Nokia Launches Photography Dedicated Page on its Official Site

| July 5, 2013 | 27 Replies

02cb18e8ec5f067950fe4672bbf78bccNokia take their imaging very seriously, and to prove it they’ve launched a new section/page on the official dedicated to just that. The photography page gives you everything you’d want to know about imaging with nokia devices, including tips, tricks, reviews and interesting stories about their latest camera phones.


Check it out at:



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  • NoSony,Lumia is the best!

    Great! And very helpful for people who wants to know more about Nokia photography

  • time will tell… nokia will make real cameras…

    • viktor von d.

      when they introduced the 808 i was wondering why they don’t start making actual cameras using these technologies they have in the labs.

      also i wonder if they will be adding something else to the photography and design/build quality duo they have. something like best in class audio quality to beat the beats non-sense from htc and to go along with their marketing for nokia music. or i don’t know something else.

      also my wish is for a touchscreen computer monitor done by nokia with curved glass, clearblack, polycarbonate yellow, or cyan or white.

      • mmmmm

        they are afraid that the others will beat them with their own tech…EVEN MORE LOL

      • Keith

        Nokia was asked this question before (I think Damian Dining was faced with that question back when he was still with Nokia).

        Nokia doesn’t want to make dedicated cameras. They surely can make very good cameras. But their goal is to eliminate that market and replace it with smartphones. Nokia wants to bring professional quality cameras to smartphones so people don’t have to buy a separate device just to take good pictures. I love that. Nokia knows that people take their smartphones everywhere with them. They don’t always take a camera. So having not just a good, but an excellent “camera” with them at all times eliminates the need for a separate device.

        That being said, they’re not trying to eliminate DSLRs from the market, just Point & Shoot cameras…for now at least. DSLRs are a whole different league than P&S. P&S is what Nokia is targeting and we know that with the 808PV, Nokia destroyed P&S cameras

        This is why Nokia will never make actual cameras, but will continue making amazing cameraphones.

        • Random Random

          Nokia is really stupid if they want to limit the product they make to just phones with cameras. Because of the laws of physics those P&S cameras will be able to provide better features.

          While 808 was a nice product, it was not really destroying P&S cameras. There are several issues with 808 compared to a good P&S cameras.

          First of all our favorite topic. Zooming. 808 just can’t match good P&S cameras with that. 808 can provide about 2x zooming for 10MP images while P&S cameras can so so much more. Usually 5-10x but even more is possible.

          Rapid shooting. 808 just can’t really do that.

          Macro mode. That’s almost missing from 808.

          A wide range of manual settings are missing from 808.

          Uncompromised video. While 808 is great for video, 1080p is not really that useful because of the low data rate.

          Stability. 808 is not that stable because of Symbian. The device can freeze or do something else unexpected.

          Low light is a problem because if you don’t want to use tripod or flash, it’s hard to get the best possible pictures.

          Of course 808 is a nice camera and that’s the reason I bought one. It has lots of features I like but then again, it’s definitely not making P&S cameras obsolete.

          • Keith

            Actually, people don’t use more than 2-3x soon when taking pictures. There are very few times when people actually use more than that much zoom.

            people do, however, use more zoom during videos (example, during concerts). And the 808 can do upto 12x zoom in video, which is more than enough for most people.

            lets not forget that this might be the first step towards a whole new imaging technology at Nokia. It’s not that Nokia is limiting this technology by just putting it in phones. You are looking at it the wrong way.
            Nokia is in fact pushing the limits on smartphone cameras that pretty much no other smartphone manufacturers are doing. Nokia also has a lot more expertise in making smartphone cameras than dedicated cameras. And again, like I mentioned before, convergence is one of the big reasons for Nokia to stick to smartphone cameras only. I actually stopped using my P&S camera once I bought the 808PV even though my P&S was a 16MP, 5X zoom camera. I initially did an Image Quality test between that and my 808 and the 808 simply destroyed it. And we’re talking about a fairly good $225 P&S.

            I love and support Nokia’s decision in pushing the limits of smartphone cameras and bringing great technologies to it. Less people are buying P&S now and in fact, last year, the amount of pictures taken on smartphones surpassed the amount of pictures taken on dedicated cameras. And that number keeps growing exponentially. Nokia is heading in the right direction with this and I really think they should stick to that path instead of trying to make a dedicated camera.

            • Random Random

              You have mistaken. People do use more than 2x zoom. That’s probably just an attempt to explain why zoom doesn’t matter because 808 can’t do better.

              I’ll give you one example. There are more examples but this is just one. People like to take pictures of animals and taking those is easier if you have a decent zoom. Not a low end zoom like the one in 808.

              808 can’t do more than 4x on video. If you do more, the hit on resolution will be too big.

              I have been using my 808 for an year now and I’m looking for buying some nice P&S because 808 just can’t deliver in so many occasions. Fortunately I’m not in hurry since I have some older P&S cameras for those occasions where 808 is just left in the dust.

              Even my older P&S cameras just destroy 808 in some occasions.

              Yes, people are using good enough cameraphones instead of P&S cameras more and more often. However that’s not always the case.

              Then again, high end cameraphones are a niche and will be a niche. Phones like 808 and the unreleased EOS will be irrelevant in the process for replacing the P&S cameras.

              • Keith

                Yes, I understand your point. But again, most people will not want to take an extra device t some good looking pictures. On most occasions, they’re gonna want to use their phone. Especially if it can deliver good results. The only real advantage point and shoots have over the 808 is zoom. 808 provides significantly more detail and convenience than point and shoots. That remains a fact.

                If type taking a picture of an animal, it’s probably your pet. 2-3x zoom is probably enough for that. People don’t often go to a zoo or out in the wild. The point of having a convergence device like 808 is to have a great camera with you so you don’t ALWAYS have tocarry a good camera with you. Not so that you never have to carry a dedicated camera. A lot of the times, people see something and want to take a picture of it. Chances are, they only have their phones with them. So they are gonna use what they have rather than carry an extra device JUST to take a good picture of someone put something that they may or may not come across throughout their day.

                Plus, if people care so much about their pictures, they will probably get a DSLR. Devices like the 808 help people take good pictures anytime they want without having another, probably bigger, device taking up space in their pockets. It’s all about convergence. I doubt smart phones will take over cameras completely anytime soon. But they’re a huge threat to P&S at this point. The decreasing sales of P&S is a proof of that.

                One thing is a fact. People WILL choose a convergence device like the 808 over carrying two separate devices all the time. It’s just a more rational and convenient thing to do.
                Think about it. If people are content with the photos they take on their iPhones, they’ll probably be more than happy with a camera phone from Nokia.

                I’m just counting on Nokia to advertise the hell out of the EOS.


    please use jpg screenshots next time.

  • twig

    Sammie just missed on earnings due to low 4 sales. Must be they will have a large return rate of shipments.

    • Bob

      ‘low sales’ being a relative term. Still shifting in the 10s of millions.

    • DesR85

      I also read one report on Samsung’s earnings and while the S4 did sell in the millions, what dragged down its profit is the huge marketing/advertising budget.

      Just an opinion, but I always suspect that the latter will end up as a crutch sooner or later. Not surprised at the end result if you ask me.

      • jiipee

        They’ve noticed the marketing budget problem themselves a while ago. There was a new sales controller position open in Finland a while ago and in some other countries as well. Once I noticed the Finnish job ad, I checked the corporate site as well.

        Maybe that will be the start for Samsung to becoma the old Nokia, crippled with bureaucracy? 😉

        • DesR85

          I’m not too sure that a new sales controller is enough to control its marketing budget, which I recall, runs in the billions in total.

          Their advertising run for months on end on both print-based media and the internet. This will surely be a tough job for the new controller.

  • johnny1
    • torcida

      ..still the share didn’t decline today (while almost all other company shares does)

    • Sefriol

      I bet it doesn’t really matter. The lone they did for NSN came from Siemens themselves.

      Plus, downgrading their credibility haven’t really made any difference so far. In the long run it may affect, but for the moment I doubt it will change a thing.

    • flyingmeh


      news out and shares up 4%…keep downgrading keep downgrading….

      i mean really…who still trust these agencies after lehman???

  • sunnyvale

    I think they should have bought a domain more adequate for this website. Having to type a long website like that will discourage people to visit the site.

    Something like would be more useful, instead of that long

    If any Nokia staff is seeing this, you better fix that, as it could affect the quantity of daily visitors you expect on the website. USE A MORE CATCHY DOMAIN NAME. Also, if you’re going to promote this website, you better include it on the Bookmarks of current shipping Lumias.

    It’s really awesome if Nokia starts a website dedicated to photography. Keep it up!

    • Cherry Pie Picache

      I wanted to suggest but that one was already taken by some boring chuvaness.

      • sunnyvale

        That’s a great idea too.

  • Gopek.s

    News about Technology and gadget :


  • flyingmeh

    THIS!! at the bottom of the photography page!! THIS!! is what I need!!

    Meego on 920 will be a dream, but just give me a darn proper camera GUI on Windows Phone!!!

    i probably is a mess up on PR’s part, but imagine N9/808’s camera GUI on windows phone…it will be awesome…

    Nokia Pro Camera Nokia Pro Camera Nokia Pro Camera..

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