Nokia Trademarks ‘Nokia Zoom’ #zoomreinvented #EOS #41MP

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nokia zoom

Filed rather recently on May 30th 2013, Nokia has Trademarked ‘Nokia Zoom’ ahead of perhaps the unveiling of their ‘Zoom Reinvented’ Nokia Lumia 1020/EOS, the 41MP camera smartphone which looks to revolutionise imaging like the Nokia 808 PureView.


In International Class 9:
Mobile phones, smart phones, tablets; accessories and replacement parts for mobile phones, smart phones and tablets.

Do you see more than ‘just’ PureView oversampling and lossless zooming or do you think Nokia has done a little extra again? OIS and Rich Stereo recording would be nice. Somehow getting optical into such a small space would be a nice combo.

For those who argue over 808’s zoom or optical zoom, one thing other devices cannot do is take one picture and then ZOOM later. You cannot capture as much detail as Nokia’s 41mp sensors on these competing smartphones. End of story. mmmkay?


Cheers Muerte for the tip!


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  • APrasad

    +1 for all the things you’ve commented on 808 in the last Jay!

  • I’m hoping that this somehow undicates that the 1020 name will not be used. Eventhough I won’t doubt EVleaks, 1020 just doesn’t seem to fit.

    • SLAYER

      same here.

      • There have been some comments both here and elsewhere that suggested that it shouldn’t be part of the Lumia line and get its own name. Depending on what it actually is, I couldn’t agree more.

        Unless it is minimally bulky it is nothing like your mainstream phone. Market it differently (other name) and the usual flaws as weight and thickness won;’t apply as much.

  • tim

    i think that would mean nokia has again take a big step forward in imaging technology over the 808!! there shouldnt be anyone argue that this will be the best smartphone camera ever!! the galaxy is definetely not for normal people to put in the pocket so there is no meaning then you can also take a cam with you in a backpack

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  • xconomicron

    Out of curiosity, why would Nokia do this?

    • JGrove303

      The same reason Apple patented Retina Display.

  • Just put on my tinfoil hat and did a quick search. It appears PureView was registerd just a months before the 808 PureView was announced, so maybe we’ll see the birth of the Lumia 1020 Zoom?

  • Random Random

    About zooming at a later time.

    Sure, you can do that on 808 but because it’s done with cropping the original image, you can’t do it if you didn’t have full resolution settings on your 808 when you took the picture.

    My guess has been that this new product will always take the picture in full resolution, making it always possible to zoom at a later time. Today zooming at a later time with the 808 is not really the same as zooming with the camera application. There will be no oversampling if the picture is zoomed at a later time. I’m a bit disappointed if the new product doesn’t make it possible to use the zoom at a later time by saving the RAW image.

    On the other hand other phones allow crop zooming just like the 808 but just not as much as with the 808. That’s because of the sensor size.

    Then again comparing a product like S4 Zoom and 808 is a bit pointless. Both have the strong points. 808 is just better in some situations because of the large sensor and oversampling, and then S4 Zoom just destroys 808 while zooming. There is no way 808 could compete against Sz Zoom on that.

    • v.s.i

      But while the S4 Zoom has 10x optical zoom, Samsung engineers forgot to equip it with a lens that can zoom you out far enough to spare of you all those grins and laughs you’ll get when talking to your camera.


      • Random Random

        Sure, if you feel that way then you feel that way. It’s a matter of design vs. features. I was just pointing out the features. S4 Zoom has an obvious advantage over 808 when you need a zoom so it’s a nice product for people who want to have the best possible zoom with them.

        I wouldn’t like to use those small pads as mobile phones because they look ridiculous wen you talk to them, but I certainly understand why some people may like them. Just like why some people may like 808 and S4 Zoom.

        I have 808 and using that can result with some looks and people laughing at you. Been there, done that. It’s happening probably because of the hump since we still have lots of mobile Symbian phones here in Finland.

        I really hope this new product has those features 808 didn’t have. Making 808 effectively crippled. Ba-dum-tss, 808? No?

        • sbw44

          Damn dude what the hell is wrong with you? Do you hate nokia or something?

          • Random Random

            Sure, everyone with a realistic opinion must hate Nokia.

            What’s wrong with you? Calling people haters just because they talk about pros and cons.

            If you think I made a mistake, just point it out and correct me. Please.

            • Paul grenfell

              The thing is with the 808, is that you have the option.. Zoom whilst taking the pic , as well as zoom after you take the pic. I often use the 38mp , especially where I thought digital zoom cropping may be useful later after reviewing pics.

              • Random Random

                I have the option to ‘zoom’ after taking the picture, but there are to few drawbacks in that.

                First, you have to use the full resolution mode when you take the picture.

                The second drawback is losing the ability to choose the zoom level at a later time. You can just make crops. If you do that, you lose the PureView pixel binning.

                Third issue is not being able to zoom, the photo you already took, on device with the standard camera application.

                I assume Nokia is going to make these issues go away with the unreleased ‘EOS’ device.

                • torcida

                  1. Yes, of course you have to choose the full resolution mode.

                  2. Before doing the crop you are (!!) able to choose the zoom level. The more you zoom, the more PureView oversampling you lose – logical.

                  3. It is possible, if the cropped picture is not zoomed to the end before saving, you are able to zoom into the cropped image.

                  • Random Random

                    2. How do I do that for a picture I have taken yesterday?

                    I was talking about pictures that were taken at earlier time. Zooming and PureViewing those doesn’t seem to be possible with 808.

        • DP_Ind

          @Random: I’ll wait to see your comments on 11th July. From the info I’ve read online, I feel we will be seeing an Optical Zoom (or a zoom accessory) for EOS which will be different from what we know about conventional optical zoom.

          808 production has stopped and is now history.. Looking forward to EOS.

          • Random Random

            Optical zoom accessory would be a completely different thing. I have been talking about the device.

            Optical zoom could be possible, but I assume it would be unlikely because adding that wouldn’t be really reinventing zoom.

            Adding a possibility to zoom at a later time would be reinventing it. At least that could be said on marketing, even while even that approach wouldn’t have anything truly new. However it would be a nice feature.

  • Ushoda

    If they don’t use the 1020 on the name cause they’re gonna call it Nokia Zoom…. That would be almost stupid.
    1) it would set the EOS apart from the lumia range, segregating their high end line up.
    2) it would be like giving to Samsung and their fanboys free reasons to say that Nokia copy them.

    I hope Nokia Zoom stays like what it is, a new implementation form of an already existing technology.

  • BJ

    It’s trademarks, not trademark’s Jay.

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  • JGrove303

    It does make me wonder if they have been able to produce physical optical zoom along with OIS. Maybe by pushing the sensor back into the chassis as opposed to extending the lenses forward. Even a 2x optical, on top of the PureView crop would make a huge difference.

    • Random Random

      Well, it would make it possible to achieve something like 4x zoom for 16MP images. It would make a nice addition. Then again, I find it unlikely that it would have an optical zoom. Possible but unlikely.

      • Heikki Niininen

        If they were able to combine 41mp, oversampling and optical zoom, it would be really nice. Now we have zoom in 808 but it loses the advantage of oversampling when zoomed in tele.

        Again I’m not sure how the optical zoom would be implemented because the chassis in the leaked pictures seem to be too small and there does not seem to be any kind of protruding part in addition to the hump.

        • Random Random

          Yes, I find the optical zoom unlikely because adding that wouldn’t be really reinventing zoom.

          Reinventing zoom would be, in a marketing sense, enabling the zoom at a later time. For that the device should save the picture always on the full resolution, making it possible to zoom, with PureView, at a later time.

  • Siliconsub

    I would say that Nokia may start using Nokia Zoom technology like they use PureView, useful marketing Jargon.

    New Nokia Lumia 1020, with PureView imaging and Nokia Zoom technology

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  • Dragoon’s Spear

    somethin to bullshi the public again…right yep

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  • Otto

    Please note that “zoom at later time” is EXACTLY how lenses apps (like BLINK) work: in your photo collection it says “taken with BLINK” and you can from options reopen the photo in blink and choose again which of the stills you selected.

    Take this midsummer eve – I had a photo if my kids jumping to water, frozen at point where they hit the water knee-deep.
    I was showing the photo to my friends and one said it would be more cool if it was at point their toes hit the water.
    Options->Open in BLINK
    Move still teo-three steps back.
    Press save.
    Caused instant WHOA! effect.

    YES, that’s already “serial freeze shots reinvented” if you wish. And nobody remembers to advertise it.

    • Otto

      teo = two

    • Random Random

      Blinked pictures have quite low resolution.

      What is the actual exposure time for those photos you took?

      Anyway, enabling features like Blink to the standard camera with lenses is one reason why allowing access to the all the files through file manager, might be a bad idea.

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