Some N9 Users experience issues after updating Nokia Link – Update with Caution

| June 13, 2013 | 52 Replies



We recently shared with you guys that Nokia Link was updated on the N9 and it brought with it some 3G connectivity improvements. In what some are calling “Sabotage”, the update has seen some users suffer for the exact thing the update is supposed to fix – connectivity.

So here is the situation. Someone at Nokia who cares/was paid to, has updated the N9 through Nokia Link. Now, Nokia Link is simply an app that will open an installer for the desktop software on your PC when you connecte your N9. In a rather clever move (although I would have done it with a package that is more likely to be installed on all devices – seeing as heaps remove Nokia Link), the update doesn’t actually update Nokia Link at all. It simply attaches a 5kb file (confpp_1.0.0+0m8_armel.deb) that is then installed alongside the version of Nokia Link you had before. NOTE: Nokia Link itself has not been updated.

This confpp package is what brings with it the 3G fix that has been reported in the bugzilla a while back.

The conclusion is that if you have issues with your 3G connection – install the update. If you don’t stay clear of it, as it seems to introduce the bug into your device.

So if you’re one of the unlucky ones affected – simply purge your device of confpp and you should be fine :-)

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  1. shallow ocean shoal says:

    I can’t believe I read this 5 min after I install the update. Goddammit

  2. Izuan says:

    Ok, strange thing with my phone after update is that:
    1) 3G worked before, thanks goodnesss still works now.
    2) I can suddenly back-up my phone with the desktop Nokoa Link app again after 6 months of failing to be able to do so with some error. Yeay! (back-up file seems much smaller now for some reason, maybe i’ve deleted some apps/data somewhere)
    3) Battery drain a tad higher. Maybe.
    4) Don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but QNeptunea shows nothing. Old API?

    • Izuan says:

      *Desktop Nokia Link app*

    • stormtroller says:

      4) yes, old API. uninstall and reinstall latest version of Qneptunea

    • Izuan says:

      OK, scratch No. 4). Updated QNeptunea with which has new API now works again.

    • Shane says:

      qneptunea issue totally unrelated, tweetian & it coincidentally stopped working at the same time, due to API changes. Update to the latest version, if latest version update notice isn’t showing up, manually uninstall, find the latest version, & then manually install that.

    • Shane says:

      battery drain is extremely subjective thing, I doubt it’s done anything to battery drain.

      • Izuan says:

        I know it is, hence the ‘maybe’ ;-). Might pay more attention to it if anyone else reports the same. If not, then t’sall good.
        Updates (or certain other softwares/apps) on the N9 does seem to be quite random in how it affects different users differently.

  3. Shane says:

    It’s not even clear if it’s intended as a fix specifically for bug #126.
    There was several very similar bugs, it could be a fix for any one of them.
    Also, the update is not causing issues for “ALL” users who don’t already have a 3G bug, it’s more random than that.

  4. Ben says:

    I also have some issues occured with my N8 after I installed the “email & calendar” update last week.

    Some of the issues are:

    - constant freezing. This happens when 3 or more apps are running. I never had this issue before and also If you write a message then you search for contacts, it hangs so you need to reboot again.

    - Apps on the home screen won’t launch most of the time, even viewing photos, videos, and music player. You have to reboot again for this to work.

    I’m really pissed off and regret doing this update. These were never happened to my N8 before and I dont even intall apps/games anymore in my phone in a long time. Is there a way to report this to Nokia?

  5. Jdean says:

    Got the update but theres no uninstall option for me :( why?

  6. kainerious says:

    How make “the purge” ? Thanks

  7. bish says:

    Installed Just Before Reading This. Oops, uses Just Greedy for N9 updates…

  8. BJ says:

    I honestly want to know where the ‘sabotage’ thing came from. I mean, I know, it’s one of our users, but what was the reasoning? It’s crazy.

    • Michael Faro-Tusino says:

      Their reasoning was that Nokia intentionally tried to make their phone a useless phone and hope they switched to lumia so they could have a phone that works. Some people these days

  9. zlutor says:

    Interesting new approach from Nokia.
    It is not the usual Finnish way of doing things…

    It would be good to know what was the original reason behind hiding one silent update behind some other fake(!) one…

    • nn says:


      • zlutor says:


        I’m getting a L620 as a company phone in any days coming but not so happy with it.

        One of my colleagues got it this week and he plans to keep his old HTC android phone…

        The issues he was listing were just unbelievable… :-(

    • Michael Faro-Tusino says:

      This was done most likely as a way to ship the update to users without having to do a FW update – no point issuing a FW update for 5kb file and from what I know, this seems like a logical approach. They could have maybe updated something like Dev Mode (although some users wouldn’t enable it and hence wouldn’t see the update). using Nokia Link did make sense as it would be an app that was installed on the vast majority of devices, though there were also a fair few who removed it day 1.

      • Shane says:

        There was also quite a few images that didn’t have it installed from day 1. Overall their distribution approach was poor, & their testing was perhaps even worse.

      • Grazy says:

        they may have been better off updating “Nokia Music” or “accuweather” or something that you cannot remove

  10. v.s.i says:

    Updated, nothing happened. I’m in open mode, but anyway, the fix for that bug was

    # /sbin/initctl restart xsession/icd2

    The bug only rarely affected me but it’s good to know it’s been fixed.

  11. Anthony says:

    Just installed the update on both N9′s.
    No problem at all, everything’s working fine.

    Strange why some having problems.

  12. Olav says:

    Well… what about all the N9′s that shipped without Nokia Link? It’s a bit strange to publish an update through an app that wasn’t installed as default on all N9′s…

  13. Kike says:

    Got 3g trouples fixed. Hope they fix dropbox integration also.

  14. sot says:

    where is confpp? i cant find it

  15. Ruben says:

    nothing shows in my updates… i’ll wait a few days and think about if i will install this or not.

    • Shane says:

      Follow the thread @TMO, it’s been fine for most users, but follow that thread for a bit longer if you want to be sure.

  16. Chen says:

    Yes!!now i have problem after laptop not detect my N9 either in mass storage mode or sync..

    • Shane says:

      As the update changes nothing to do with Nokia Link (it simply piggy-backs on the nokia-link package), it’s quite likely the problem you’re experiencing has nothing to do with the update.

      • Chen says:

        Im not sure about that..because before this im got same issue.after adjusting nokia link on my win7 it solve the problem.Some said my usb problem.try to reflash my N9 right..but it useless coz cannot recognize device detect ..arghhh

  17. Benjamin says:

    pardon me… what’s this post trying to alert for the problem on updating it? don’t quite get it.

  18. AlexN9 says:

    Hi! How to restore/establish anew Nokia Link? I removed it, thinking that because of this updating Qneptunea ceased to work… ((

  19. eskobar says:

    Have the same problem – NOKIA LINK is not installed on N9 and won’t restore – anybody an idea?

  20. eskobar says:

    can anybody email/post confpp_1.0.0+0m8_armel.deb ?

    • Shane says:

      @AlexN9 @eskobar

      Go spam the main thread at…
      Do realise that some N9′s never had NL installed.
      So don’t install it just because you don’t see it.
      “Unless” you’re having 3G connectivity issues…
      (might also be good to have it in case they want to apply updates in the future via this -stupid- mechanism)

  21. WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for opgelicht

  22. Kudz says:

    Sometime last year I was using my N9 internet(YouTube,Facebook)for free for about a month or two then out of the blue all stopped. Was i the only one experiencing such and coming to think about it,I still find the N9 being the worst product Nokia has produced.

    • Shane says:

      And why do you think that posting here is a good idea…
      There’s FAR better resources on the net for determining & resolving/mitigating your issue.
      For example:

      Considering Nokia dropped decent support for the N9 “like a rock”, it’s to be expected that there’s plenty of unresolved issues.
      It’s definitely one of their best products ever, why, because despite Nokia’s negligence, there’s still LOADS of interesting work being done for it.

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