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MNB IMG_9443 AKG K551

These are the AKG-551 (White) ‘Reference Class’ headphones (by Harmann) that we received last week. Due to exams I’m only posting about it now. Cheers to the folks from Bite.

AKG Reference-Class Over-Ear Headphones (Silver)

  • Over-Ear
  • Passive noise cancellation (prevents sound leakage from headphones quite well)
  • in line microphone (haven’t got it to work with my Lumia yet)
  • control buttons (pause, volume. Volume I can’t seem to work with my lumia. Skip/Previous track by pressing pause button twice/thrice respectively)
  • Cups rotate 90 degrees, so essentially the headphones fold in a ‘2D’ axis
  • 50mm drivers
  • non-user replaceable cables (wired headset)

MNB IMG_9435 AKG K551

Clearly marked what is what

MNB IMG_9433 AKG K551

Carefully adjust the headphones

MNB IMG_9432 AKG K551


MNB IMG_9429 AKG K551


The cables feel a bit short for me. The control isn’t immediately obvious that you could also have next/previous track unless you’re already familiar with iOS controls.

MNB IMG_9431 AKG K551

Wearing them. They’re definitely big headphones, but I’m a fan of over ears so I like them.

When you put them around the neck, they might feel a little too large for some.

Otherwise, very comfortable on the ears.

The non-properly folding (i.e. collapsing like the purity pro) design and the huge size might mean that for some this isn’t one to wear outside or in public but as I said, I like these huge headphones so I wouldn’t mind wearing them outdoors.

MNB IMG_9412 AKG K551 MNB IMG_9410 AKG K551 MNB IMG_9418 AKG K551 MNB IMG_9419 AKG K551 MNB IMG_9423 AKG K551 MNB IMG_9393 AKG K551

Sound wise, they’re very neutral. No thumpy bass (which some might prefer and some might not). It’s very well received in reviews for its natural reproduction of sound.


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