantly that the front facing camera is off-set to the right, far away from the speaker, which is right near the Nokia logo.

      On the 920 though, the front facing camera is very close to the speaker, and that caused dust issues on earlier revision 920s. The latest 920.3 revision fixes the dust issue with some sort of insert or sheath that prevents any dust from entering the FFC on the 920.

      On the EOS though, the issue is fundamentally prevented by design, due to the FFC being placed far away from the speaker grille.

      • Janne

        EOS is clearly based on Lumia 900 design. It is a very, very 900-like. Not like 920 at all.

      • Kumara

        I like more N950 silver protos of Nokia logo. It’s engraved in the metal.

      • This was it

        Nokia sure is famous, but is that a good thing?

        I bet that Nokia’s current products would sell better if Nokia never told anyone that products sold with the Lumia brand were manufactured by Nokia.

  • n8thebest

    The best thing about the EOS is that it will be thinner than the 808.

    At first I was disappointed by the look of the EOS. Now I will wait and see the official reveal before making final judgement. I’m gradually warming up to the EOS design, even though it’s a “thinness at all costs” sort of phone. I do understand partially Nokia’s logic to go as thin as possible, since that’s currently what’s popular in the smartphone market.

    Also that hideous monstrosity, the Zoom makes the EOS look very appealing in comparison.

    • Viipottaja

      Agree, I would have personally preferred they make it as “thick” 🙂 as the 920, thus reducing the hump. On the other hand, it might look quite good in real life, and the hump can’t be more than a couple mm thick so its not that huge.

      Alo, a pronounced camera module makes the phone immediately distinguishable in any situation and crowd hopefully will thus lead to many a discussion at the end of which someone will say “wow, that’s pretty impressive!”. 🙂

      • v.s.i

        After seeing the Samsung Galagsy S4 Laugh Launcher (Zoom), people will have a hard time believing a 2x thinner phone can outclass and outspec it. Design and quality is not even worth mentioning any more. Outstanding job by Nokia on this one, and right on time.

        By the way, when it appears, I’ll gift Janne a Samsung Galaxy S4 ActiveZoom Fridge. Why wait for your ice cream to freeze, when with the 2 10x optical zoom cameras you can snap a photo of both yourself and the ice cream in the making and upload it directly on Hipstagram? How’s a dual-core 1.5 GHz fridge with 5″ display and TouchWiz for mediocre? 🙂

        • This was it

          What do you mean EOS outperforming S4 Zoom?

          The idea with S4 Zoom is what the name implies. Zoom. EOS or 808 can never beat S4 Zoom in zooming. It’s just not possible.

          Those two are very different products.

          • v.s.i

            Oh great, now we’re cooking with gas! /s

            Simple as that. The 808 can zoom losslessly up to 4x, while the Galagsy S4 Zoom can do up to 10x.

            Even if that’s a 6x difference for Samsung, supposing that the Eos will at least be as good as the 808, any consumer that wants to decide between the two products will pick the one that’s better in every other aspect. Which is the Nokia. Stop spinning it around.

            • This was it

              Actually 808 can zoom only 2x if the resulting image is 16MP like it’s on the S4 Zoom.

              The difference in zoom capacity is enormous.

              • Rafaelinux

                But the 10x zoom result looks like a 2mp image :\ Completely distorted.

  • tom3256

    The clone wars. Who is on the bright side? White 808?

    • tiyo xi

      i have mine

  • aslanoo

    I still do not think that it will match with the 808 when it comes to the sensor size. More probably the N8. I expect like 1/1.5 with 24 or 32 Mpx for 4x oversampling with 6 Mpx + 2x Zoom or 8x with 4 Mpx + ~3x zoom.

    • dss

      The sensor should be identical.. we will see about the feature set, and the performance.

  • Bazil

    Anyone noticed the smaller bezels of the EOS in comparison to the 920?

    • Janne

      Also, EOS has the Lumia 900 top speaker design (and hence a centered Nokia logo like in RoW 900), not the 920 type.

      Also the rear of EOS is clearly Lumia 900, not 920 curvature at all.

      • Correct, yet the EOS has the 920 bottom design but a little smaller. If the EOS sports the samne 4.5″ screen I’d say EOS is slightly smaller than the 920 and that would be great. Slighty less wide and a little shorter would really help in digesting the added thickness of the hump.

        Can’t wait for it to be released as, if the dimensions are balanced, might just be my next Nokia.

  • ronit chotlani

    the right one is Nokia EOS as it can be seen its just tilted to an angle you can the shadow behind due to its big camera module and the left one is lumia 920

    • tiyo xi

      this eos body disign was made for meego based nokia N980 before elop comes in nokia , based on N9 camera smartphone

  • ronit chotlani

    it is tilted upwards..

    • Mapantz

      It’s resting on the camera hump.

  • Janne

    EOS also seems to have, if not flat glass completely, almost flat – again to keep it thinner but also in line with its Lumia 900-esque design. EOS really is very different from Lumia 920, but very like Lumia 900.

    • The 920 doesn’t really have curved glass either IMHO. The glass only really curves at the edges and not a full curve over the entire width/length as was the case with the N9/Lumia 800.

      I don’t mind either, as long as the coating on it is good so that it is smooth to the touch.

  • nabkawe

    I think EOS looks awesome and not seeing the huge speaker on top makes me hope that this phone is WATERPOOF , as the omtition of the sdcard and removeable batter might suggest .( though it could be just the thinness).

    • cad

      p2i *ehem

  • Marcel D. Juhnke

    Also, the right one (‘EOS’) has a lanyard hole on the bottom left if you look closely, which the 920 doesn’t have.

  • cad

    there’ so many people say that the eos would have 16:9 ratio display

    • Janne

      I guess that isn’t impossible, considering that when WP8 launched there were some musing from (I think) Microsoft that the 16:10 resolutions – 768 included – would be only temporary. I think people expected that 720p would soon become the norm, which indeed it did on HTC and Samsung devices. However, Nokia has stuck to 768 in their high-end variants, so it is possible they won’t move to 16:9 until 1080p hits. It might make sense for EOS to still have 768.

      • And to think that Nokia was the odd one out for years with 16:9 on Symbian.

        Personally though I like 16:10 a little better in most cases, but 16:9 is fine too.

    • dss

      16:9 makes perfect sense.. Nokia was doing it for years before WP came along, and that’s when they had to change it.

      Glad to see them going back to the original plan.

      • Janne

        Personally I much prefer 16:10 on smaller touch screen sizes, makes typing in portrait that much easier, because historically 16:9 screen were also less wide. However, with the sizes of the screens growing, that is becoming less of an issue.

      • DannyBoy

        Dont you think that eos looks slimer? maybe its 16:9 but i dont think so.

  • john

    i will get this phone if i see p2i nano tek water proofing wysips solar charging if not ill wait for nokias next flagship. Plus windows phone still needs work done before i go buying one of ther phones. I would like to see file manager real torrent app more custom tiles themes would be nice notification center plz separate volume controls better controls on music player .

    • JGrove303

      You will never see the features you are asking for there, because MS wants to keep WP secure and block piracy.

      seriously, just use your PC for that junk.

  • NIck

    It is the right on
    More raised from surface

  • NIck

    It is the right one
    Nokia written in top center

  • dss

    The EOS will have some real competition in terms of IQ..

    This is the first alternative to a Nokia cameraphone in almost 4 years.

    • v.s.i

      How do you know those specs aren’t made up?

      A Snapdragon 800 probably needs that 3000 mAh battery, but that means it’s into phablet territory. Which is also better covered by the future Xperia Z Ultra. A good camera is not a selling point for a phablet, the stylus and what you can do with it is.

      • v.s.i

        Oh, also it’s uglier because, just like the Lumia 900, the top bezel is larger than the bottom one, WTF? And I hope we’re past the 90s glitzy marketing terms already…

  • Law
    • Viipottaja

      Yes, we do! 🙂

    • Mapantz

      Excited muchly!

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  • Naivi

    I’ve being using Nokia lumia 920 for 3 weeks now, and I’m thrilled with it, it has a great camera quality, and with low light is great!!!!, but what I like most are the maps and the nokia drive app, is so acurate and detailed… also the design is so modern and fresh, I’m so happy to have this phone!!!!