Huawei Considers Buying Out Nokia

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Here’s a surprise bombshell to liven up your day;  Richard Yu, chairman of Huawei’s consumer group has mentioned that they are actively looking at the possibility of buying out Nokia. Although they haven’t made an offer to Nokia nor approached them with the idea, he said:

We are considering these sorts of acquisitions; maybe the combination has some synergies but depends on the willingness of Nokia. We are open-minded,

Of course the acquisition of Nokia by anyone would be an insane increase in assets, in the patent field alone; let alone their mobile and imaging expertise.

Also commenting on the position of Windows Phone in the marketplace (keep in mind that Huawei have a few of their own):


Whether Windows Phone [will be] successful is difficult to say – it has a very small market share. [Windows Phones] are weak but still require a licence fee. That’s not good. Android is free.”

Immediately following these remarks Nokia’s stock shot up (currently 6%)

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 8.51.52 PM

I don’t see the deal happening, for obvious reasons; mainly that Nokia are just getting their feet under them once again, they wouldn’t give up now, would they?

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  • prashant

    commonly saying that thing which ms, google and sammy were unable to do, and now huawei it’s really awkward.
    It points out to one single thing they all are scared of nokia, because if nokia became number 1 this time then next time there will be no chance for samsung, apple, etc to sell this much devices as they are doing now.

    • manu

      nokia will never become number 1 with windowsphone.

      • KeiZka

        Except they already are… in WP.

        • +1

        • JGrove303

          BOOM +1

          The mighty GSIII rebadge did nothing to versus the Lumia line in the USA. Over 80% of WP devices are Nokias and they have already claimed over 5% market share in the USA, beating out Blackberry for 3rd chair in this Orchesta.

          • peter

            yeah! it’s incredible!! Seriously, WPhone is not an O.S for nokia. They can’t do what they want because only microsoft can do that. Today, there are iOS and Android. WPhone will not be the third ecosystem.

            where are those who said “elop is the right man for nokia, wphone is a good O.S”??

            • n8thebest

              Bla bla bla…

              Getting back to reality, worldwide and in the US, Windows Phone IS in FACT the #3 ecosystem. This is a FACT, supported by sales numbers and usage statistics.

              Nokia also has a big influence over what Microsoft adds or changes in the Windows Phone OS.

              • GordonH

                A Distant #3 OS.
                And the price is that Nokia falls to no.10th in the smartphone race.

                • n8thebest

                  They’re climbing up again in the ranks fast.

                • n8thebest

                  The Lumia 520 is doing huge things for them in terms of raising awareness with consumers about the Lumia range.

                  It is selling very well worldwide, and if Nokia releases an even *cheaper* Lumia than the 520 (which both Nokia and Microsoft have hinted at), then it will be huge in terms of helping Lumia sales and also spreading mainstream awareness of Windows Phone.

  • BellGo

    ..They have the money for it? In fact, how much would one need to buy Nokia currently?

    If this were to happen, a lot of interesting thing would follow, mainly Nokia Android handsets..

  • StefanP

    Let’s collect some money, and MNB will buy Nokia! Jay for CEO! No more speculations here, but first hand infos! 😉

  • richard

    The statement is clear Huawei isn’t going to buy Nokia. It’s just partnership with as they say on the first statement. The title is just misleading.

  • I don’t think Huawei will ever buy Nokia as they’re already number three in the smartphone market. If someone will buy nokia it makes more sense to be someone with a weaker brand name.

    Also, Nokia’s phone division is basically useless, marketshare shrinking by the day. NSN, location and patents are still worth some money though but those are more likely to be sold separately and then in the end the only thing left of Nokia are a few million sold Lumia’s every quarter.

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  • kues

    Also, Nokia’s phone division is basically useless, marketshare shrinking by the day.

    But the featurephone/dumbphone users/buyers are the most important asset left for Nokia. If a company could convert only half or even only a third of those 55 Millionen quarterly users/buyers into smartphone buyers, it would have a very good third place after Samsung and Apple in the smartphone manufacturer ranking. And sadly it’s exactly what Nokia wasn’t able to do for the last 2 years- they lost both smartphone and featurephone buyers.

    • BellGo

      Except that that market is collapsing at a huge rate. Nokia lost, what, 25% of the featurephone sales in one quarter?

  • Atalan Hewacke

    What for? Do you think they need Mr Elop as most funny puppy in the neighbourhood? Doubt they would need Nokian hysteric worshipping Windows, they just want to make business and money, not politics.

  • Dragoon’s Spear

    I’d rather have this than m$ eating away at Nokia’s expenses

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  • Annoymous

    I am a Nokia shareholder and would welcome a buyout of Nokia! I think they need to add a second OS like Android to boost sales further. WP8 has been a disaster! WP8 is now obsolete in terms of keeping up with state of the art hardware specs and so Nokia cannot compete with Samsung 4S nor HTC One.

    I just want to breakeven and that means a buyout of $15 a share. I be willing to take a Huawei’s stock payment!

    Microsoft Windows 8 is not selling either which puts indirect pressure on sales of WP8 smartphones; while Android is going up through the roof and out in to space.

    • n8thebest

      Are you Finnish?

    • Joe

      ROTFLMAO! You’re a clueless idiot. Microsoft sold 100 million copies of Windows 8 in the first 6 months, about on par with Windows 7, the most successful OS in history. As for Android being Nokia’s savior, ask HTC, Sony, LG, Asus, Motorola, and Acer if it’s been a savior. Every single Android OEM with the exception of Samsung is struggling and/or losing money.

      I also have to laugh at you thinking Nokia being owned by Huawei, which is owned by the Chinese military, as being a good idea. Nokia would be dead as hell if this went down. Huawei sucks. If Nokia decided to do Android phones, they’d lose a billion dollars a year from Microsoft, they would lose WP8, meaning they wouldn’t be able to sell it, and they would be set back at least a year to get Android phones ready. You don’t just slap an OS on a blank phone. They would also have to compete against Samsung, by using their own resources and money. They would have to fund their own marketing. Nokia would already be bankrupt if not for Microsoft and if they made Android phones.

      • kues

        Microsoft sold 100 million copies of Windows 8 in the first 6 months, about on par with Windows 7, the most successful OS in history.

        And never before Microsoft sold the windows (upgrade) licences that cheap- remember 15$ Win7-Upgradeoffer, 40$ Upgrade?

        As for Android being Nokia’s savior, ask HTC, Sony, LG, Asus, Motorola, and Acer if it’s been a savior. Every single Android OEM with the exception of Samsung is struggling and/or losing money.

        At least Sony and LG are making money on smartphones- Nokia is still losing money on smartphones (restructuring costs adding on top of the operational losses).
        And ask LG about their strategic smartphone partnership with Microsoft from Feb 2009 and it’s benefits.
        And how did Windows Phone help HTC? They had the largest WP7 portfolio, still didn’t lead them to success.

    • Danny

      How much would nokia per share are worth in a takeover?

  • Raven

    I think it could be exciting and cool to see some kind of merge between the two Companies, Android With swipe ^^

    Wp8 is fast and good, but lacks too much and are way too slow With uppdates.

  • Grodelj

    I think this would be a mayor mistake for nokia. Finally they have something good going and WP8 is getting better. Android was totally crappy at begining and look at it now. Same goes for iOS.

  • John

    Why is this crap still here?
    Nokia is not for sale.

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  • A.S.

    Huakia or Nowei?