Press Release: Nokia renews marketing strategy, retains JWT Worldwide as creative agency [#Rant]

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One of the issues that fires me up at Nokia mainly for sheer frustration, is Nokia’s marketing. What’s the point of making fantastic devices consumers will love if they aren’t ever going to be aware it exists or what it can do and why they should have one.

Marketing encompasses every form of Nokia’s communication with the outside audience. From adverts in video/print/tv/online etc to press events and keynotes. I have made many rants. One such in regards to keynotes is here, taking pointers from arguably the best keynote people of all time (The importance of keynotes is that this is where you start your perception of your new product. You are on good footing here where the media will repeat your words verbatim on what you say about your product. If you produce a great keynote, you can deliver the right message. Vice versa for all the crappy keynotes you’ve made)

A new press release from Nokia announces the renewal of Nokia’s global marketing strategies. JWT, one of the ‘most renowned creative agencies in the world’ has been appointed to lead Nokia’s marketing efforts.

Marketing is about “Connecting People”, not simply just to each other but from your products to your potential consumers. Currently, I find the majority of Nokia ads to fail in terms of having the right impact, the right message, being memorable, being understandable and being CONSISTENT.

Quite interestingly, a friend just asked me whether she heard right that I write on MyNokiaBlog and she noted how surprised she was to see my Instagram photos of how good pictures are from a NOKIA from. “That’s from a Nokia phone?” Incredulous, I had to point out that Nokia phones a long history in producing the best camera phones ever, giving examples of the Nokia 808 PureView with 41MP that from one photo could see the nutritional information off a packet of chocolate in the vending machine next to us. This is what frustrates me about Nokia. No one knows how good you are. Most people don’t understand your brand value anymore.

Another anecdote, I was speaking to another friend who asked me what phone I was using, and snarked at the realisation it was a Nokia feeling it’s all about Samsung and HTC at the moment.

I’ve been complaining about Nokia marketing years before HTC became a valid option for people to even consider as a good device against a Nokia. Little by little, year by year, Nokia lets their brand erode despite consistently producing fantastic innovations.

It’s not enough to give a vague arty farty video where you don’t know what’s happening and then slyly insert ‘Nokia’ at the end of it. It’s not good enough even to spend 99% of the time showing a competitor’s phone. It’s not right that we wouldn’t have any narration to explain in clear, coherent words why we should love this new Nokia phone. Make potential consumers CONNECT with your device. It’s not enough to talk about features. It’s enough even to demonstrate it (to which majority might not even be aware what’s going on). e.g. the super sensitive display and the use of gloves. That’s cool. Sony’s ad for their megaphatphone talks about using pencils which looking at news articles and comments really struck a cord with people. Interesting take. The 920/820/925/928 etc with SSS can all do that. It’s  about making these features CONNECT to the public – making them see something that would benefit them by using YOUR device.

Tell about how good Nokia is, who Nokia is, your long history to give confidence. Prove it with numbers, statistics or in the case of imaging, show off your incredible pictures which no other smartphone can do (ZOOM in to a picture AFTER it has been taken. 38MP samples. Who else is doing that!!!!! OMG!) When talking about features, highlight a problem that this solves so the audience can immediately appreciate that this feature you’re talking about is useful for solving something rather than just being a gimmick that’s there.

I’m about to go into a meeting now so this isn’t as organised as I’d like. I should post this now before I get frustrated and worked up in the meeting, haha.

Espoo, Finland – To strengthen its position in the mobile market, Nokia today announced a renewal of its global marketing strategy, and the appointment of JWT, one of the most renowned creative agencies in the world.

Tuula Rytilä, Nokia’s chief marketing officer, said: “In many ways, we’ve changed the way we market Nokia and our products. At the core of the Nokia brand are attributes such as quality, innovation and relevancy. We are excited to collaborate with JWT and come up with new and creative ideas that embody the Nokia brand and broaden the emotional appeal of our products.”

“We’re confident that JWT can help us market our products in a manner that is bold, disruptive and, most importantly, resonates with consumers,” Rytilä said.

“We are delighted to strengthen our long-standing relationship with Nokia. This is an extraordinary time for the brand,” said Bob Jeffrey, JWT Worldwide Chairman and CEO. “Not only is the industry fast-paced and highly competitive, but consumers are constantly changing how they communicate. We are eager to get started in creating disruptive communications that help breakthrough and reassert Nokia as an innovator that improves people’s lives.”

“Our engineers create innovations in our mobile devices that make peoples’ lives better, easier, and help them achieve more. Bringing this to life in a credible way is something we constantly strive to achieve and we are confident that JWT is the ideal partner to help us reach this goal,” Rytilä added.

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