TechCrunch blogger disses Nokia’s PureView because it isn’t Fat and Ugly like the Samsung Galaxy S4 ZOOM Brick

| June 12, 2013 | 111 Replies

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The gist I got from this article was because the S4 Zoom looks more like a camera than the Nokia PureView devices it’s instantly better.

Apparently, whilst Nokia PureView might perform better in low light, it doesn’t matter because the consumer will prefer thee thing that looks more like a camera.

Well, actually, I could see Android and a large(R) screen being reason amongst several others. You know, genuine reasons.

It seems that to Natasha, if you’re going to go and make a big camera based phone, make it super fat, and super ugly, like an ugly fat point and shoot so regular joe that knows nothing about cameras and camera phone will pick up your fat and ugly camera-phone hybrid.


Samsung’s relentless pursuit to cover all bases the competition is at is admirable. If you can, why not. Also, the push on camera makes camera as a feature even more important. It’s still one of Nokia’s strengths so all the better for Nokia that more people are in pursuit of good photography. I feel Samsung gave PureView a breather when it released the previous iteration of the Fat and Ugly S3/Camera just without the phone bit. Adapt/Copy/Evolve quickly and swarm the competition, like the Borg or virus, an impressive feat for those who can carry it off.

Quite rightly, Natasha says it may be down to performance but apparently, on design, the outside of the fat and ugly S4 zoom wins. Note, i think I’ve seen performance comparison in areas where the 808 beasts the previous SammyDroidCamera.

Nokia’s been working for 5 years on PureView Phase 1 as seen in the 808. It was meant to bring DSLR like performance in a POCKETABLE size (pocketable at least when they started it – though still much more compact than the fat and ugly S4 Zoom).

Come on Nokia, release the Kraken already! (As for looking more like a camera, I read some complaints in the Nokia EOS leaks that they didn’t like how it looked too much like a camera :p)

Cheers Jenjaman for the tip!

Apologies for the title. It was in the same jest as the one I’m responding to.



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  • Janne

    Has anyone considered how silly the S 4 Zoom is going to look like when you speak into it? 🙂 I mean, I guess not N-Gage silly but still, it looks like you have a point and shoot to your ear. EOS, hump or not, isn’t going to look THAT silly.

    • n8thebest

      Yes, great point.

    • n8thebest

      Here is a screen cap from a promotional Samsung video for the Zoom:

      Just look how RIDICULOUS she looks with that thing to her ear. I guess if people want to be thought of as crazy, they should get the Zoom, as regular people will think you’re trying to make a phone call to your imaginary friend on your digital camera ;).

      • Yorcharturo

        I thought people looked silly with the Galaxy Note, and see the Note and Note II are a huge success, there is a market for every product.

    • That Zoom things looks a little like: ‘You will be assimilated’

      • sunnyvale


        Let’ contact Steven Moffat and give him the idea. The zoom will be a probe-thingy that will rape people’s ears and …assimilate them.

  • Yorcharturo

    Don’t be mean to her, the article is quite good actually, I love the 808 camera, and I love Nokia camera phones. All she said is that the samsung s4 zoom will appeal more to the mass market, she is talking of the millions of users that will believe that the zoom is better because it looks more proffesional as a camera, you must read it complete, she even comments that no matter if Nokia has better tech and specs in the camera because to the common user it will look just like any other phone with a tiny camera. The samsung is targeted to those who still carry a point and shot. In fact samsung cameras are quite bad (even the pro)

  • viperkid

    nokia made a BIG mistake for not giving the first and REAL PureView Pro smartphone 808 enough or decent marketing. look at what samsung is and has been doing!! DANG! i think majority of average joes knows or assumes that “GALAXY CAMERA” is ONE of a kind when in reality, it is NOT! aaarggh!! nokia, we are happy with great low light shots from d current lumias, but i think you should have given 808 more exposure to d general public, OMZG!

    Dear Microsoft,

    Could you please release “WP Blue” now?! and also, show us at least a ROADMAP showing ur future updates?

    Dear Nokia,

    Im still here patiently waiting (like forever), a BIG time, hard core FAN <3

    best regards,


    (would love to type ds via my white Nokia 808 PureView, but refrained – bcoz i am still waiting for accenture to fix d built-in browser)

    asha 501's swipe-lite is looking AWESOME,(plan B?)

    "..the next generation"

    is dat what ur hinting nokia?

    • GordonH

      Time to write a letter to financial companies holding both NOK and MS shares.
      Nokia is now just someone’s bitch!!!

  • John

    This is hilarious. Samsung has re-invented the shoephone. Almost as good as the upcoming Nikon DSLR phone.

  • Waqas Ahmad Khan

    Anyone dislike brick like phones than Lumia 920 should be the most hated phone — na?

  • jammy

    I saw on other techblogs, sammy fans trying to praise the design of this brick which samsung wants to call phone, they were same bunch of people who were trying to hang nokia for making 920, as at 180grams it was very heavy for them, but now at 225grams, this ugly looking duckling is most innovative phone in eyes of samdung fans………. Samdung fanboys of present are worst than, iPhone fanboys of past……..

  • linkin

    This is clearly what samsung is good at…they try to beat other manufacturers by takin the manufacturer’s own game and backing it up with heavy marketing and this explains why they are the fastest selling (though not the best IMO) andriod brand.i dont know how good d S4 ZOOM is but this conversation must have occured in the samsung board meeting..
    Company exec-“Hey,nokia is making wonderful and good camera phones and creating a niche for itself,what do we do”?
    Marketing manager-“Thats easy,we make a
    camera,instal andriod 4.2,and market it as a phone!!
    our fans would surely buy it and they won’t tell the difference between this and nokia phones.

  • Yorcharturo

    You can say wahtever you want about her, but I think she is right, Nokia took too long to release a true Pureview Lumia, more people are commenting on the S4 Zoom than on the EOS. just try a google search and google news search, the first came with more than 8 million sites for samsung and 1.2 million for nokia, and the second came with 84 thousands for Samsung and 23 thousands for nokia.

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